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    Chapter 11

    Chapter 11

    Saturday night, Bette enters the club and scans the room for her friends. As she moves through the crowd she soon spots Alice, Shane, Dana and Helena sitting at a set of couches to one side of the space. She continues to glance around the room and seeing no sign of Tina she decides to stop by the bar before making her way over to her friends.

    Bette is leaning on the bar and waiting for attention from the staff and smiles as she feels two hands slowly move around her waist, settling on her stomach. Tina rises up on her tip toes and speaks into her ear.

    (Tina) Do you seriously expect me to keep my hands off you when you show up looking like this?

    Bette smiles as she turns in her arms to face her. Her eyes travel down Tina’s body before she raises them and meets her gaze. She leans her head to one side and smiles.

    (Bette) I remember this dress

    (Tina smiles) I thought you might

    Bette shakes her head with a smile as she places her hands on Tina’s hips and again lets her eyes wander, taking in her body.

    (Bette) We always got into trouble when you wore this dress

    (Tina smiles) Mmmm, well maybe that’s the idea

    Bette smiles and gestures towards the bar.

    (Bette) What are you drinking?

    Meanwhile on the other side of the room, Alice, Shane, Dana and Helena all watch the interaction curiously.

    (Dana) Does it seem like they’re kind of…

    They all watch them for another moment.

    (Alice) Together?

    Dana nods and Alice raises her eyebrows.

    (Shane) Aren’t we staying out of it?

    (Alice) Oh for fuck’s sake, staying out of it doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to talk about it

    Shane smiles and has a sip of her beer. They continue to watch them as Tina says something into Bette’s ear and Bette throws her head back laughing before pulling Tina close and speaking into her neck.

    (Dana) When was the last time you saw Bette laugh like that?

    (Alice sighs) I don’t know

    (Helena) I’ve never seen her laugh like that

    They all look at her.

    (Helena) I’m serious, I didn’t know she could

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    1. Love jealous Tina, that could have been a potential disaster with Naomi coming on Bette and the group acting weird about it.

      Helena could have something with the game, not that she and Tina dated.

      I do wonder if Tina is really acting like she lost 15 years, i can’t put my finger on it why i think she knows more than she let on?

      I agree with their friends they are acting like back in the way when everything was still good in their relationship. Hope Bette can control herself and doesn’t act on her feelings by taking Tina to bed and do more than kissing.

      Great chapter, love this story!

    2. Ok I’m all caught up now. I still like the interaction between Bette and Tina. Bette needs to stay the course and not let her attraction for Tina to get the better of her. I’m glad Alice is staying out of it and letting them figure it out together. I hope Angie can get her head around what is happening to her mom and it’s not too weird for her. I would hope that Tina would not fake something like this, it would be so cruel to Bette. I would think so much less of her if she was that kind of person. I am so glad Bette’s friend had the good grace to not complicate things further by being possessive and causing a scene. I can’t wait to see what they get up to next. Post soon.

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