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    Chapter 9 – Monday – New York and Los Angeles

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 9 – Monday – New York and Los Angeles


    New York – Monday morning.

    Tina and Angie had boarded the plane along with Helena and Dylan.  Helena indicated that they should sit in the dining area as they would have dinner as soon as the plane reached cruising altitude. Helena and Dylan had a cocktail while Tina had a glass of wine prior to take off.  Once they were airborne, dinner was served – a salmon with rice and vegetables.  Tina then offered Angie a glass of wine with her dinner. Angie accepted. The meal was good and satisfying.

    While they were eating, the cabin crew prepared the sleeping berths for each of them. They had a full pillow, sheets and a blanket on each berth. Angie was impressed with these accommodations. After dinner, they each went to the bathroom and brushed their teeth and then returned to their assigned berths.  Helena and Dylan immediately stripped their clothes to their underwear and bra and slid into their beds. This surprised Angie.  So, she looked at her mother for some kind of indication as to what to do.  Tina smiled at her daughter.

    Tina: When you get back from brushing your teeth, strip down to your bra and panties, fold your clothes and put them along with your shoes and bags in the overhead storage compartment. Then get into your bed and either read or sleep or do whatever on your tablet.  I recommend you sleep; we will be arriving in NY in about 5 hours and we have a full day ahead of us. You may not get an opportunity to sleep until later in the afternoon.

    Angie:  Okay…

    Angie then went with her cosmetic bag to the toilet and brushed her teeth and prepared for bed. Tina followed and came back and quickly strip down and put away her purse, bag, clothes and was in bed and shut off her light. She was pleasantly full from the food and relaxed with the wine.  Within minutes she was asleep. The cabin lights had been turned out.

    Angie noticed that Helena and Dylan were asleep and even had eye shades on. She was amused by that. Only in really old movies had she ever seen those. She decided that perhaps she should sleep as well. The bed was comfortable and warm as the air in the cabin was cool. The roar of the engines and the gentle rock of the aircraft made for pleasant conditions for sleep.

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    1. Thank you Deanna for reading and commenting. I will have another chapter out before the end of the week….

      Bette takes Daniel to interview for his new school and Tina and Angie have dinner with Marilyn, Helena and Dylan.

      I do appreciate that you are enjoying this story…. let me know if you have any specific comments.

    2. Wow, thanks Martha. I never knew so much went into moving across country with kids. I really appreciate the time and effort you have put forth for this site. Thank you so very much. Looking forward to the next chapter.

      • Thank you for reading and for commenting…

        We do what we have to do to make the life we want to live. That is what Bette and Tina are doing… My Bette and Tina have been together now for 20 years (give or take a couple when they had problems). They have had enormously successful careers and have manage to raise two children or at least are in the process of. They have come to that point in their lives in which they really want to live deliberately. They have that opportunity when they make this move. And I hope that the result is closer family ties and a stronger partnership between Bette and Tina. You can let me know what you think….

        I appreciate you commenting.

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