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    Chapter 9 – SISTERS

    Author’s Note –

    Hi to all. This chapter will give some voice to Tina’s thoughts and feelings at this point in the novel. Her reaction to Bette and the feelings she’s developing.

    I dedicate this chapter to Westy20 and her sweet sister. Westy has inspired me in this novel to explore the unique relationship between sisters and the special bond they have. Thank you, my friend, and may your sister live on in your heart forever.

    Special thanks to the late wonderful English songstress Dusty Springfield, who I grew up listening to in my youth. She had a marvelous voice and used it to create wonderful music that has endured. She’s got a delightful opening refrain for Tina in this chapter.

    Oh – And Bette??? Frustrated much you think from her earlier daydream??? Well, she’s got a little somethin, somethin surprise for everyone!!!

    Enjoy and as always, thanks for taking the time to read!!

                                                              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 8 . . .

    “Whoa sweetheart.” Sara put up her hands in defense. “Slow down. Take it easy. From your reaction, looks like I got it right. You two are lovers, so a lover’s quarrel it is.”

    “Not that it’s any of your business.” Tina’s nostrils flared ever so slightly. She was trying to keep a lid on her growing anger.

    “You’re one lucky Yank.”

    “I can’t believe you.” Tina bit her bottom lip in frustration.

    “Hey, whatever you’re doing is working. You’ve got her attention. I’ve tried several times to get into her shorts.” Sara let out a mournful sigh. “But she keeps shooting me down. Claims she doesn’t want any attachments. Her studies or some such bullshit she gave as an excuse. I told her we didn’t need to be joined at the hip. Just share our bodies for a while. You know, have a good time. All good fun.”

    “Well, if Bette said no, “Tina shot back, her voice dropping an octave. She didn’t like this woman. She could see why Bette avoided her. “I’d say she made a wise choice.”

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    1. Hey Collins,

      Looks like an interesting chapter. Can’t wait to read it.

      Hopefully tomorrow. Gotta work extra few hours tonight. Some folks didn’t show for their shift tonight- damn holiday!
      But I’m off tomorrow & reading’ time will be observed!!


      • Hi Ashley,

        So glad you are enjoying this story. I know the chapters can be long sometimes – depends on the message I’m sending. I like them too & I do try to include as much as I can.

        It is important to me to give the background of their relationship in this story since it’s set in a different country & Tibette has different careers. I love building up their story & how they fit together.

        Sorry to hear about the weather in your area. Hope all is okay!

        Be safe & will post soon.

    2. Oooooo Wee!! These two better get to talking or their fantasies are gonna cause them to jump each other’s bone!! They gonna Fk so hard that they might break each other. Lordy these two!!

      • Hey D,

        Thanks for leaving a note. Yes, you’re so right, they are going to ‘jump each other’ very soon. A few more chapters to get them a little bit closer & then they’re on it!!

        Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

        Best regards

    3. The relationship between Tina and her sister is very interesting. You portrayed them realistically.

      I loved their little arguing and teasing each other. And Ashley teasing Tina about her first girlfriend and that she has a type – you could feel the love there between the two sisters.

      When Tina tells Ashley about Bette – “Oh Ash, she’s everything I could want in a partner.” And “I love everything about her.”

      Geez, I thought about GQ and the ridiculous comment by Bette about Pippa being ‘everything.’ Really???? So glad you corrected Marja’s unbelievable writing!! Thanks

      Fav line this chapter – Tina referring to Bette – “I just wanna melt into her.” Wow – yeah me-too Tina.

      Pictures were awesome and I hope we get some really great scenes with Tibette back in love and showing it in GQ3.

      The love scenes were great – so hot. Like DumplinT said, they are going to jump each other soon! Can’t wait for it to happen.

      Wondering though what’s up with their mother and her tiredness? Could this be some foreshadowing of something to come???

      Thanks for the wonderful chapter. I enjoyed it.

      • Hey Kira,

        Thanks for the message. Happy you loved the chapter!

        It was a labor of love for me!!

        I only have brothers – no sisters – but I hoped I captured the bind between sisters & how they feel about one another. It was fun to write & I hope some of the humor showed through.

        See you caught that reference to GQ2. I just hated when Bette said that about Pippa – I wanted to gag! How ridiculous indeed. Like that would ever happen in an 11-day relationship!!! Please – give me a break.

        I liked that line too when T just wants to melt. It shows the depth of her feelings. She’s hooked – just needs to act on it!

        I knew you would notice that little convo between Tina & Ashley about their mother – we’ll have to wait & see how that turns out.

        Thanks for reaching out & stay safe.

        • Hey Collins,

          You did a terrific job at the relationship between Tina and Ashley – no worries there.

          I’m hopin’ & prayin’ like Dusty that Tibette reunites quickly in GQ3. I don’t know if I can handle it if they don’t.

          Okay, so you confirmed my thoughts about Tina’s mother. Any clues you could provide???

          Again – great chapter – loved it!

          • Thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot.

            We are getting very close to the start of filming for GQ3 – trying to still be positive about Tibette & their reunion. Prayers said already!!!!

            Tina’s mother – I’ll say that she’ll play a critical role in a decision Tina has to make later in the novel. It will affect the course of Tina’s life & career.

            Stay tuned in.

    4. Collins,

      Thank you. You know this chapter is special to me; I loved it.

      Ashley and Tina – you nailed it. You captured perfectly all the aspects of sisters’ close bond; the teasing – omg, I laughed out loud.; talking about relationships, providing support and the best advice – Ashley knew Tina was falling for Bette and gave Tina excellent advice. No one knows you like your sister. Yes, I cried. And I felt wonderfully uplifted.

      My favorite line – “Love is in the air. Have faith sis”. The younger Kennard assured the older one. “Have faith”

      Anything that has a Dusty Springfield song can’t go wrong – love Dusty.

      Tina’s fantasy – wow. Very well-written and very HOT. Then Bette – for sure there was only one way to resolve how she was feeling. When these two get together – watch out…I love the way you’re building up to it., for them and for us

      I love, love this story. Such good writing. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

      • Hey Westy,

        You are so welcome for the chapter – you have been my inspiration for the relationship with the Kennard sisters. It was a privilege to write the chapter in your honor.

        I find it very interesting that some readers have favorite lines in the chapter. Glad the words could have that much of an impact.

        I am an oldie myself & just love Dusty too. Although I’m not a big fan of including lyrics in chapters, this song by Dusty just seemed to fit for the way it was used.

        I gotta keep the sexual tension going between them until they actually confess their love & desire for each other. A little daydreaming always helps in that department!!
        And yes, the tension is building & will get even hotter in the next few chapters.

        Will post the next chapter soon.

        Again – it was an honor to do this for you.

    5. Hey Collins,

      Thanks for the chapter, Very well written.

      I have a sister but the relationship is non-existent so it was nice to read about theirs.

      Can’t wait to read more !

    6. Agree with the others that I am loving this epic story too. Very well written indeed. Loved how you wrote the connection between the sisters – it was so natural and honest.

      You include so many great details in your love scenes – it’s much appreciated!!

      Can’t wait for them to finally get together and be honest with each other about their feelings.

      Looking forward to the next chapter.

      • Hi Leigh,

        Thanks for checking this latest update out.

        I appreciate your comments about the story & all the little details I sweat out in review & rewrites!

        Honesty & confessions are on the horizon.

        Won’t be long now – they are on their way.

    7. Hey Collins,

      Note to myself, don’t read NC-17 chapters in the morning when you already have had a shower! Damn, i need another one!

      What a very well written chapter, i loved the conversation between the two sisters, the banter, the teasing but also the more serious talk they had. I have a little sister, she is 30 years and i am 50 but we never will share a bond like that, we simply differ so much, a whole gap, but in our own way we have a good contact.

      Both Tina and Bette lust for each other but it is more than that, they have a deep connection. Tina is more open about her feelings and want, Bette is struggling but she will come around and let those walls down. Ashley is right in her advice to Tina, be around Bette, let her see she can trust her, be patiënt.

      Tina’s mother, she is tired and Ashley is concerned about her health and asked Tina to call her, i have a feeling this is going to be the main reason why they lose contact in the future or atleast one of the reasons.

      Collins, you did a amazing job with this chapter!!!

      Vacation was really good, sadly it is almost over. Have a good day and take care of yourself and your wife!

      • You are too funny with the shower comment!

        Age gaps in families can be difficult to transverse. I have 2 older brothers that are 16 & 18 years older than myself & for a time when I was much younger, it was challenging to understand the other’s point of view.
        So, I certainly know what you are speaking of with your sister.

        B & T have a few more situations to transgress before the fireworks start – the buildup id always worth the wait!

        Family issues – Tina & Bette will both have them. Damn!!

        Glad your holiday was enjoyable & that you had a marvelous time. Reality comes back way tooooo fast when you’re enjoying yourself.

        Till next time my friend.

        Thanks so much for the kind words.

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