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    Chapter 11 – The Kiss

    Previously from Chapter 10

    “I wanted to run after you the other day when you left the office to pick up Angie. You were as fucking sexy as you were walking away. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.” Bette reveals. “I thought back to when we were first dating and you brought lunch to my office this one day and you practically tied me to my office chair.”

    “That day…” Tina’s eyes light up at that memory. “Oh please. You loved every minute of it.”


    “No maybe about it.” Tina recalls every minute of that lunch and giggles. “Maybe I should have tied you down tiger.”

    “It wasn’t necessary, you had me.” Bette kissed the back of Tina’s hand.  “But if I recall correctly, I made you scream my name more than once that night.”

    Bette had no plans for dinner that night instead she skipped right to dessert. And in their world dessert for Bette always meant Tina. Between the ground shaking orgasms she bestowed on Tina, Bette fed Tina her favorite chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream layered onto all the right places on Tina’s delicious body. Yes, Bette had certainly indulged Tina with her own version of dessert that night.

     “You did, you did.” Tina’s smile is huge as she recalls the intimate night that Bette had presented to Tina when she arrived at her apartment.

     “That was a sweet day and night.” Tina now kissed the back of Bette’s hands.

    “You’re right, that was an awesome day.” Bette looks at Tina’s moist lips. That old yearning hitting her hard. “And this morning in the kitchen, I wanted to kiss you so much.”

    “Do you still want to?”

    “You know I do.” Bette whispers.

    “So what’s stopping you?” Tina looks lovingly into Bette’s deep brown eyes, begging her.

    The next step was Bette’s to take.

    Saturday Night Bette’s Study

    “You sure?”

    “Very.” Tina replies lost once again in the magnetism that is Bette Porter.

    Bette wraps her right hand around Tina’s neck and slowly pulls Tina towards her.

    Tina’s hands gently slide down Bette’s neck and rest at its base. They tremble slightly. She feels Bette’s strong heartbeat pulsing rapidly, excited.  Bette’s scent assaulting Tina’s senses. That old familiar tingling sensation running up her spine at the nearness of Bette. Anticipating that kiss from Bette.

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    1. Hi Collins,

      What a fantastic chapter!

      There are several things i want to point out, the first one their much awated kiss:

      “This was another first kiss for them.

      A first kiss of longing for one another after being away for so long.

      A first kiss of unending, undeniable love.

      A first kiss for the rest of their lives – their very last first kiss.”

      You made me always cry, so beautiful said!

      Second, Tina apologizing to Bette about her leaving after Kit’s funeral. She couldn’t stay because she thought she would give in to Bette’s need and put her own needs back again. She is very honest about that, but deeply sorry she left Bette and Angie. I do understand but she should have been there for Angie, but again i understand it, it was also right after their divorce. Bette is also very honest about how hurt she felt and still feel.

      I am glad they are finally talking honest to each other and need to do that now and in the future. If they reconcile it will be their last chance. And i love the flirting and teasing between them but it isn’t the right time to fall in bed together, they did that before and it didn’t solve anything in the past. I think it is also Bette who isn’t ready for it, Tina hurt her deep by leaving and that has to heal first, maybe she is also insecure if Tina is to stay for good and before she can really trust that she will hold off.

      With that much money on the bank, Bette can do something to support the homeless people and honor her sister. Bette telling Tina that she is and will be her forever first love, beautiful!

      And at the end of the chapter where Bette is trying to found out in wich stage they are, hilarious!

      Absolute a fantastic chapter and i hope you will update asap!

      • Hi Bibi,

        Thanks so very much for your heartfelt comments!!!!

        For that kiss – I tried to convey what the significance of it was for them in reconnecting in their first physical way after 2 years apart. What they where feeling & how important it was – almost as important as that first kiss all those years ago.

        Tina has a lot to make amends for & in seeking forgiveness for her actions. She will need to gain Bette’s trust again & that will be done by both words & actions.

        Bette too has some personality traits to improve on & how to be open with Tina & not hide things from her. She needs to temper that BIG persona she has & make that much needed space for Tina in her life.

        As I’ve mentioned before, i try to put a little humor in each chapter as the topic of divorce & its ramifications & the feelings associated with it can be dark & foreboding. Bette does have a tendency to get ahead of herself sometimes & Tina has to bring her back down to earth. Always in that hurry to get to the endgame!!!! So glad you enjoy the playful banter.

        Yes, their finances will become very important in later chapters as they map out the course of their relationship & lives. It’s going allow each of them to fore fill their goals & career paths.

        Thanks again my friend!!!!!!!



    2. Happy Dance at the strides they made in this chapter. Who knew honesty and being vulnerable could have such a positive impact on their relationship. Bravo! This chapter is sweet, full of yearning and hope and building of bridges. I applaud Bette for the courage and trust she must have to even think about allowing Tina back in and I bow down to Tina’s patience and owning her own shit. She must win Bette back and I feel like she knows that.

      I like BiBi’s style of picking her best lines, so mine is – when Tina is about to kiss Bette, thinking about it –
      A dream of splendor and wonder that was colored Bette.

      It got me thinking if a kiss from Bette was a color, what color would be? Blazing hot RED of course, but also tinges of blue for steel/conviction with some orange or purple thrown in for artistic touch.

      Thanks for this chapter, Collins. Can’t wait for the next –

      • Hey BK,

        Thanks for the Happy Dance!!

        Lots of forward progress & then lots more to still come.

        Remember that in this particular story – the time line is only Saturday of which it is still in the first week that Tina has been back in LA. She only has been back 5 days in total thus far & a lot has still happened. I’ll remind the readers of that in the next chapter.

        It has touched my heart that you & Bibi have picked out lines from the chapter that stand out in your thoughts & feelings that mean so much. Yes, I imagine Bette as a very deep & vibrant blend of colors & they change as her mood changes. And Tina has seen them all – even the dark & sad ones.

        Glad you enjoyed this little venture & are waiting for more.

        Thanks so much for your kindness.


    3. This story is rather romantic…. however, I find that they are still not really addressing the problems which is the elephant in the room. Why did Tina leave and divorce Bette? The conversation about not being at Kit’s funeral was purely superficial. Tina was afraid that she would succumb to Bette’s needs and not be able to leave. Okay. So what about Bette would do that? After all, she had decided to leave Bette permanently – isn’t that what a divorce is? So not coming to the funeral must have had something to do with the reasons she left Bette in the first place.

      I have no doubt that Tina was being honest and sincere in her reason and her apology. But it does little to advance the resolution to their problems. Since Tina is the only one who knows why she left and what she perceives the problems to be, then its up to Tina to come clean to Bette. Bette has been having conversations with herself on what may have been the problems and she has made changes on things she doesn’t like about herself. Will that address the problems? Maybe or maybe not. Tina holds all the cards and Bette is still very much in the dark feeling her way around hoping not to do something wrong.

      They both love each other and are physically attracted to one another. And with permission, Bette would fall into bed with Tina in a moment. Bette’s reluctance is that she doesn’t know what Tina’s reason for leaving was. I think she is reluctant to have a physical relationship which is going to put her in a more vested position in the relationship which may never come to fruition. Tina has declared she want Bette back and apologized for not being at the funeral, but she still has no idea what drove her out the door in the first place.

      Right now, I’m so frustrated for Bette, I don’t know what to do. Maybe the next chapter will help me…
      Thanks for this…. write more soon.

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks for reading & I do feel your frustration with Tina not revealing all at the moment. But that’s why there are multiple chapters & pieces are discussed & examined along the way. There’s just not 1 thing that can be pointed to & discovered that that was the precise reason why.

        I have tried (maybe not as successfully as some would have liked) to weave these issues into the fabric of the story as well as tell the “Love Story” that it there between them still. They discover piece by piece what went wrong, how they can finally fix it for good & how they will build a future together & make it work & last this time around.

        I did some research before composing this reply just to bring a few things to light for you & maybe others as well:

        It has only been 5 days (including the day when Chapter 11 takes place.) that have transpired from the beginning of the story. Not a whole lot of time to discuss & dissect their entire relationship, marriage & divorce and any future they could build together.

        What have we learned thus far from both of them in the course of 11 chapters – I hope this helps

        Tina – has admitted the following to Bette :
        • Admits she has self-doubts about herself & her ability to be everything that Bette wants
        • Admits she resented Bette for her over involvement in her business at the expense of her family
        • Tells Bette that she still doesn’t consider other people’s opinions or views. Claims Bette has continued to make decisions without her input
        • Admits she had a stressful childhood & difficult parents
        • Feels she didn’t have an individual identity – was always in the shadow of Bette & her big personality
        • Tired of Bette taking her for granted
        • She allowed Bette to over analyze situations & her & didn’t speak up for herself
        • Feels that Bette micro managed situations in the past
        • Regrets situation after Kit’s funeral & not staying in LA

        Bette – admitted the following to Tina :
        • Has kept people(including Tina) at arm’s length & not letting them in emotionally
        • Realizes she became engrossed in her business in NYC & neglected her family
        • Tells Tina she shut her out also
        • Realizes that she overshadowed Tina & didn’t allow her to growth personally
        • Realizes she took Tina for granted
        • Realizes she put her needs at times ahead of Tina’s without meaning to
        • They both admit they avoided problems & it only exasperated the situation making it worse
        • Realizes she micromanaged Tina
        • She was insensitive to Tina’s professional goals

        So I think we’ve learned an awful lot in these chapters with more to come from Tina as to more whys. You get more answers in the next chapter. But it doesn’t stop there – more to come after that also.

        Hint – Tina’s has gone to therapy & she tells Bette what she’s found out & why it’s affected her life decisions. In another chapter there will be a reveal about Tina’s family & how that affected her entire life.

        So Martha, there has been a lot already told with the vow of more explanations to come. Bette’s not innocent here, she’s made mistakes too & has to prove she’s changed for the better also. Yes, she not the one that walked away, but some of her actions & deeds added to the toxic element of their relationship all these years. Yes, Tina’s been the one that has always run away. But I think we kinda got to give her a pass for the first time when Bette cheated. Most women would have walked away for good & never looked back.

        I do hope you enjoy the rest of the story & I have about 10 to 12 more chapters to come until Tina goes back to Toronto temporarily a few days after the election.

        As always, I do thank you for reading & your insight & bravery to put your opinion out there.

        It is teaching me to be more precise in my writing & not confuse the reader. So thanks for that.

        Best regards & stay safe.

        • Collins,
          I have gone back and reread the entire eleven chapters presented so far. There are 3 or 4 places which Bette and Tina talk about what went wrong in their relationship. I have not found where Tina admitted to Bette any of the things you listed. She did give an abbreviated summary of Bette’s faults in Chapter 1 where they have the talk about the incident with Tyler Adams. Bette took up too much space, Bette’s goals and priorities where greater than anyone else’s goals and priorities. Bette opinion was always right. Bette presence left little room for anyone else. That discussion seemed to be quickly turning into an argument and was cut short before they could get into the depths of her conversation. Besides neither was ready to have that conversation.

          My question is, if Tina was not ready to go there, why would she comment about it in the first place? This is an example of her passive aggressive nature which never turns out well. This was within a couple of hours of walking in the door from Toronto. It seems to me to be a means used by Gen Q to show the real tension between the two, and not as the beginning of the answers as to why the relationship fell apart.

          As to the things Bette as admitted to Tina, all of those things came in her talk with Tina over why she did not remain after Kit’s funeral. There are several places in which Bette thinks about or realizes that perhaps that some of her behaviors are a problem. She questions whether she did these things as if maybe she did or maybe something else was going on which she was not aware of. And if there were problems, why didn’t Tina bring them up while they were married in some proximity to when they were happening. Bette is still appearing to be playing a guessing game – Tina mentioned this, maybe I did do that, so I’ll just apologize and we can move on. Neither seem to be addressing the issues which is that a twenty-year relationship was terminated for reasons yet to be discussed and they have both expressed a desire to get back together.

          In this story, Tina and Angie come from Toronto and attend the funeral of Kit and then Tina takes Angie back to Toronto immediately after the service. So, it’s not that Tina didn’t attend, its she didn’t stay afterwards to comfort and support Bette afterwards. The reason was that they were divorced. Divorced people have terminated their relationship and therefore have no obligation to provide love and support of their ex-partners during their time of grief. Attending the funeral and bringing Angie to the funeral generally should be sufficient to fulfill her social obligations. Meeting Bette’s needs were simply no longer Tina’s obligation; after all the relationship was over.

          The fact that Bette was hurt by this is indicative that Bette had not reconciled herself to the fact that Tina was no longer available to give her the comfort and support. Bette was still sees Tina as her wife and her sole source of support and comfort. And not having her near when she had lost her only sister magnified her loss and pain and cause her to be angry with Tina. But in the end, that’s a part of the price of a divorce.

          So now we have Tina who believes possibly that she has made a mistake in leaving and divorcing Bette. Bette has said to Shane that she does not understand why the broke up and that Tina made a very bad decision. And why Tina now has had a change of heart is really a surprise to Bette. But they both want to correct whatever problems they have. After a 20 year relationship which was flawed obviously because they ended it and a two year divorce, they are finally going to have a conversation in which they lay all the cards on the table. Based upon their behavior and their conversations, it does not seem to me that is what is coming. Neither are ready for this conversation. Neither are ready to face the problems which they had and are still having. Bette is hoping that this is a possibility, but has little information on Tina’s point of view as to what happened. Tina has little concept as to what kind of pain and process Bette has been through to get to this point in her life; much of which were the result of her actions. She wants to heal the relationship, but she has no idea how bad the wound is she is trying to address. A bandage and some ointment are not going to work. Until they can see their past and each other in the other’s eyes, they do not stand a prayer of being successful. And after twenty years of a relationship, they cannot act like teenagers who say that they will never misbehave again and everything is forgiven and now let’s just kiss and makeup.

          While this is only day 5 in Tina’s visit, it’s been two years since Tina walked out the door announcing she needed space. Two years without explanation of a divorce from someone she deeply loves, to live in anguish and hurt of wondering what happened. A relationship which was ended abruptly and permanently and not expected to ever happen again. And this is obviously the first time Tina has shown any inclination to want to talk about that. And their sexual tension appears to be getting in the way. Frustration? Desire? Want? Need? Love for the other. Yes, that’s all there. But understanding and knowledge as to what happened is totally absent. And seeing a path to get there is still not visible.

          I am still having a tough time figuring out who this Tina is. She is an alpha in the workplace and is being so in her personal relationship with Bette as well. In her conversation, she is assuming that Bette has certain ideas or concepts rather than asking her and allowing her to express her own thoughts. She is instructing her to wash her hands like she is some child. She sends her a potted plant once a month when she knows that Bette has no knowledge or desire to tend to plants. Bette sends her hand soaps, body washes and lotions and things that Tina loves. Even Angie thinks it’s funny that Mama B gets a plant which she has no idea what to do with month after month. Who is this Tina?

          On the other hand, she pitches in with the campaign helping in appropriate ways, she is spending time with Angie and is getting to know Jodi. She is assisting in breakfast preparation and is still connected to her job in Toronto. Beside Bette and Angie, she appears to have very little personal life. She is totally absorbed with her job and her image. Is this who she wants to be? Could she have not been this person married to Bette instead of divorced from her? Obviously not or she wouldn’t have insisted on a divorce.

          Since I am making this comment late, I would like to respond to your response to Billy. There are many reasons that Bette and Tina would get divorced besides the one you choose and the one you discussed in your response. The one you choose is that Bette was an unbearable lesbian alpha who had traits which Tina could not tolerate anymore. The one you discussed: the childhood molestation by Tina’s sister. People get divorced all the time for a good many reason – addiction, infidelity, lack of interest, family conflicts, job related issues, health related issues, abuse and or even mutual agreement that things are just not working. You the author made this choice as what your reasons would be. And as such it is your responsibility to show us that the reasons for the breakup are and that the path to reconciliation rectifies the reasons for the breakup. As a huge Tibette fan, I see Tibette as they were in Season 5 and 6 in a solid relationship, communicating, sharing their hopes and fears. In your story, I see Bette as someone who had her 20-year relationship, terminated two years ago for reasons unknown, who still loves Tina very much, but is trying to go on with her life knowing that relationship is over and can never be replaced. Tina shows up unexpectedly and indicates that she wants to try to get back together. Bette has done some soul searching and changes for things she doesn’t like and to be a good parent to Angie. Tina shows up having changed as well. Tina has indicated that the reason for the breakup as things Bette is or did during their relationship which she found unbearable and so she chose to leave rather than to confront and work through them. And here we are two years later with Tina wanting to try and get back together and Bette being very willing. This story you have chosen is to get us from the Bette and Tina we knew in Season 6 to where they are today and what happens after that. You have chosen some of the Gen Q story to include in your story. That is an acceptable story concept. The rest is your imagination and your story. As a reader, it’s up to me to evaluate the story and the flow as to reasonableness in accordance to what we understand of human behavior. We all have different perceptions of what is humorous and what is logical and what is irritating and so forth. We all have our ideas of who Bette and Tina are and what motivate them to do the things they do. It’s up to you to describe by description, conversation and action as to who your characters are. And they have to relate to what has happened in their lives to be believable.

          Your story has barely started. You have established the goal – get Bette and Tina back together. At the rate you are going, I anticipate that it will take at least 75 to 100 chapters to get there, as the process of reconciling will not be quick or easy. There is simply too much that needs to be disclosed. They certainly will not be there in the 9 more days until the election and there is Tina’s job which she will need to give her attention to as well. There will simply not be the time do have the in-depth conversation which will be needed to disclose to each other all that is needed to move forward. Then they can start to think about a plan toward reconciliation or even if it’s appropriate. Since the relationship was terminated permanently, they will need to rebuild the trust and acceptance of each other for who they are. And all of that depends on what broke them up in the first place. People do not change who they are in two years. They may develop techniques to control their temper, but the temper is still there. They may develop techniques to try to be patient and attentive, but the fact that there are things they will be completely oblivious to will remain. Its who they are. Tina left for a reason and that reason is still present in both Tina and Bette. They may have modified their own behavior, but they did not eliminate those underlying traits which they modified. They then have a choice to take the risk that those traits will not cause another breakup or accept that those traits are a part of their personality and that’s okay, and they will deal with them as they come up in a kind and loving manner.
          For a successful relationship, it takes some self-sacrifice of some of your own wants and needs to benefit the relationship. I mean self-sacrifice for both parties – not just one. There are going to be disappointments and heart aches. But there needs to be a method to resolve those without one or the other bolting for the door. They both must perceive that life together is far more desirable and enjoyable than life apart.

          Tina does not give me those vibes yet. In fact, Tina appears to have been perfectly happy with her life as it was before she arrived at the door five days ago. It appears that sexual attraction is the sole motivator for her decision to get them back together. Even though Bette too is sexually attracted to Tina, she has indicated that she has thought about her relationship with Tina in that she made her life full of beauty, alive, and purposeful. Tina is more like – I miss the sex. Understandable, who wouldn’t.

          These are the last comments that I plan to make on this story…This story has great potential but it is obvious to me that I am not seeing what you think that I should see. And this is your story…. as you write, think about what the characters are communicating to each other and is that your intent? Do not worry about the reader, worry about your characters. Your explanations of background to certain characters is great. And including thought processes is wonderful. But that is not character interaction. And the relationship of two characters can only be judged by their interaction.

          I will continue to read, but I will refrain from commenting. My best wishes.

          • Hi Martha,

            Thanks so much for your detailed message above.

            We obviously see two different sides to this particular story, how I am presenting it & how it unfolds.

            I am not a professional writer and this is my first attempt at posting a story on this site and I am learning more about the craft of writing as I progress through this story.

            I, like the many other wonderful writers on this site have dedicated a great deal of time and effort into trying to give our fellow readers something to derive enjoyment from and give hope to.

            I am not alone in doing so. You yourself have posted.

            I do hope you will indeed continue to follow & read it. But that certainly is your choice to make.

            Wish you the best as well.


    4. Thank you for the chapter!

      So, the their another first kiss:)

      I agree with comments above that we still don’t know why Tina left Bette in first place. I hope we’ll find out about that in next chapter. And maybe a little throw backs from their life in NY?

      Waiting for the next!

      • Hi Zhenya,

        Please see my response to Martha here & I hope it will clarify for you what’s been revealed thus far.

        Next chapter more gets revealed & Tina talks about some more of her reasons.

        You mentioned flashbacks – so far there have been 4 flashback scenes – in Chpts 4, 5, 6 & 9.
        Another is coming in Chpt 15 & probably 1 or 2 more after that.
        So keep your eyes open for them.

        Thanks so much for reading & be safe.

      • Hi SG,

        Thanks ever so much for your kind words & so glad that I provide you some joy & some emotion with the chapter!!!!!!! I get caught up to in the writing & how the scene will play out.

        Stay safe in your town & wear a mask when you go out. Things are still so out of control here in Texas – oh brother!!!!!!!!

        Best regards always.


    5. Love them talking about kissing. It works. Sometimes being simple conveys a lot. I agree with both that they are not ready for anything more than a basic kiss. Getting all hot and bothered is one thing, doing the deed before they figure things out would be disastrous.

      Loving the journey you are taking us on. I love a good love story.


      • Hi SuperK,

        Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

        It is a love story – at times a painful one, but one with hope for their shared future.

        Yes, it is way tooooo early for them to get physical yet, even though the desire it sizzling just under teh surface.

        The next few chapters will deal with working this out, Tina’s admissions, Bette’s questions and of course some more sexual tension!!!!!!!!!

        A few more flashbacks too!!!!!!!

        Thanks for your support.


    6. Please know that I am really enjoying your story very much. I find myself having to sit with each chapter for a bit. Which is a good thing. I must also admit however that I am still having problems with this version of Bette.

      I agree with Martha’s post. I am sorry to say but I still do not see this version of Bette as strong in any way. I see her as willing to do anything necessary to have Tina back, including putting her own feelings and hurts and needs aside. We know those emotions are there and probably buried pretty deep. Because she is so in love with Tina. And Tina knows it. Sadly, this will only lead to another failure.

      Divorce is such a huge thing. It is not one fight, one argument, one misunderstanding. It is a culmination of one event upon another upon another. Divorce is ugly under the best of circumstance and intended to be final and there is no making it any other way. Bette is not the sole cause of such an extreme step as divorce. She cannot be. That is not how it works. Yet Bette seems all too willing to take on a lot of the blame for Tina leaving. Overcoming the GQ divorce of Tina and Bette is a monumental hurdle for any writer. Congratulations for giving it a go. Taking Carrie out of the equation helps, but for Tina to take such a final step, especially with Angie in the picture is just so extreme. Getting past the action of GQ severing TiBette is just not that easy.

      I read your list of what has transpired in the few days they have been back in close proximity. I understand that they are enjoying this time together. I think that is great. I love that they are interacting. But it just cannot be that easy between them. I may in fact be beating a dead horse but this former couple is now divorced. No longer married. No longer a couple. No longer TiBette. They have been apart for a long time. It is heartbreaking what GQ did. It is certainly not impossible to bring them back together but there is a lot to overcome before any reconciliation would be plausible. I realize and accept that I am in a minority opinion but divorce is far too serious to be simply set aside in any easy manner. These two have a lot of work to do. A lot.

      And Bette giving Tina literally millions of dollars? And Tina saying okay thanks so much like it was a cup of coffee. I get that Bette loves Tina more than anything. But this version of Bette is bordering on a wimp I do not respect. Tina divorces her and Bette gives her half of her money? If Bette did and was all of the things listed – taking Tina for granted, putting her needs ahead of Tina’s, and on and on why would she just automatically give her that much money and include her in everything post divorce? If she was so selfish and self absorbed why did she make such meticulous plans to take care of Angelica’s future? And leave everything to Tina in her will? Because she is not, that’s why. She is, in Tina’s own words, the most honest person Tina knows. Yet Tina also tells Bette she has to be honest. Which is it? Lots of mixed messages. Bette is certainly not perfect but Tina has been with her for decades. If Bette’s personality is so flawed that Tina felt compelled to divorce her – why is she back now? Tina cannot allow Bette to take on the blame. It is not true and it truly poisons any possible future.

      I wish this Bette would show some righteous hurt and anger. It has to be there. How can it not? This version of Bette seems too afraid to rock the boat. Far too trusting and okay with what Tina did. Praying that she is worthy of Tina’s love? These two are not equals right now and that makes me very sad. I would love nothing more than to see an authentic reconciliation. I love TiBette and despise what GQ did. Hoping for some really serious talking and plausible explanations from Tina in the upcoming chapters. Explanations that can give Bette the trust and understanding needed to even consider forgiving Tina and trying again. Not sure what that can possibly be. Thanks for writing.

      • Hi Billy ,

        Thanks so much for reading & glad that you are enjoying the story. As I explained to Martha, there has only been 5 days that have transpired in the story thus far. Still much more to come.

        Like you, I also sit with chapters from the different stories that are posted & digest what I have read & how it all fits together. I do the same with the chapters I write to make them the very best for the readers.

        The way I am writing it is that Bette does realize that she does take up a lot of this space that Tina has talked about & accused her of. Bette’s trying to back off a bit & allow Tina to be more open than she has in the past. She has to allow Tina to be her equal & not overshadow her as she has in their past. Yes, Tina is a powerful executive, but she hasn’t always thought she’s had power in her relationship with Bette. Kinda along for the ride sometimes.

        Oh, she’s still very hurt & angry at Tina & that will come into play in the next few chapters as they confront more of their issues, Tina’s continued attempts to regain Bette’s trust & the many questions that Bette still has about the divorce & how they can more past that. Tina has a lot more explaining to do on a number of fronts to start to pull this all together.

        You are so right about the ultimate failure of Gen Q to give us this story line for Tibette. You’re right, it hasn’t been easy. Harder still to not use the abuse that Tina admitted to in those interrogation tapes.

        And let me say that those current stories that are exploring that angle, I applaud the writers that are doing so. It’s not an easy task. So my hat is off to them for their efforts!!!!!!!!!!!

        I would not have picked this route for Tibette, but it’s just my way of attempting to right the wrong form the Gen Q team.

        The money issue will come into play towards the end of the story. After over 20 plus years in the entertainment industry, Tina is already a millionaire as is Bette. Neither really has to work, but they are still ambitious & driven in their careers. This will set them up for what comes next for them.

        Thanks for your continued support.

        All my best.


    7. Great discussion! Sorry I’m reading it so long after the fact, but also glad in a way that I didn’t know some of this stuff when I was writing Another Left Turn, haha. Like, how disliked Alice is! Blimey, that was a bit of a shock.

      • Hi Largo,

        Glad you are catching up with the chapters.

        I certainly know how difficult it is when you are writing your own story.

        As I’ve said before, I have never been an Alice fan & I do think the way that character behaved in OG & now GQ is just disgraceful as a friend. She has left Tibette out to dry so many times in the past, I couldn’t envision her being part of their future.

        But, we all have our own way of looking at things. She played out well in your story & that;s good.

        Let us know when your next story takes shape.

        Thanks so much & keep safe.


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