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    Chapter 10 – Tuesday – Daniel’s Test and Marilyn’s Visit  

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 10 – Tuesday – Daniel’s Test and Marilyn’s Visit


    New York – Tuesday morning

    Tina was awakened by her alarm.  She quickly got up and made the bed and then called Angie to see if she was up.  She was. She then went and had her shower and dress for her morning activities.

    Angie and Tina met in the foyer and headed for their deli for breakfast.  It was not as crowed so they quickly were seated and served the coffee they desperately wanted. Again, they ate a large breakfast and decided to take four large coffees to go.  They would heat them in the microwave at their mid-morning break to give them a boost to complete their chores.  Tina made an order on line for an additional 24 boxes and tape and other packing supplies and asked that it be delivered to the apartment.  She then text Helena to confirm that she, Dylan and Marilyn would be arriving at 4:00 pm.

    Angie text her mother and Daniel.  She wanted to wish Dan luck and give him a sisterly confidence boost. She wanted to give Mama B an update on how the week was going so far and assure that Tina was eating and sleeping an appropriate amount.

    They ate their breakfast at a reasonable rate only talking about what needed to be accomplished during the day. They did check to make sure they both got adequate sleep the previous night and was over the jet lag from their flight. Both were now operating on New York time.

    Having had another satisfying meal, they walked back to the apartment. Tina talked to the doorman about the charity boxes.  The doorman volunteered to move the boxes to the building storage room if they would be picked up by the charity in next couple of days. Tina would call and make arrangements so that they would be picked up early on Wednesday morning. The doorman agreed to remove all the boxes at 2:00 this afternoon.

    Tina then informed the doorman that they were expecting several deliveries from Macy’s, Victoria Secret, and the office supply store. Once they arrive, and notified Tina that they were here, the doorman would deliver all of it to the 7th floor.  Tina planned to store everything going to New Haven in the children’s lounge. Those things which were to be shipped to LA would be stacked neatly in Angie’s bedroom. Those things going to charity would be removed at 2:00. And that going into the trash would be taken to the building’s dumpster.

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    1. Thank you… another chapter coming soon.. Couple of days…

      As to the growth? I always imagined that as time passed, Bette and Tina would grow more in tuned with each other. They would grow to accept the other for who they were and their idiosyncrasies would become less bothersome for that is what defines them. As they become more knowledgeable of their mate, and more accepting of who they are, the more at peace they would become with themselves and the life they had chosen.

      Thank you for reading and for commenting.

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