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    Chapter 10

    Tina takes deep shaky breaths as she looks back at her. After a moment Bette reaches towards her and traces a finger slowly along Tina’s jawline, following the journey of her finger with her eyes.

    (Bette) I didn’t see you touch her once, all night

    Tina closes her eyes.

    (Bette) You always had a hand on me. Always

    Tina takes a breath as Bette’s finger progresses slowly down her neck.

    (Bette) If you were within reaching distance you were touching me

    Bette continues to drag her finger down the centre of Tina’s chest.

    (Bette) Do you remember? How obsessed with each other we were? How we couldn’t keep our hands off each other?

    Tina opens her eyes and they meet each other’s gaze.

    (Tina) I’m older now, you forget that

    Bette raises an eyebrow.

    (Bette) Please

    Tina smiles.

    (Bette) Anyway, it wasn’t all about sex

    Tina raises her eyebrows.

    (Tina) A lot of it was

    Bette smiles as she focuses her gaze back on her finger, continuing to journey slowly down the centre of Tina’s stomach.

    (Bette) Yes

    Bette raises her eyes and meets her gaze.

    (Bette) And it’s also about so much more than that

    Tina takes a breath and looks back at her.

    (Tina) Bette, you don’t want me. Not anymore

    (Bette) Yes I do. I could never not want you. It’s not possible

    Bette moves her hand around to the small of Tina’s back and takes a step towards her, leaning her body into her as she runs the tip of her nose up Tina’s neck. Tina furrows her brow and speaks softly.

    (Tina) Bette…

    Bette responds into her neck.

    (Bette) I think if you call me Bette one more time I’m going to scream

    Tina takes a breath, trying to compose herself.

    (Bette) Say it

    Tina closes her eyes and leans her head back against the door, and Bette draws back and looks at her.

    (Bette) Tee, say it

    Tina opens her eyes and meets Bette’s gaze.

    (Tina) Baby would you kiss me already

    Bette pulls her towards herself and crashes her lips into Tina’s, and Tina leans her body into Bette’s and wraps her arms around her neck. They kiss each other desperately, both completely losing themselves in the moment. Bette leans into her and tightens her hold around Tina’s back, and Tina throws back her head and takes a sharp intake of breath.

    (Tina) Bette

    Bette pulls her closer still and kisses her forcefully on the neck, and Tina gasps. Tina leans her head back again and smiles.

    (Tina) Sorry, baby

    Bette drags her fingers down Tina’s thighs and then hoists her up, pushing Tina’s back against the door as Tina wraps her legs tightly around her waist.

    (Tina) Fuck, baby

    Tina buries her hands in Bette’s hair and pulls her into another kiss as Bette pushes Tina’s dress further up her thighs.

    A notification on Tina’s phone then draws their attention and they both lean back suddenly and look to each other, breathing heavily and making no attempt to move from their position against the door.

    (Bette) We need to stop, don’t we?

    Tina raises her eyebrows and then slowly nods.

    (Tina) We do. Just…

    She bites her lip as she moves her hand through Bette’s hair to the back of her head.

    (Tina) In a minute

    Bette smiles as Tina pulls her in and brings their lips together again.


    1. Wow, what a great chapter. This Bette is very observant. Even though I want them to go further, I hope they stop and Tina has an honest conversation with Sara. Thanks for another chapter.

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