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    Chapter 11

    (Alice) I don’t think they’ll have told anyone. Shane has probably forgotten by now, and I’m not sure Dana knew what I was talking about in the first place

    Bette laughs and they smile at each other.

    (Bette) You should be nicer to Dana

    Alice smiles.

    (Alice) I know

    Bette sighs.

    (Bette) OK well can you give them another update please? Make sure they know to keep it under wraps?

    (Alice nods) Sure

    (Bette) Thank you

    Bette gives her a reproachful look as she takes a sip of coffee.

    Alice glances over Bette’s shoulder.

    (Alice) Actually tell them yourself, here they come

    Shane and Dana approach and sit down at the table.

    (Dana) Tell us what?

    Shane looks to Bette.

    (Shane) Tina?

    (Bette sighs) Yes, Tina. It’s fine you both know but I don’t want anything going any further than this table

    (Shane) No problem

    (Dana) Yes, no problem. Though why are we trying so hard to protect her secret?

    (Bette) It’s in my interest to avoid this coming out too Dane. I have to work with Andrew, he can’t find this out

    (Shane) Do you think you should consider pulling out of this arrangement with him?

    (Bette sighs) I can’t. It’s gone too far now, I’m committed

    Bette shrugs and they all look at her pensively for a moment.

    (Alice) You know, I would have thought you’d be angrier about all of this. About what she did to you

    (Bette) She said the same thing

    Alice frowns at her and Bette sighs.

    (Bette) She never promised me anything Al, and she made it clear we wouldn’t be seeing one another again when we parted ways. Really what did she do that was so terrible?

    Alice shakes her head.

    (Alice) I swear you’re not yourself with this woman. She’s cast a spell on you or something

    Bette shrugs and has a sip of her coffee.

    (Alice) Well I’m angry. It’s bullshit. Frame it how you like but she led you on. Why continue seeing you and travelling around with you after she got what she wanted?

    Bette sighs.

    (Bette) I suspect she was having as much fun as I was. I think maybe she got carried away

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    1. My apologies, i have been so busy the last weeks but had finally a moment to catch up.

      What a spin we do have here. Tina engaged to a important man and telling Bette lies and saying the lesbian thing isn’t it for her.
      Bette is way too nice to Tina, i would feel betrayed but Bette did accept they would leave their romance in Mallorca. Still i am a little angry with Tina and she obviously want to be near Bette, she could have spoken to Bette by phone instead of meeting somewhere.

      Look forward where you go with this story.

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