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    Chapter 11 – ADVENTURES

    Author’s Comment –

    Hi L Word fans.

    Please enjoy this chapter where we see the soon to be couple enjoying time together. 

    Looks are lingering and hearts are beating fast. 

    And of course, a twist at the end!!

    As always – thanks for reading.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 10 . . .


    By the end of this hectic week, both women were anxious to do something out of the norm. Something new, something different. Each woman having had a trying week with classes, studies and dealing with whatever ‘it’ was going on with them. And for Tina, worrying about her mother too. They wanted to escape the academic notes and lectures and personal private questions for just a few hours. Just simply have some fun and loose themselves for a little while. Let go and just be.

    So as Friday rolled around, Bette had a lot of bent up energy and wanted to release all of it. She had previously promised Tina a taste of the London night life around the university. So over their usual cup of coffee for the brunette and tea for the blonde, Bette reached within herself and found the courage to speak with Tina. She suggested that they check out a few night spots. Tina had happily agreed, anxious to loosen up and blow off some built-up steam too.

    Tina knew at some point this weekend, she would have to discuss with Bette what had transpired last weekend, but not tonight. No tonight, she just wanted to spend a few hours with the brunette, relaxing and enjoying her company. She wanted to expand on their bond and was anxious to see where they would go from here.

    Truth be told, Bette knew she had to be on high alert around the blonde. All those stolen glances this past week had caught up with the brunette. She had this feeling of excitement deep inside and wanted to explore its origin and where it could lead.

    The two roommates made plans to take in a few pubs after classes on Friday evening. To relax and just decompress. It sounded like a wonderful idea. Each woman looking forward to their special time together. They couldn’t wait for Friday night to arrive . . .

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    1. Uh-Oh! Some one-night-stand, or short-term huzzy gonna try to pick up where she left off w/Bette eh??? Or maybe it’s the narcissistic body builder from the gym???

      Hmmmm . . . NO. I’m wrong, Collins says this woman is closer to Bette’s height and as a slender hand.

      Tina’s gonna have to plant a “this is MY woman” KISS on Lady Bette so that all the “she-bitches retreat to their pig stys”

      • Hey D,

        It’ll turn out to be a wild ride for Bette for sure! And how is she going to explain it to Tina??? Even herself????

        Lots of options on who it could be – Bette’s been a popular hottie for some time – so could be anyone!

        A TYPE A Personality kiss from Ms Kennard – You think??? Wait for it . . .

        Thanks for reaching out & take care.

          • Hey D,

            The weather has been just crazy sweltering!!! Even my family back on the USA east coast is experiencing dangerous weather.

            It would be LuH”s luck to travel to London & Spain this week with record breaking temps there too.

            Thank you for the well wishes and I too wish all our Tibette & L Word fans safety & health over the next few weeks as temps will stay high.

      • Hi Izzie,

        Funny you should say that Tina should save Bette.

        The other day I was channel flipping & Pretty Woman was on – towards the end of the movie when Richard rolls up to Vivian’s apartment in the limo. He climbs up the fire escape & Richard asks her what happens when the prince saves the princess – & she answers taht she rescues him right back.
        I’ve always considered the Tibette relationship to be one of equal partners. Each woman having their own strengths & opportunities – but fully capable of providing the other with whatever is needed at any moment in time to balance the other & make the union the best it can be.

        TBH, some chapters will be short like this & then some will be longer. I need to break up some of the action. So, you have 1 more shorty coming next & then 2 long chapters after that. And probably a longish one after those 3.

        Will post soon & I’ve got another Collection story in final editing mode too.

        Til next time.

        Thanks so much.

        • Hey,

          Equality and complementarity are the basis of a happy couple and it is precisely when one of the two begins to take the upper hand that things get complicated. That said, I think in Tibette’s case, it was rather the fact of taking the other for granted that was decisive in the first break.

          Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us !

          • Hi,

            On screen in OG, I think you’re exactly right about the being taken for granted route. I think both Bette & Tina did it to each other. More BP at times than TK.

            For what we saw portrayed & were led to believe, TK failed to speak up & challenge Bette as often as she should have.

            And if we believe GQ, something similar happened along those lines again. But who knows for sure since we only got needing space as an answer for the divorce. ?????

            I am hoping, hoping, praying & praying that Tibette truly is endgame!!

            As for DOH, tons more to come.

            I hadn’t originally planned on spending this much time & chapters in the past on the start of their relationship, but the telling of the story had just taken another turn by itself & here we are.

            More Friday night adventures to come & a nice surprise at the end of the evening for our two ladies.

            Hope you enjoy.

    2. Hey, I liked the little chapter, and you are so bad with teasing us!!!!

      Well, this will certainly have a lot of explaining to do. Bette???? You got something to tell us?????

      Nice chapter and loved the pictures of both Tina and Bette. Where did you find the one of Laurel? It was so cute. Jennifer did NOT look super straight either!! Ha, ha.

      Looking forward to the next chapter and finding out who this woman is.


      • I thought teasing was part of the writing process??? No???? Ha!!!

        Bette finds herself in hot water again. Her & that irresistible charm & charisma! She can’t keep the ladies away. She’s got some explaining to do to Tina. Yikes!!

        The picture of Laurel I found in a google search. I think it might be from an earlier production she did. Not sure, but it was awful cute. And JB, same way – google search – JB in leather!!!! And I agree, not super straight at all!!!! Hmmmm

        Next chapter is in final editing & will post soon.

        Thanks a bunch for commenting.

    3. Great chapter! I agree with Kira – the photos of Bette & Tina are great. They are both so hot.

      Loved how Bette played along with Tina to get rid of Shelley, and how she was touching Tina’s shoulder possessively. Typical Bette, lol.

      My favorite line – “I guess I’m ready for whatever the night holds.” – can’t wait to see how Tina reacts to this woman kissing Bette…

      just loving this story

      • Hi Westy,

        Agree that Bette is very possessive of Tina in that protective way. Wants to spare her any unpleasantness & rudeness. Shelley is a piece of work & got dismissed appropriately. Later!!!

        That line will come to mean so much more by the end of the night.

        Jealousy will rear its ugly head & Bette won’t like it one bit.

        Sure, could use some of your weather temps where you are this week & next here in TX. It’s ungodly HOT!!!

        Glad you are still loving this story. Some more of Ashley coming up soon.

        Take care my friend.

          • Hey Westy,

            I saw on the national news about the heat wave on the east coast too. I spoke with my family back best too & they are doing their best to stay cool. Crazy stuff.

            It’s been very hot here in H Town. But a bit cooler today & we had rain several times yesterday & that kept the temps down.

            Just worried about that TX electrical grind. We aren’t connected to any other grind – we are independent!!! That’s just nuts, but for now it’s the way it is.

            Be safe yourself & keep cool!!!

    4. Lovely little chapter to keep us interested and coming back for more.

      I totally get it earlier on another chapter post when you mentioned how difficult it can be writing long chapters. Even though the readers love them, I image it takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the writers to do so. We as the readers have to remember too that this is a passion for you as writers, not your livelihood. In saying that, I appreciate all you writers do for us and the wonderful stories you bring to us.

      As DumplinT and Izzie said, Tina’s going to have to save Bette! Or at least want to!!

      Cause you see Collins; I know you drop these little hints in your writing to see if we the readers pick up on them.
      My guess is that Tina is going to have a meltdown confronted Bette’s past – right in her face.

      Mini drama coming on!

      Agree with the others about the pictures – love them.

      There’s still a lot of Friday night left – Can’t wait for more to come.

      Thank you.

      • Hi Leigh,

        Great to hear from you.

        Thanks for understanding about the chapter length sometimes. The story just flows better that way. But we still have many more long ones to come. So, no worries.

        Hints, hints, hints!
        Bette & Tina both want things – the question is how are they going to achieve those things??? You’ll find in this long-term relationship in the novel, that they both SAVE each other at different times through the years. It’s a story of devotion so deep, it lasts their entire lives.

        So, a little ‘mini drama’ coming their way? Probably. And yes, there is much more Friday night to come & for them to do.

        Thanks for your comments & thoughts on how this will play out.

        All my best.

        • Wow, ‘devotion so deep it lasts their entire lives’
          Collins, that is deep indeed and so beautiful.

          Always up for a little drama, especially when it’s about Tibette.

          Can’t wait for the rest of their Friday night to continue.

          Thanks for the hints!!!


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