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    Chapter 2- Bette’s home

    Chapter 2


    When they arrived at Bette’s place, Tina got out quickly and practically ran to the front door. 

    ‘Hurry up slow pants I need to pee.’ Tina yelled to Bette. Bette slowly walked to her front door. 

    ‘You know I hate you’ Tina said, now standing super close to Bette. ‘I know’ Bette replied. She unlocked her door and Tina ran inside straight to the bathroom. Bette settled down on her sofa and when Tina came back she stood in front of Bette. 

    ‘Move’ Tina said. 

    ‘T, the rest of the sofa is free, and there’s another sofa right over there.’ 

    ‘No, you know what I mean, move so I can sit in your lap.’ 

    Bette moved to the side, opening her legs so the blonde could lay between her legs and rested her head on the brunette’s chest. She then took the brunette’s hand and laid it on her head, so she could caress her. Bette smiled at the way the blonde had made herself comfortable, like she did when they were back in college sharing a dorm. 

    After about half an hour Tina turned around so now her front was pressed to Bette’s front. Bette tried to stay calm and couldn’t fathom that the blonde never seemed to realize that her friend was gay and this definitely did something to her. She looked up while Bette looked down wondering why Tina had turned around. 

    ‘Bette’ Tina whispered. 

    Tina took the remote and shut the TV down. 

    Bette straightened her back knowing Tina only shut the TV down when she was saying something serious. 

    ‘You’re my best friend right?’ 

    ‘Yes’ Bette said 

    ‘And I am yours?’ 

    Bette smiled 

    ‘You know that T’ 

    ‘Well, then..’

    Tina stayed quiet. 

    ‘Well, then what?’ Bette asked

    ‘Why do we never talk about sex?’ Tina asked. 

    ‘We never what?” asked Bette, the blonde was so quiet she couldn’t hear what she had said. 

    ”We never talk about sex,” the blonde repeated, louder this time. Making it sound like something offensive. 

    ‘We’ve talked about sex.’ Bette said, nervously 

    ‘No we have never, why don’t we?’ 

         Because I don’t want to picture you sleeping with anyone Bette thought 

    ‘I mean, I’m your best friend, and I had no idea you were sleeping with Jodie, I don’t even know what makes you wet.’ Tina said

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    1. OMG…. Does Tina not realize that she is such a tease?! This is more than best friends… this is a relationship without sex!!! At least not yet…

      Okay… so let’s see where this goes….

      Thanks for the chapter…

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