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    Chapter 12

    Chapter 12

    Sunday evening, Bette’s house. Tina arrives and knocks on the door and after a moment Bette answers. They smile at each other as Tina steps inside, glancing around the house as Bette closes the door behind them.

    (Tina) Is she here?

    (Bette) She has a friend who lives a couple of doors down and she’s over there. She’ll be back for dinner

    (Tina nods) OK

    They smile at each other for a moment before both taking a step towards the other and wrapping their arms around each other. They hold onto one another tightly and after a moment Tina speaks softly.

    (Tina) I know that kiss last night broke the rules, but I have to say, it was also sort of amazing

    Bette smiles and Tina draws back and they look at one another. Tina brings her hand to the side of Bette’s face.

    (Tina) Do you regret it?

    Bette sighs and leans into her hand.

    (Bette) I know I probably should. But no, I don’t

    Tina nods.

    (Tina) Well in that case…

    Tina takes a breath and smiles at her.

    (Tina) I’m going to do it again. Feel free to stop me

    Bette takes a sharp intake of breath as Tina slowly moves her hand through her hair and gently pulls Bette towards her as she leans in. Their lips meet and Bette wraps her arms around Tina’s back, deepening the kiss as she pulls her in close. They eventually draw back, still holding each other tightly.

    (Bette) I can’t stop thinking about you

    (Tina smiles) Me too baby

    They smile at each other as Bette reaches up and moves Tina’s hair from her eyes.

    (Bette) How are you feeling about tonight? Are you nervous?

    (Tina nods) Extremely

    Bette smiles and runs her thumb gently across her cheek.

    (Bette) I’m right here with you

    (Tina smiles) I know baby

    They smile at each other, and Bette gestures with her head towards the kitchen.

    (Bette) Come through, we can talk before she gets here. And shall we have a glass of wine to settle your nerves?

    (Tina smiles) Yes please

    They step back and both reach for the other’s hand as they move towards the kitchen.

    Tina takes a seat at the island bench and Bette fetches a bottle of wine and two glasses from the cabinet.

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    1. Oh my…. what is it that Tina does not know…. that which she is not ready to hear. Angie is just one more person to confirm that Bette and Tina are not on the best of terms in the their current life. What to do? How to handle this,,, there is a real love present between the two of them now… but its only temporary unless one of them or both of them can get though this current relationship and change their relationship to something more conducive to the reality everyone sees in these two. They do really love each other…. but they have allowed something to tear them apart and not be together. One or both of them cannot let that thing go, whatever it is. As Tina says: What a fucked up mess. I wonder what she will say when she actually is confronted with the real problem….

      Thanks for the update….

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