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    Chapter 10 – Saturday with the Porter/Kennards


    “T.” Bette called her name as Tina placed the last of the leftovers in the frig. “I…I don’t know what to say about earlier. Teasing is one thing. But…”

    “Bette, wait.” Tina said turning around. A hint of a smile on her lips and hope on her eyes. “It’s okay.”

    “I know you want to talk about things first.”

    “I do and I know you do too.” Tina replied. “Can we talk tonight after dinner?”

    “Yes, of course.” Bette nodded. “I just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.

    “Believe it or not Bette, I don’t feel that way.” Tina looked at her ex with a calmest she didn’t expect to feel. The time for hiding her feelings were over. Time to get on with her life and what she wanted. And she wanted one Elizabeth Kennard Porter.

    “I’m not trying to pressure you.”

    “I know and you’re not.” Tina reaches for Bette’s hands and stands in front of her. “We promised each other we would discuss our family and our relationship. I think we both want the same thing but we need to figure out how to get there and make it work this time for good.”

    “Whatever we have to do.”

    “Me too.” Bette smiled, hope brightly written on her face. “Me too.”

    Saturday Afternoon

    Tina’s promise to spend the day with the girls transpired as planned as they spent the good part of the day exploring and shopping. Tina allowed Angie to drive and they picked up Jordi at her house and then were onto their hit list of places to shop. Angie needed some tech supplies for her science project and Tina treated them to their choice of some new hair and nail supplies. Both girls were into different color hues for the hair and seemed to change them weekly. Teenagers, Tina sighed and thought and shook her head.

    They also stopped at the grocery store and Tina purchased some items to make for dinner. It was late afternoon when they arrived back at Bette’s home. Both girls went to Angie’s room to gossip and listen to music. Tina told them dinner would be ready by 7pm as Bette was expected home by then.

    Tina recalled that Bette and Angie both liked grilled chicken and roasted vegetables, so that was dinner for the evening along with a Mediterranean salad.  Tina wanted to make sure that Bette had a solid meal as she still had the propensity in certain situations to skip meals. She picked a mellow white wine from Bette’s wine cabinet and opened it to breathe before Bette arrived home. Once the prep work was done, Tina kicked off her sandals and sat on the deck with a glass of lemonade in her hand. Bette had sent her a text to advise she would be home on time.

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    1. Woah what a cliffhanger…. leave us all hanging in the breeze. Fantastic story and flashbacks. Collins thank you. How can we not love a story where TiBette make their way back to each other? They belong together. So much of this chapter ties up the reasons Tina did what she did. Thank you for that, nice to make sense of it. No need for the shoutout but thank you, I have enjoyed all your support as well. Writing this stuff is hard!
      Eagerly waiting for the next chapter. As soon as it posts I will be popping my popcorn to settle in for the story…


      • Cliffhangers- hate them as a reader, but love them as a writer!

        Oh, it will be well worth the wait my friend!!

        And yes, Tina is starting to open up, but still much more to come on her reasons & journey to discover how to rectify the solution.

        Yes, love is still in the air around them like a warm cocoon. They just have to find a way to make it last this time.

        Hope you have several boxes of popcorn cause many more chapters to come!!!!

        Thanks so much

        • Good story. Glad that Alice is finally being called out for her behavior. Always thought she contributed to problems and made situations worse. And was not trustworthy. Better to keep her out of their lives. Must admit that I still have no idea why Tina divorced Bette. Maybe I am missing something? Also, I hope Bette isn’t being too: just tell me what you want and I will do it. What does Bette need? Besides Tina.

          • Hi Billy,

            Thank you so much for reading & continuing to follow this story.

            Tina’s struggles are rotted in her childhood & this will be discussed very soon. She has trust issues and chooses to flee when situations become too difficult.

            Bette – she needs to feel needed and wanted by Tina and to have a purpose for her life.

            She also has her own issues.

            Much more to come as the chapters continue.

            Thanks so much for your thoughts.

    2. Interesting conversation about Alice… nice that Bette and Tina agree on their assessment. Alice has obviously changed in he last ten years and become far more self-obsessed than she was. Breaking up with Alice should be fairly simple… just stop trying to communicate with her. She is made with Bette and has decided she and Tina aren’t friends anymore. So just stop calling her or inviting her togethers. Life will go on and work out as it should.

      Tina has now declared her intentions to Bette. And Bette is willing to do anything to get them back together…
      Sounds promising.

      Thanks for this chapter…..

      • Hi Martha,

        Yes, very interesting about Alice. Frankly, NEVER liked her & always felt she was never a true friend as she was portrayed in OG & now Gen Q. Too selfish, overbearing & jealous. Done.

        So Bette & Tina still have a lot to work out, but both want the same thing – to reunite.

        Thanks so much for continuing to follow this story & I promise so much more to come.

        Stay safe.

    3. Hi Collins,

      It took awhile before i could settle down to read this chapter but i finally made it!

      Thank you for the shout out but it wasn’t necesarry. I feel grateful that you asked for my opinion and that I was able to help you by giving me my view. So I thank you for this!

      It was a great chapter and i have one thing what i want to put out and is there conversation about Alice. I quote:

      “It’s the fact that Alice has always passed judgement on others. She’s so judgmental. She has always bad mouthed other people and then gotten offended when people call her out on her own actions.”

      “Alice has always seen things her own way.” Tina comments.

      “And we’ve all put up with it and made the excuse ‘Well, that’s just Alice being Alice’.”

      This is so true about Alice and i really never understood that they didn’t say goodbye to Alice a long time ago, always was she excused, that’s just Alice being Alice. Sure she had sometimes her good actions but mostly she was selfish, annoying, continue meddling in other people or Tibette lives. And she is never wrong. Not my kind of friend.
      The fact that she even didn’t make time for Angie cannot be described in words. That is not forgivable. That she is angry with Bette and maybe also with Tina, no problem, but then reject Angie. I’m glad Tina is going with Bette’s decision to not reach out to Alice anymore, it is the best decision.

      Fantastic news that Tina made her intentions clear to Bette regarding their relationship. The only thing they need to do to it become a success is to communicate honest to each other, make sure that the smallest irritations are pronounced and / or accepted. Tell each other what you feel and don’t keep it to yourself or think you know or should know, your partner is not a mind reader. But first, Tina will have to explain why she left and asked for a divorce. Bette gained insight into herself and learned from the things she saw that could be improved. Now just hope Tina did too.

      And why do writers love to leave us hanging!!!!

      Thank you for this truly amazing story!

      • Hi Bibi,

        So glad you were able to enjoy the chapter.

        Yes, you can tell that I have never been a fan of Alice. Think she has done significant damage with her actions & opinions over the years. She gradually became more toxic as time went on.
        Yes, Tina is stepping up to the plate & confessing that she still loves Bette & wants them to reunite. She still has a lot of work to do & it won’t be easy. Some emotional pain is in the forecast, but nothing that Tibette can’t overcome.

        Bette has realized her part in the divorce & has made some changes in her life to improve & strive to be a better person. She knows she needs to be more aware of how she acts & to be supportive of Tina as well as challenge her when Tina may start to close down again.

        Tina on the other hand, now recognizes what she needs to fix and with Bette’s help, she will.

        More to come in the next chapter!!!!!

        Thanks so much my friend.

    4. Oh, cliffhangers:(

      Interesting turn on of events about Alice – i definitely not expected it. I can’t say i liked her character in TLW, but i think that speech from Bette about how Alice “never liked” Tibette together in the past are wrong. We had a plenty situation when Alice rooting for them – like in s2 or in s5.
      But like i said – it’s interesting.
      Thank you and waiting for the next!

      • Hey Z,

        Yes, cliffhangers are sooooooooo annoying, but oh sooooooo much fun too!

        You are right that Alice was a good friend at times, but unfortunately not always. My view is that she did far more harm than good. Her comments & actions definitely hurt Tibette very deeply at times. The measure of a true friend is to be by your side & support you when you need them the most. In many instances, Alice failed to do that.

        Thanks for staying with the story & much more to come.

    5. Collins

      Interesting about Alice. I always thought her character interesting. Everyone seems to have an Alice in their lives. I wonder what Alice will do once she realizes her temper tantrum did the opposite of what she wanted.

      I loved the kitchen scene. Simple, endearing but saying so much.

      On pins and needles. I love cliff hangers.


      • Hi SuperK,

        Never been an Alice fan. Think she’s behaved to the detriment of others over the years . She has gotten so much mileage our of calling Bette a serial cheater all these years, but she’s one as well.

        Sure, we all need or want our friends at times to be truthful with us, but never harmful to us or the ones we love.

        Yes, I once had a friend that betrayed me. She was an ex-friend the next day.

        She won’t be mentioned again. FYI

        So the things like the kitchen scene, I try to add a bit of humour & lightheartedness to the story. They have so much history between them & know each other so well.

        Thanks for your kind words.


    6. After a couple of weeks of technical problems glad to be back reading !

      So enjoyed this Chapter and I’ll even forgive the cliff hanger.

      Loved the discussion about Alice with which I so agreed.

      Thank you for posting and hope you post again really soon
      Stay safe and well

      • Hi there SG,

        Glad to know the IT problems have finally been worked out where you are.

        We have all missed you too!!!

        Yes, Alice is a gonner for me – wish her the best in someone else’s stories.

        Thanks so much for reading.

        You will get your wish of another chapter today as I am posting the next installment!!!

        Take care & stay well yourself.

        All my best


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