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    Chapter 9 – The Next Morning


    Bette looks down at her daughter and just can’t deny her the attention. She climbs onto the bed and presses up against Angie who is leaning onto Tina’s back with her hands curled up against her.  Bette stretches her left arm over Angie in a protective way and curls her hand onto Tina’s left side. She loosely grabs Tina’s sleep shirt with her fingers. The warmth of Tina’s body radiating along her arm.

    Tina makes a soft moan and mumbles something that Bette can’t quite make out.

    “What did she say?” Angie whispers as she settles down.

    “I don’t know.” Bette smile, her voice low. “It doesn’t matter sweetheart. It’s just like when you were little and you would climb in bed with us during a storm.”

    “Yeah, I remember.” Angie snuggles into her Mama’s back trying not to wake Tina. “Mama used to snore then too.”

    “Hey, don’t talk like that about your Mama.” Bette teases Angie. “Show some respect young lady.”

    “Okay.” Angie giggles. “But you would tease her about it.”

    “Yeah and I would pay the price for it.” Bette smiles at all the dirty little ways that Tina would extract her revenge for Bette’s teasing. Practical jokes were a Kennard favorite to unleash on Bette. Tina could knock down the mighty Bette Porter with one blow if needed.  Tina had that kind of effect on Bette. And Bette loved every minute of Tina’s so called revenge.

    “What did she do to you?”

    “That’s top secret stuff kiddo. I’ll tell you when you get married.”

    “Okay.” Angie’s starting to get sleepy again feeling safe between her two parents.

    “Go to sleep Boo.” Bette murmurs into Angie’s hair as she gives her a kiss on the head.

    Bette gazes over Angie’s head and looks at Tina with love in her eyes. She can’t believe that she’s actually in bed again with her former wife. So many happy memories of nights like this when Angie would awaken during the night from a storm or a bad dream and crawl into bed with Tina and Bette for security. She would cuddle up with her parents and drift back off to sleep. Those were the happiest of times.

    Sleep starts to claim Bette again and she softly repeats. “Just like when you were little.”

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    1. Amazing chapter!

      The memories that Tina had in the shower about Bette and her making love, hot!

      They both struggle at the moment with the attraction they feel for each other, and it is good that they were honest about it to each other.

      And oh, how Angie had the perfect timing to come in the kitchen and interrupt their near kiss, leaving them both frustrated.

      But before they are ready to consume that part of their relationship, it is indeed important to talk first and work out how to not make the same mistakes and build a healthy relationship. They both know what they want, each other and be a family again. And to get that they have to work through the past, being honest with each other, accept and move on.

      Love the teasing and flirting and how you are able to put some light moments in this story!

      Thank you for the update!

    2. Hi Collins, i have once again problems to place my comment, it isn’t coming through because i used a inappropriate word???!!! You already know what my thoughts are on this chapter, but i will PM it to you and you can post my comment if you want.

      • Hey Bibi,

        Your comment actually did post – thanks so much for the kind words.

        Yes, they are both frustrated at the moment, but need to start this critical process to talk openly about the real issues. They will start to do that the very next chapter & beyond. Tina’s reasons are coming to the forefront.

        Glad that you enjoyed the shower memory!!

        Thanks for reading & stay safe.

      • Hey SG,

        Thanks for reading & yes you are right – they are getting closer.

        Honest talk coming up the next few chapters.

        Thanks for following.

        Stay safe & happy times to come!!!

    3. Tina must really have been tired to have two people join her in the bed and not notice until she woke up. Either that or she is a very deep sleeper.

      Nice shower memories and a rather strong reaction to Bette just entering the kitchen in her sleep wear. Makes me wonder if they can maintain control long enough to talk about anything. Maybe a few hours apart will get their desires under control. I really want to hear what they are going to talk about and what they each have to say.

      Nice chapter…. can’t wait for more.

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks so much for reading.

        Yes, Tina is a heavy sleeper. Plus it sets up the next scene!!!

        True, their feelings are starting to bubble up, but restraint will win out for rightnow.

        Next chapter will start to reveal issues & why Tina left plus another will they or won’t they scene!!!

        Stay tuned.

        Stay safe & keep well.

    4. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      I think Angie needs to spend less time with her aunt Alice – because seems she got her worst timing:)

      So, waiting for the Bette and Tina conversation then.

      • Hi Zhenya,

        Thanks so much for reading & continuing to follow along.

        Bette & Tina will have a convo about Alice in an upcoming chapter.

        All the groundwork has been set in place – the next step is coming sooooooooooon!!

        Thanks so much.

    5. Collins

      Love how you are unfolding this. I can just image the carnal desire and the rational brain battling it out in both women.

      Mature love looks so different because of history. When you have loved someone for years or in their case decades there is a familiarity that can easily arouse. Hope they can work it out so they can get to business. :)


      • Hi SuperK,

        Hope all is well in your world.

        Thanks so much for the faith in this story & how it is unfolding.

        Lots of lust going on & those old memories that keep cropping up out of the blue & leaving them wanting that prize at the end. But patience is a good thing & the next 2 chapters Tina starts revealing some of the reasons for her behavior & how she has to make amends.

        They are creative women who still love each other ‘beyond measure’ to quote Bette – so I think they have a good shot at seeing it through to the end this time for keeps.

        If only we could get that in Gen Q!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        A few more flask backs to come – so keep a look out for them.

        Thanks again & keep well.


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