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    The Tibette Collection – THIS WOMAN

    Author’s Note –

    Hi Folks. Happy summer.

    So, this entry in The Tibette Collection is a musing of sorts. My vision of Bette regarding Tina as they sit beside each other. Digging a little deep. No particular time period in their relationship. Just Bette’s thoughts on her lovely soul mate.

    A bit different posting. Not a short story – more like an essay about their everlasting love.

    I’ll have the next chapter of DOH to post soon. Also working on another Tibette Collection short story with them on another weekend getaway in NY – full of love & romance.

    Best wishes to all!!!!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Bette Porter POV –


    I sit here silently and watch

    Intently watching the woman I love

    The woman I cherish more than life itself

    The woman I love beyond measure

    The only woman I have ever loved

    The only woman I will ever love

    The woman that invades my thoughts every day, every hour, every minute

    The very same woman that consumes me

    All of her

    There was a buzz of activity all around us

    Filling the room with sound and feeling

    People talking, joking, laughing

    I have no idea even what the conversations are about

    My attention on only one thing

    This woman

    So all this noise all slowly recedes and becomes a blur to me

    Just a hazy landscape of muted sounds

    A background to me true intention today

    My focus is on the woman beside me

    The same woman that I have known for half my life

    The same beautiful woman that I have worked with, cried with, laughed with, dreamed with, slept with, drank and ate with, felt love with . . .


    Yet today is different

    Today I sit there right beside this woman that has the power to change my life in an instant

    In a glance

    In a word

    With a touch

    And what power this woman has over me

    Those hazel eyes are hypnotic

    I am mesmerized by them, captured in their intensity and a prisoner to their love

    All I have to do is glance at her and all else fades from view

    The world recedes in her gaze

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    1. Hey Collins,

      Thanks for this post.

      Very interesting take on Bette’s view of the love of her life. They have such magic about them, its undeniable.

      I liked it.

      We need to hold onto this as we all wait for any crumbs for the upcoming season 3 of GQ,
      We so need Tibette to be endgame!

      Looking forward to more of DOH. PPS!

      • Hey K,

        Thanks for reading this. As I said, it’s not your usual entry, but one to lament on & enjoy without any heavy thinking.

        Yes, speculation about GQ3 is heating up & the confirmations this weekend were troubling.

        But keep the faith. The fact that those 2 actresses will be in the show later in the season is a good thing & not to be overlooked.

        Until my next post!

        • I will always keep the faith and I wholeheartedly hope we get our Tibette back and soon.

          But if not, I do hope that you and many of the other writers can and will continue to bring us these terrific stories full of Tibette romance and love.

          Thank you again for your efforts and dedication to this wonderful couple.

          Your the best!

    2. Totally agree w/Kira. This is priceless poetry in motion. It flows effortlessly.



      How is t possible to tell a whole story with one image and only three pgs???

      What’s more, this SURELY is how we’ve wanted our beloved Tibette to be displayed and you accomplished it already just from Bette’s POV.


      • Hey D,

        So glad you enjoyed this little out of the ordinary entry. It’s been sitting in my laptop `Ready to Post` folder for over a year. I actually forgot about it until I was doing some computer housecleaning & rediscovered it.

        Thank you so much for your praise- it is the devotion BP has for TK that drives this musing.

        Who can argue with love everlasting????

        Take care until next time.

      • Hey Bibi,

        Thanks for checking this little essay out.

        Trying to get into BP’s mind & heart when it comes to TK.

        She can’t seem to function properly without Tina.

        And we all saw just how painful that was in GQ 1&2.

        Hoping for a much better GQ3!

        Have a wonderful week!

    3. For Bette the perfect definition of love is ‘TINA’.
      Tina is Bette’s vital energy, she is what drives, what comforts, satiates and strengthens.
      Wonderful writing Collins.
      I’m also afraid of this third season (I’m an eternal Tibette)
      And if it’s not meant to be… Romantic, Original, Fun, Sexy Without Being Vulgar, Representative, Constructive . And most importantly, the story has to be coherent, it must present a logical and harmonious relationship between its ideas, which must be clearly ordered and interconnected, thus forming a unity in which the parts have nexus and make sense, so maybe we can even send some copies for the aliens, to prove that there is an intelligent race on earth that can still write LOVE stories to fill our hearts and leave us with that little taste of satisfaction and wanting more.
      Anyway, if it’s not to be TIBETTE, then make a decision soon because time passes, and even though APANCIENCE is a beautiful attribute…
      And to paraphrase a famous phrase: “Be seen to continue to be remembered”.
      The whole universe for you Collins

      • I am honored with your comment. Thank you.

        I have been in love with this couple since their first scene in OG! JB & LuH just have a cosmic/karmic connection & their infused Bette & Tina with it. You not only see & hear their love for each other but FEEL it too.

        I’ve had my doubts over the past few years with GQ about what will transpire with Tibette, but my Tibette heart beats eternally & I gotta believe that JB & LuH will make it happen for us & Bette & Tina.

        Thanks again for commenting & hope to hear from you soon on my next post.

    4. This is a terrific essay on love and devotion. You are an excellent writer Collins and every time you just dig deeper and deeper into their relationship with your stories.

      I sure wish we would have gotten more of these types of thoughts from both Bette and Tina in OG instead of the incoherent ramblings of Jenny, the ridiculous SL of Max and other third-party nonsense that IC insisted on in her bizarre attempt to portray drama.

      This writing was so touching, thoughtful and emotional. You could actually FEEL Bette’s longing and loving for Tina.

      Please continue with these marvelous tales – we need them so much.

      Thanks so much and looking forward to the next Doctor update!

      • Hey Leigh,

        Thanks for the thoughts on my writing. Us writers on this site put a lot of effort & love into creating our ideas & committing them to the page.

        At one-point last year, I rewatched OG from the beginning & honestly had to FF scenes with Jenny, Tim, Max, Alice (except those with Dana) & some of the other BS scenes from IC. Mostly watched Tibette, Helena, Dana, some Shane, Peggy & Kit. So, I know what you mean.

        I will continue to write & post. Continuing to work on the DOH novel – it has a lot to go yet. And outlining a new Collection short story too. Actually have 2 on the stove for that series.

        Thanks again for your continued support. I appreciate it immensely.

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