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    Chapter 10

    Chapter 10

    A few days later, Tina is walking in her front door, carrying her handbag and laptop bag and struggling to put things down as her cell rings. She answers distractedly.

    (Tina) Andrew, hey

    (Andrew) Hey, are you ok? You sound busy?

    (Tina) It’s fine, you just caught me walking in. What are you doing calling? I thought you had a meeting tonight?

    (Andrew) Yes, well that’s why I’m calling actually. I’m caught up and can’t get there. Problem is we’re supposed to meet in half an hour and I can’t get onto her. I was wondering if you’d mind going to the bar in my place?

    Tina frowns.

    (Tina) Really? You can’t send anyone else?

    (Andrew) I would but the relationship is too important, I don’t want her to feel cast aside or pawned off onto someone. It has to be you. Just be your charming self

    (Tina sighs) I don’t know, it’s the last thing I feel like doing

    (Andrew) What’s going on with you lately? We’re doing this together, aren’t we? You’ll only become more involved as time goes on

    Tina sighs.

    (Tina) I know that, but I really just am not in the mood for drinks with some stuffy associate of yours. I had my eye on a glass of wine in my slippers

    (Andrew smiles) Well I can’t imagine Bette wearing slippers, but I’m sure she likes wine

    Tina stops still and takes a deep breath.

    (Andrew) Are you still there?

    (Tina) I’m here.

    Tina bites her lip.

    (Andrew) So that’s a hard no then?

    (Tina) Text me the details, if I hurry I shouldn’t be too late

    Later, Tina enters the bar and spots Bette sitting at a table sipping a glass of wine.

    Tina makes her way over and Bette looks over and eyes her inquisitively as she approaches.

    Tina reaches the table and stops and stands alongside it as they both take a deep breath and look at one another.

    Tina eventually breaks the silence.

    (Tina) Andrew can’t make it. I’ve been sent in his place

    Bette raises her eyebrows and looks back at her.

    (Tina) He’s been trying to get hold of you apparently

    (Bette) There’s an issue with my cell

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    1. Bette is way too nice. There is no way I would even be in the same room, let alone have drinks with Tina after the lies. I have always been on team Tina, but I am having trouble accepting this behavior from her. I am in no way going to drop this story, I am a Tibette forever fan.

    2. Surely Tina is not naïve enough to believe that Helena doesn’t have some idea of what happened in Majorca? And with Alice snooping around and being in the Potter Gallery she is a possible friend of Bette’s and now an acquaintance of Helena’s too. Tina’s Majorca trip is about to become pubic knowledge…. is she ready for that? I do not know what kind of guy Andrew is, but I have a feeling he is not going to be pleased with the information nor the fact that is will soon be in the public sphere. Tina is headed for a huge storm… whatever life she was planning on with Andrew may never come to fruition. She should have had more discussion with Bette while she was in Majorca as to who they were, where they lived, their professions and so forth. Too late now…. the dominoes are about to fall and there are going to be a lot of hurt feelings all the way around.

      Great story… keep it going.

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