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    Chapter 10 – The Girl from Venice Beach

    Bette and Tina strolled arm in arm down the Embarcadero, heading towards Fisherman’s wharf. The walk was doing them good after such a rich meal, and Bette realized she hadn’t exercised in days. Something that she was starting to miss.


    No workout, no swimming, no meditation, just the beautiful blonde and the Venus to consume her thoughts and her time. It was worth it, she was sure of that, but she would have to get back into a routine at some point. She wasn’t about to get soft, nor lose her edge.


    The cool breeze was nice, and for a city so filled with people, it was relatively quiet for a Saturday night.


    “So, I wanted to talk to you about something” said Bette, stopping and turning towards the blonde and pulling her into her body by her coat.


    “And what would that be, gorgeous?” Tina replied. She was feeling affectionate with the brunette and in turn was feeling the affection from her. Dinner was wonderful, and the longer she was in Bette’s presence, the more secure she felt. She looked up into the smoldering dark eyes.


    “I want to go to Paris, and I want you to come with me, Tee” Bette snaked her arms inside Tina’s coat, wrapping her hands around the small waist, her fingers kneading the taut lower back through her dress.


    “When?” asked Tina. She had been expecting this conversation to come sooner rather than later.


    “Well, I guess as soon as my friend from the Tate Modern can get us a meeting with Martinez” replied Bette.


    “Bette, Paris with you sounds amazing, but I don’t know how I can manage that with work. I know I told them that I would be working from home a little more right now, but my boss is kind of funny about wanting me on set all the time. I’m just not sure how I can swing it.” Tina reached up into the dark curls that were swaying slightly in the breeze and pushed them behind the brunette’s ears.


    Bette looked deep into the hazel eyes. She opened her mouth and then thought better about what she was going to say and closed it. It was an archaic thought. Tina was her own woman, and she did meaningful work in the entertainment business. She wouldn’t ask her to shirk her responsibilities and pressure her to take the time off. But if Tina wouldn’t come with her she would make damn sure that she was protected while Bette was away. Even if she didn’t like it.

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    1. Made my day to see the new chapter! One of the best fanfics I ever read. I love the mystery-the intrigue-the adventure. I have re-read the entire story so far multiple times. Your writing makes it easy to visualize each scene – I feel like I’m watching as well as reading. You are so talented. You’ve captured the characters, they may be in a different setting, but you are true to them. I love Tibette, so am loving Bette & Tina. Chapter 2 when they first meet is perfect. Thanks so much, and am looking forward to more.

      • Hi Westy,
        Thank you for the sweet comments! I just love writing these characters so much. And by far my favorite part is that I get to put them into these different life circumstances and create physical and emotional reactions that ring true to who they were in the original series. And I’m a huge Tibette fan, so I thoroughly enjoyed writing their first meeting. At First Sight and The Crash, man, those chapters just flew out of me. It was so fun to just get them to play with each other. Thank you so much for staying with this crazy little story. I think you’ll really like the next chapter.


    2. Kitty,
      As always, it’s worth the wait as U create and release the chapters to this marvelous story. Glad the time arrived for some of the blanks to finally be filled in.

      I chuckled how it’s not just a jealous streak in Tina that keeps rearing it’s head in her thoughts, but Bette also cringes every time some woman says “I know you” 😳. Bette be holding her breath thinking “oh shit, when did I hook up with her 😩😳😜.

      I really like how Tasha & Bette were on the same page to secretly record the convo with Adele at Tasha’s office. They also got Tina’s incounter with Eric when he suddenly returned to his office to catch her there. Tina showing a picture to Adele and Adele immediately confirming that Eric (MacDaddy) was the drug dealer/pimp at the heart of the drama.

      She may not be FBI, but she has means and connections of her own, and Bette is gonna dish out some whoopAss to the coniving/murderous E-dong!!! Can’t wait.

      Lastly, really like the cleaver name for Tina’s ride: The Bette-mobile 🤣🤣😍

      • Hey Dumplin’
        I knew you would like that scene in Tasha’s office where Bette was like, ‘hmmm, did I???? Nawwww’.
        You’re right! Tina is not the only one who’s a little afraid of Bette’s past coming back to haunt her. As we saw much earlier with Jodi in the scene at Kit’s club.
        And yeah, Tasha and Bette are starting to feel a lot more comfortable with each other and are figuring out how they can work together.
        And against that dildo Eric, yeah. He’s literally the guy that every grown woman hates. I did my best to make him even more disgusting in this story. And now that Bette knows what he did to Adele and feels confident that he tried to kill Tina AND hears Tina says how he looked at her like a piece of candy. Oh hell no, Bette Porter will 👏 not 👏 abide 👏 that 👏
        And yes, The Bette-mobile. Haha. Glad you got a chuckle out of that. 😂


        • I hollah’d when U called EDog a “dildo” 🤣🤣🤣. What’s more, 🤣🤣🤣: “OHN, Bette Porter will 👏🏽 not 👏🏽 abide 👏🏽!!!! He has messed with her Lil Tina and there will be no room for niceties nor compromise. He in trouble🤯

    3. Well we all knew that Eric was a bad guy but he has now taken the term scum bag to a whole new and very low life level. Tina opened up to Bette a little more by talking about Dana which is good but instantly assumed Bette had bedded Adele. Even if they had been together Bette had a very big life prior to Tina – one that both Bette and Tina are going to have to accept. It’s the here and now Bette that matters. And Bette is very present for Tina and very loving as well. And Tasha has gotten to see a very different side to Bette. All good stuff!

      So Eric is dangerous and Bette needs to go to Paris. If Tina returns to work she will need to be ultra careful but Bette will have eyes on her to be sure. Tasha is a bit too by the book for Bette. I agree! And Alice needs to keep quiet about what she knows and take a major step back. Lots of balls being juggled in the air right now. I love it! Major dilemma as Bette now needs to be in two places at once. If Bette leaves will Tasha and Shane be enough protection? Since Shane is taking care of Adele that probably eliminates Shane. I vote for Tina going with Bette to Paris. Excellent story.

      • Like your sentence: So Eric is dangerous and Bette needs to go to Paris. That about sums it up. Tasha has to be as “by the book” as possible if punishment conmenserant to the crime is to be dealt out. But that’s OK, cause Bette Porter be THE Bette Porter 🤣.

        The term, lots of balls in the air and one of them being Alice’s propensity to think & talk out loud is a big one 😖.

        Knowing what they now know about Eric, I’m curious to see how seriously Tina will take ANY communiction with Eric. She now remembers the “look-to-kill in the faces of the men in the SUV that intentionally rammed, so she needs to step up her game.!

        • Amen!! Agree about Tina needing to step up her game. So she can recognize the men in the vehicle. Tina – you are in danger girl!!! And yes Bette Porter will not be stopped by any rules or regulations. And double yes about Alice.

          • Ooooohhh u’re right, Tina realizes now that she “saw” the thugs!!! It may be the eye, the furrowed brow or scrunched face of hate, but she can ID someone right??? Geeze.

            I believe that when they encounter these scumbags nexttime, Bette will be able to read Tina’s face even if Tina looses her voice because of sudden fear.

      • Hi Billy,
        Yes, Eric is a real scumbag. Truly disgusting. We’re still not even sure how deep the rabbit hole goes for that POS.
        And Bette knows already how difficult it would be to get on that plane to Paris without Tina by her side. We’ll see how she deals with the desire to assert her control as that decision gets closer and closer for both she and Tina. As for Tina’s issues with jealousy and insecurity, let’s hope that she figures that out soon. At least she’s beginning to confront herself on how wrong it is to even feel that way, let alone react to it. That’s a good start.
        And you’re right, Tina did open up about Dana, but let’s not forget what a beautiful soul Bette has. She said all the right things to make that happen.
        I’m so glad you’re liking all the twists and turns. There are MANY more to come.


    4. Love the growth of Bette and Tina. Both learning to trust and be open to each other. Eric is a slime ball. He’s cheap cologne was a give away. They need to find Eric fast and shut him down. Does Eric’s activities connect with Venus?

      My favorite so far. Keep it going strong. You have a gift. I’d love a new chapter. I had neck joint blocks yesterday and the injection sites hurt. This story distracted me from pain. Thank you.

      • Hi Deanna!
        Yeah, I think that Bette and Tina are doing pretty well in the growth department. Especially because they’ve only been together for what, four days? Haha. To be fair, they are pretty much together every waking moment, so that’s gotta be at least two weeks in normal dating time, right? Well, what can I say. I love writing their love story as it unfolds.
        As for Eric, yes, the cologne. Every woman knows the type of man that wears too much cologne. It was a really easy way to get every woman on this site to hate him from the get go. I mean, we all knew what he was going to turn into after that.
        And honestly, it’s so sweet of you to say that this little story was able to help take your mind off your pain. What a blessing. I’m honored to be able to do that just by writing about characters that I love. I wish you a speedy recovery my friend.

    5. Thank you
      For this very vivid and detailed update. I am a huge fan of the Venice Canals as I walk through them twice a week as it is part of my weekly work out.
      I have a feeling Tina is going to do something stupid, like try to set up Eric while Bette is away.
      Hopefully your Alice will be able to keep her mouth shut.

      Looking forward to your next post.

      • Hey Bub,
        Yes, I love the Venice canals. I had a friend who lived in a bungalow there just like Jenny does. I’ve always found the history so interesting and wanted to add it in. I intended it to be somewhere that Alice in my story would end up at some point, since she was the one in that scene in the episode of TLW.
        It’s still left to be seen if Alice can in any way keep her mouth shut.
        So glad you’re liking the story!


      • Bubcris1,
        Never been to SF so was really tryna figure out where Bette’s penthouse may have been. Alcatraz & the Golden Gate Bridge were mentioned when Tina was admiring the view.

        Does Bette live downtown? Near Fisherman’s Warf perhaps?

    6. It will be so difficult for Tina at work, it would be a good idea to work on her poker face because from the minute she’ll enter the studio Eric will be like a shark around her …

      Another concern is Alice, will she be able to shut her mouth about all this and not dig around like she always does !?

      Tina is very distressed about her past relationships, she is assuming things about Bette and that will eat her up, that’s not good, she needs to find the time to open up to Bette about all that.

      What an excellent story, thank you !

      • Hey Izzie,
        Yeah, Tina’s not in the greatest place right now as it is, but adding this new pressure and suspicion about Eric is almost a disaster waiting to happen. Let’s hope that she can avoid doing something foolish.
        And I gotta say, we all know Alice so well, it’s been weeks of comments about Alice keeping her dang mouth shut. I love it!
        As for Tina, yes the time is coming for some revelations about her that can explain some of her behavior. I have no doubt that Bette with her seemingly endless amount of patience reserved just for Tina will be able to get her to that place. But honestly, Bette is Bette and there’s no way that Tina is going to let this opportunity to be with her slip away.

        Thanks for sticking with this story!


    7. Risky, I missed your last posting as my life in the last weeks has been all work no play. Lucky for me I had two fantastic chapters of THoA to read as I have a few days off now.

      The plot thickens, I love it! I suspected that Eric was a bad guy, But how is all of his bad business connected to the Venus? Did Dana somehow stumble over this as Jenny probably did? Why the attack on Tina? Just a suspicion that she knew about Eric’s business?

      I’m also very concerned for Tina if Bette should really leave her to go to Paris. She can’t be near Eric. Tasha needs to provide security for Tina. There has been an attempt on her life already, she can’t go to the studio without protection. I hope she’ll remember some more details of the men in the car or anything unusual that happend prior to Dana’s murder. Tasha will need more to find out if in fact Eric is deeply involved in it or if someone else is behind everything and nailing Eric for his crimes is just incidental catch.

      It’s great to see Tina slowly opening up to Bette. She’s learing that Bette is genuine and doesn’t pretend or play games with her. Give her another two or four days to build her trust in Bette. And completely process what happend to her in recent days.

      Please have them take another trip to San Fran. Your description of their walk along the Embarcadero reminded me of my trip to SF two years ago. Fell in love with the city and I actually stayed in Russian Hill.
      San Francisco seems like a special place for Bette, a very private and personal location that she probably didn’t share with anyone before. Seems to be an amazing appartment on top of it.

      Well, let’s head to Paris with Bette! Can’t wait for the trip.

      Thank you for another great chapter, Risky

      • Hi Kiwi!
        Oh, aren’t days off the best. Glad you were able to dive into two chapters. I always find that the hardest part about reading fanfic. The wait can be excruciating.
        I love San Francisco. It’s such a great city. So glad I could transport you back there if even just for a few moments. Yeah, Bette’s place is sick. Her extremely private dark tower. And although I didn’t expressly say it in the chapter, you are correct, she has never brought anyone there. Tina is the first and only to share her most personal of spaces.
        As for Paris, it’s going to have to wait just a little bit. We have so much going on before we even get there. So much. Whew.
        Thanks as usual for your awesome comments. I hope you like the next chapter. And try not to work too hard!


    8. I see you Risky Kitty, weaving a colorful tapestry of brilliance with this story. It really is wonderful. I also see Tina slowly, painstakingly opening up to Bette and Bette…. ahhh, sweet Bette…. so patient, so present. Waiting and knowing that Tina will become the girlfriend she needs. I read that we have to wait a while for Paris and that makes me anxious. I hope you are writing now so that we dont have to wait TOO long. Any story with a badly behaving Eric is fun to read but man I gotta say, I felt badly for Adele. The mom in me wants to get her in the shower and feed her and wrap her up in a blanket so she can chill out. Someone take care of Adele, ok?
      Love it RK
      Keep it coming

      • Hey BK,
        How can we talk about my story when yours is still torturing me!?! I mean, in the best way….aside from the terror I’ve been left in. But please please, don’t make us wait two weeks to find out what happens.
        As for mine, yes, Bette is cracking Tina’s protective shell little by little. And much more in the next chapter.
        And as for Eric, well, we knew he wasn’t a good guy, but now we find out just how much of a bad guy he really is. And poor Adele, yes, we’re going to take care of her. No worries there.
        And ah yes, Paris. Well, you know how slow moving this story is, so a lot can happen in between now and Bette getting on that jet. Let’s just hope you all stick with me through that bit of drama. I have kind of a lot going on with this plot, so bear with me as even this chapter was written weeks and weeks ago. Lots of twists and turns on this roller coaster.
        Ok, that’s enough, you need to get back to writing your wonderful story now so I don’t lose myself in a puddle of anxiety. I’m planning on rereading the chapter a little later this evening with a stiff drink.

        Take care, my friend.

        • It’s got me tied up in my nerves too, LOL. I was just writing it now but am also trying to update The Beginning. Why did I EVER think I could do two stories at once? Not my smartest move. Thank you for taking care of Adele… as they say down south…. BLESS.
          Also, I don;t care how long it takes to get to Paris, my seat belt is on and I am ready to the drama ride! Thanks RISSKAY

          • Honestly. I think it’s fascinating how you’re able to write these two stories at the same time. With having kids?! And probably working?! I bow down, missy! That’s dedication. And there’s both so brilliant. Anyway, can’t wait for The Beginning and as for Remember Who You Are, not even the stiff drink was enough to soothe me while I reread that last night. Aaaaghh!


    9. hi riskykitty,
      if im reading a fan fic (like I am yours) and am into it, i usually read it about 3 times through before commenting. because there’s a lot happening. I love this story. bette is opening up to tina in her actions, this trip to San Francisco, showing her her dark tower (which sounds amazing…I love your description of her various homes…because it all speaks to parts of the character in my eyes). i hope we learn more about tina, she seems so hesitant to open up and bette is being so patient. and we are entering the subject of intimacy with this bette & tina! I love it, I love that bette is the one showing tina how to be intimate…about connection…slowing things down.

      I was thinking Eric was shady from the start! from when he caught tina in his office! bette is ready to beat him down, I can tell but im looking forward to what will happen…just what his nasty role is in this story. and…will bette be able to leave tina to go to Paris?? that seems like a recipe for disaster and danger. im into it. love this story. please post more soon!

      • Hey Stirfry!
        Yes, a lot is going on right now. I love how you’re flushing it all out. And I love the comments you leave. Yes, Bette felt compelled to bring Tina to her dark tower. Her most personal of places. And it does show Tina another side to her. Her vulnerability. This was the representation of the physical and emotional place that she has never brought anyone else to.
        And in doing that, she also was able to get Tina to drop a portion of that wall she has around her.
        It’s going to take a while for her to show Bette exactly how dark things have gotten in her own life, but it’s happening. Slowly but surely.
        And yes, so fun to make Bette the one to require that connection between them. We see her as someone who doesn’t easily give up control, so to see her as needing that intimacy I feel is beautiful. And yes, I wanted their lovemaking to be eye opening for Tina in more ways than one.
        Tina sees Bette is rushing into this romance headlong, and I think as she realizes how naive in a way that Bette is to the threat of true heartbreak that it will make her think that she can finally let down those barriers. We’ll see.
        As for Eric, yep, shady as they come.
        And as for Paris, we’ll see what happens! But, it will be tough for Bette to consider leaving Tina in this mess while she runs off to chase the Venus.
        I’m glad you’re into it. A lot of good stuff to come.


    10. Hi RiskyKitty

      Firstly I’d like to say how much I’ve been enjoying your story. I’ve rarely commented on any story in the 15 years I’ve visited the site. My following comments are directed towards all authors on this site.

      Something that’s bothered me from day 1 but I would bristle inside but continue on with a story if I liked it is the emphasis on the main characters skin colour i.e. – mocha beauty, bronze skinned, creamy white, I could go on and on. I have no problem with mentioning the colour or ethnicity of the characters but these colour references often seem to fall into the typical constructs of race and sex found in the Western world. Here we have the powerful, domineering but not off-putting light skinned Bette and pure, naive, demure w-h-i-t-e, Snow white, Tina. This narrative has continued to appear in the 16 years of the site. I hope everyone who writes and/or reads stories on LesFan will take my comments into consideration as they are meant to spur a discussion not wag a disapproving finger at the authors.

      Have a blessed day.

      • Hi Kurious Kanuck,

        When I first read this comment my initial response was that I suppose I have used these descriptors to celebrate the differences between these two women. But then I began to ask myself why. What is it about the difference in the color of their skins that excites me? And after really searching myself I think it stems from my own feeling of otherness. I am a mixed race woman, however I am not a black mixed race woman. My family is Anglo-Indian. British Indian, actually. A race created from British colonizers taking all of India’s resources along with their women for hundreds of years. My family immigrated to America from Calcutta shortly before I was born. It was in the early 70’s after power was returned to the Indians from the British. I come from a big family that now resides all over the world. I have cousins in Britain, others in Australia, others in Canada. And as my father used to say, they had to leave because we were ‘bastards of the British, completely unwanted by the Indians’. There was nothing left for our community. So growing up feeling this otherness, in looks and in culture, yet still having a certain amount of privilege because of the lightness of my skin has always been confusing for me. Additionally, I am in a 20 year partnership with a very Snow White woman myself. I guess in a certain respect I see myself and my relationship defined in those color descriptors. And I don’t think it’s right. I just think that it is. And yes, I have read lots of fiction on here that uses that language and I guess I always thought it to be normal. But it’s a sad normal, isn’t it? And I do appreciate you starting this conversation as I believe these are important conversations to engage in, now more than ever. In light of this, are there other descriptors or resources you would suggest I look into during my creative process to break away from the social constructs of the Western world?


        • Risky,
          Just happen to be re-reading some stories and found this comment. Man-O-Man do you have an interesting ancestral tapestry!!!Thanks for sharing how everything together has helped formed the brilliant mind and soul within.

          But know matter what, a person with a sweet, humble spirit is irresistible. Thanks for sharing your heart in the form of fan “fiction”. But for me, fiction is not always JUST fiction because it activivates the imagination to what could be!

      • Oh! I forgot to say thank you for reading my story. It’s my love letter to Tibette and all of the fans on this site. And it has been my escape from a brutal world in some ways.

        Stay safe out there.

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