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    Chapter 10 – TENSIONS

    Author’s Note –

    Hi fellow readers & writers.

    Lots to digest & think through in this chapter. Introspection employed by both roommates. Some cutest too, a few giggles & of course some angst thrown in for good measure.

    FYI – short chapters will appear moving forward for a while for the next few posted.

    Thanks to Izzie for reminding us writers to get these updates posted!!! Thanks so much. Sorry for the delay. 

    Let’s get started!!!

    As always – thanks for reading & please enjoy.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 9 . . .


    Bette shook herself and tried to do just that – calm down. So, she tried to get comfortable in the desk chair and take a nap. Her long legs prompt up on the lab counter, crossed at the ankle. Her head resting on the back of the swivel chair. Hands clasped in her lap. She wanted to relax.

    “Damn it.”

    She was anything but comfortable. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw Tina standing before her. The blonde’s face hovering just above her. Tina’s eyes darkened by lust as she gazed back at the brunette.

    “Blast it to bloody hell!” Bette swore.

    She jumped up and paced back and forth, her long strides seeming to wear a pattern on the tiled floor of the lab.

    She rung her neck, rolled her shoulders and stretched. Flexed her muscles and tried to shake herself out of the funk she was in. Trying in vain to ease the tightness in her body. She made a pot of coffee with the lab coffee maker and fixed herself a large cup. But the caffeine only served to make her jittery, her nerves frayed to begin with and now worse for trying.

    “Alright, alright Porter, reason this out.” Bette said to herself.

    Maybe if she tried to analyze her own actions and reactions, she could come to some sensible resolution of what was going on with her.

    Those thoughts only made Bette more wary, her own body now reacting to those thoughts of the lovely Ms. Kennard. She had tried to calm herself, but just the opposite occurred. Her physical reaction to Tina was just as strong now as it had been earlier that day. Her body was burning with a profound need that only had one way to be resolved.

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    1. Hey Collins,

      How are you doing? I thank izzie for pointing out to you that you needed to post a chapter!

      Friendship that is more than being best friends. They have a connection and feel more for each other than they care to admit right now. They dance around it and try to ignore it, but in the end it’s Tina who will start the conversation. But first, they’re going to enjoy a well-deserved night out. Hmm, wonder what will happen that evening?

      Thank you for the update!

      • Hey friend,

        Thanks for checking in.

        Everybody needs a friend and Bette and Tina are becoming best friends and much more.

        Bette fiercely guards her heart but is learning to open up towards Tina. And Tina is ready to have that much needed chat with the brunette. She’ll take that first step.

        We’ll explore their night on the town in the next few chapters – lots to come.

        Thanks for your thoughts.

    2. Collins,

      I saw your post and knew my weekend had gotten better!

      Agree with Bibi about their friendship. You have laid the important groundwork and foundation that will be needed for them to endure over the years.

      Okay, so we get more insight into Tina’s mother and her illness. Is this going to have an impact later in this story? Is this somehow connected to Ashley’s illness years later also?

      I liked how you presented both Bette’s and Tina’s introspection on their feelings. Yet, they still were able to enjoy spending time together and plan some quality time at the end of the week.

      Love the pictures as always, especially the one of ‘LuH’ in painter mode really – but TK pulled it off!!! Very clever.

      Fav line this time –

      When Tina is talking to her mother about Bette and Gina Kennard alludes to Bette being a nice person and Tina replies – “Oh she certainly is that Mom and much more.”

      This confirms Tina’s feelings for Bette and how she views their budding relationship.

      This is getting good.

      Thanks for the update and waiting impatiently for what comes next!!

      • Hi Kira,

        Thanks for your kind words.

        So, Tina’s mother – of course its related. So, remember foreshadowing??? Many more connections to be made on this part of the story.

        That picture with LuH as she’s working on one of her own paintings – I found it on SM. I actually liked it better in black and white than color. It just kinda fit in with this chapter.

        The slow burn will heat up very soon and they will connect in the next few chapters.

        Will post soon.

        Thanks again.

    3. Hey Collins,

      Always a highlight to read another update from you!

      I love how you described the special connection Bette & Tina are sharing. Agree with Kira 100% about you laying the foundation to their relationship.

      “It was sweet/tender as well as red hot and simmering.” A great line, if that’s not Bette & Tina, I don’t know what is.

      And this – “That current of electricity in the air still sparked whenever they were in close proximity to the other. There was a powerful energy between them.” Cold showers for sure for both of them…

      What a week they had – with dealing with their feelings for each other and their classes, Love that they’re going out Friday night. The next chapter is ADVENTURES – can’t wait to see what comes next!!

      Take care.

      • Hi Westy,

        I like your fav lines too.

        Tina & Bette are building their relationship layer by layer – this will keep them connected over the geographical distance they will have as well as the years of length in their commitment to each other & their years apart.

        Important parts of the story are being laid down that will have major impact in the chapters to come.

        Shorter chapters mean more frequent posting!!!

        Thanks for checking in & looking forward to a Tibette reunion in GQ3!

    4. I just returned from 10 days in Paris and London late yesterday. I saw your post and wanted to jump in and read immediately but unpacking and trying to set sleep time to acclimate back into the 5 hr time change took precedence. Sitting her with my cup of coffee this morning I so enjoyed your update. I could feel the excitement of seeing London with Bette having just visited. I see the backstory of Tina’s mom as it begins to fill in the story of this apparent genetic illness in her family. Finally, our girls are so consistent….never addressing their emotional, romantic connections, just dancing around the obvious connections. How many of us have been there, done that and possibly continue to do that just as TiBette. I love the story and look forward to your next post!

      • Hi Finn,

        Thanks so much for reading the chapter & reaching out. Much appreciated.

        Your trip to Europe sounds super exciting! I certainly hope you saw all the sites you wanted to & enjoyed yourself to the max! Readjusting to time zones can be tricky & tiring – hope you catch up on sleep soon.

        In any of my novels or short stories, I do like to include some of the local culture & history. I have always enjoyed those types of details in the writings that I have read throughout my life & I certainly hope the readers here on this site enjoy it as well. So, I’m thrilled that you got to relate to many of the places I’ve mentioned and written about on this novel regarding England.

        Even though in this novel, Tina & Bette are portrayed in different ages & careers, their core characteristics are still present as you’ve pointed out. They still dance around each other & avoid the real issues. But those issues will be addressed in the next few chapters – no worries.

        Friday Night Adventures to come next & then . . .

        Thanks again & stay safe.

    5. Sorry if my comment is a little late, but I had a hectic weekend and then all the fallout with the SC BS – OMG!

      But to your update here – you ARE dragging it out Collins and I love it!
      I love that you get inside their heads and hearts and let us know what they’re thinking and feeling. So many times, that just doesn’t happen in a story, and I do appreciate you providing taht for us in this story.

      Agree with all the other posters on their assessment of the chapter. I will miss the longer chapters, but I do understand about how much time it must take to write this stuff, edit it, search for pics in your case and then post. Gotta give all you writers credit for what you do. You all have helped keep the fandom alive these past years.

      Looking forward to what comes next!


      • Hi Leigh,

        Thanks a bunch for leaving a comment. Nice to know you are still following this story.

        Sorry that I’m dragging it out for you, but that’s all part of the story. Good things will happen – TRUST me!!! I won’t let you down!!

        Even though none of us that I know of at this time, except for BenMac & CellaNox, are professional published writers, I do try my best to provide a complete picture & understanding of the characters. I want to know what they’re thinking & feeling too. Especially with such complex characters such as Tina & Bette.

        Yes, it does take a bit of time to totally finish a chapter – all the things you mentioned are valid points in how a chapter comes together. Editing & details for me are the last part of the process. Selection of pictures can go either way – sometimes I look for them in advance & sometimes in the process of writing, an idea will strike me & then I go on my hunt to find something similar that I am trying to convey. It’s always and adventure.

        Will post soon.


    6. Yeah friendship is everything before going further, I think it’s really the best base to last as a couple.

      Nightlife can be full of unexpected events, I just hope other people don’t interfere with their connection !

      Great chapter, thank you.

      • Hey Izzie,

        Thanks for reaching out. Where would we be without friends???? Bedrock of our relationships & extended family. So important.

        So, for Tibette in this novel, this initial friendship will help sustain them in the troubled waters ahead & will be prove key in future chapters.

        Now what would night life be without a little drama???? They will definitely have a great time & find out more things about each other, but I can’t promise not having any unexpected meetings!!!! Ha!!

        Thanks again & keep the Tibette faith!!!

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