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    Chapter 11

    (Shane) Do you think there are feelings there then? On her side?

    Bette considers this for a moment.

    (Bette) Honestly?

    They all look at her expectantly and wait for her to continue.

    (Bette) Yes, I do

    Alice shakes her head.

    (Alice) Please don’t tell me you’re still holding out hope here Bette. This is a lost cause

    Bette holds up her hands.

    (Bette) I’m not. I know the situation is impossible

    (Alice) It’s more than the current situation that should be the issue for you. How could you feel anything but disdain for someone who lied to you the way she did?

    Shane gives Alice a look of warning.

    (Shane) Al

    Alice turns to Shane.

    (Alice) What? I’m sorry but she needs to hear this

    Alice looks back at Bette.

    (Alice) She used you

    (Bette) And how many women have I used before? You’ve never had much of an issue with that

    (Alice) I have actually

    (Bette) Well you’ve obviously found a way to move past it to have managed to remain friends

    (Alice) You’ve never done anything that compares to this

    (Bette sighs) If this had played out the way that she intended then I would have been none the wiser. I would have looked back on it as a holiday romance with someone I never saw again. She didn’t set out to hurt me

    (Alice) I can’t believe you’re defending her

    Bette raises her hand and closes her eyes, speaking with anger in her voice.

    (Bette) Enough

    Bette looks off to the side for a moment and then refocuses back on Alice, continuing to speak harshly.

    (Bette) Alice, of course I’m angry. Is that what you want to hear? I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry with anyone before. I completely dropped my guard with this woman and she has burned me. But I can’t just switch off every other feeling I have towards her

    Bette gathers her things and stands, throwing some cash down on the table.

    (Bette) I’m not holding out hope here but could you maybe just give me a fucking minute to adjust

    Bette turns and leaves.

    Shane looks to Alice.

    (Shane) You happy?

    Alice shakes her head as she has a sip of her coffee.

    (Alice) Yeah I’m the fucking bad guy

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    1. My apologies, i have been so busy the last weeks but had finally a moment to catch up.

      What a spin we do have here. Tina engaged to a important man and telling Bette lies and saying the lesbian thing isn’t it for her.
      Bette is way too nice to Tina, i would feel betrayed but Bette did accept they would leave their romance in Mallorca. Still i am a little angry with Tina and she obviously want to be near Bette, she could have spoken to Bette by phone instead of meeting somewhere.

      Look forward where you go with this story.

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