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    Chapter 12 – What Does Bette Find Out??

    Previously from Chapter 11

    “Yeah? So, what stage are we in now?”

    “The ‘getting to know you’ stage.” Tina brushed the same stray band of hair behind Bette’s ear and makes a mental note to trim it for her in the morning.

    Bette grins at Tina and slides her arms around Tina’s waist. “I thought maybe we were at the touchy feely stage.”

    “Don’t get ahead of yourself. That’s a few stages down the road.” Tina rests her hands on Bette’s arms. “Not there yet.”

    “I didn’t think so and that’s okay. I don’t think I can handle much more right now anyway.” Bette purses her lips. “But I get an A for effort. Right?”

    “Yes you do.” Tina leans in towards Bette and she kisses her, not once but twice. She pulls away finally with a huge grin on her face. Then points in the directions of their bedrooms. “Your bedroom is that way and the guestroom is this way. So, um… I guess I’ll see you in the morning.”

    “Yes, babe.” Bette answers, wanting to sleep beside Tina tonight, but knowing it wasn’t a good idea yet. They weren’t nearly ready to take that next step. “Sleep well my love.”

    “You too.”

    With that, they reluctantly break their embrace and Tina gives Bette a little tap on her butt and makes her way to the guestroom. At the door, Tina turns and blows Bette a kiss.

    “Love you.”

    “Love you too.” Bette nods to Tina, gives her a wink and says good night. She stands there watching Tina until she closes the door behind her.

    “God help me. I love that woman.” Bette smiles to herself and makes her way to her bedroom. ”Now I need a cold shower.”

    Sunday Morning

    Sunday started as a lazy, carefree day for the Porter Kennard’s and their guest. As usual, Angie and Jordi slept in late because they had stayed up late talking and listening to music once they were alone in Angie’s bedroom.

    Tina and Bette meet in the kitchen that morning. They were both well rested after a good night’s sleep and looked forward to spending the day together with their daughter doing normal family activities.

    “Good morning there.” Bette smiled over at Tina as she made her way into the kitchen.

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      • Hi BTM,

        Thanks so much for your comment. It was nice.

        Yeah, it’s time for them to start the heavy lifting & get to the knitty gritty.

        Lots more to come your way! Many more chapters still left.

        Thanks so much for the support.

        Stay safe.


      • Hi SG,

        You are so right about the emotions in this chapter!!! I actually cried several times writing it – especially the passage with Kit & Bette talking about Tina – that one really pulled on the heart strings.

        Lots more to come.

        Stay safe yourself & wish you the best.


    1. AGREE `100%
      This chapter is amazing, truly. So much more layered and purposeful. This is what Tina had to do – build trust, bare her soul, own her shit and TALK through her issues in a meaningful way. Then back it up with action, tell Bette you want her back but you have issues, then show her you mean what you say.
      Love love love it.
      These kind of chapters are not easy to write. I can only imagine the amount of time you put into this and the build up in the previous chapters was needed to get us to this point. But REALLY Collins, did you have to leave us at the last part. Now I am dying to know what

    2. AGREE `100%
      This chapter is amazing, truly. So much more layered and purposeful. This is what Tina had to do – build trust, bare her soul, own her shit and TALK through her issues in a meaningful way. Then back it up with action, Tell Bette you want her back but you have issues, then show her you mean what you say but being present and accountable.
      Love love love it.
      These kind of chapters are not easy to write. I can only imagine the amount of time you have put into this and the build up in the previous chapters was needed to get us to this point. But REALLY Collins, did you have to leave us at the last part?
      Now I am dying to know what comes next. I am Bette level impatient. Thank you for this nice midweek surprise.
      Also, I agree about readers commenting on chapters, so nice to see what everyone is thinking!


      • Hey BK,

        I know – So look much info in this chapter!

        I never believed Alice’s comment in OG that Tina was raised by wolves!!!! Ha, Ha.

        Such anguish & heart break for our Tibette. They both have their faults & now Tina is owning her issues & finally confessing her deep routed emotional problems to Bette.

        As a writer, you know know how much effort goes into this writing endeavour. But it is so well worth it when you get those responses back from the fans!!

        Ah – what happens next????? There could be a lot of answers – which way to go?????
        Next chapter to post soon!

        Thanks so much for your support for this story.

        By the way – any hints on the next chapter of your The Beginning????

        All The best my friend.

      • Hi Zhenya,

        Thanks for commenting.

        There were a couple of small details mentioned in earlier chapters – like Tina had a brother, she never talked about her family.

        You will find out how much more Tina has to tell & how it all is starting to fit together.

        Next chapter – you will love it too!!!!

        Thanks & keep well.

    3. Collins,
      U, along with all the other LesFan Authors do a fine job of conspiring against we readers and leaving us hangin’ just when U “know” we are consuming the words and emotions like a pack of rabid dogs. I really dont think u’ll change your ways ???? therefore, here is the definition of “patience” that I say aloud to assure that I stay (relatively) decent as a human being.

      Patience is: How I act while I’m waiting!!! You can easily imagine that this definition is helpful????

      • Hi Dumplin,

        Glad to heard that the writers are doing a fine job of keeping the readers interested in the many stories that are on the site right now!!!!!!!!!

        I have let you folks off pretty easy with not too many cliffhangers thus far, so my time was due for one.

        So glad that you are enjoying this story & how it is playing out. This particular story line from Gen Q has been a challenge to write & explain the divorce, etc
        So thanks so much for coming along for this particular ride!

        Tina’s got a few more things to say & there is lots more to be told & action to happen. Many more chapters still on the way.

        Until next time – Tibette all the way!!!!!!!!!

    4. Love this story. What a beautiful give and take between Bette and Tina. They are being so kind to each other through the unpacking of so much guilt and regret and heartache of a half a lifetime together. Loved the intimacy of Tina giving Bette a haircut. It was a very sweet and raw chapter. Can’t wait til the next one. I love a good cliffhanger, myself.


      • Hey RiskyKitty,

        By the way – I love your moniker!!!!!!!!! So sexy!!!!!!

        Glad that you are enjoying this novel. As you know, the writing is always a labor of love. Difficult subject material & not a clear & easy tale to tell.

        So challenging at times to differentiate between what we may think that Tibette should have acted towards each other in OG until the writers & IC tore them apart & how they were actually portrayed. Over the course of a series, you get a feel for how a character would act & gotta say so many times OG & now Gen Q just seems to be soooooo off base with these two.

        But, that where writers like us on this site can compose so interesting tales for this fantastic couple.

        Look forward to your next chapter also.

        Thanks so much & stay safe.

    5. Hi Collins,

      What a amazing chapter!!!

      I cried my eyes out ???? You wrote it so well, you could almost touch the emotions they both felt.

      The part with Kit ???? Beautiful memory and it showed their love for each other, despite their own troubles they were family and sticked to each other.

      And, i finally understand why Tina went for a divorce instead of a seperation. What she told about her growing up in what she first thought was a normal family life but was the opposite, heart breaking and explained why she always runs away instead to talk and handle a conflict or situation.

      Bette is quite understanding but express her deep hurt over Tina’s actions and that this deep hurt isn’t going away just because Tina apologized. And the last question, how can she trust Tina in again? But for that answer we have to wait for the next chapter.

      Thank you my friend for this amazing story ????

      • Hi Bibi,

        So glad that this chapter pulled at your heartstrings too!!! It was emotional & jammed packed with little details & dark moments.

        Yes, the Kit part was super special. I have to try in little ways to make her a part of the story even though she’s not physically in the story for the present time line. Little flash backs moments are great vehicles to accomplish just that.

        Yes, Tin has discovered through her therapy that this escapist behavior she has stems from her avoiding her personal issues throughout her life. You’ll see a tad more of that in the next chapter as her story continues to unfold.

        Yes and Bette is understanding, but has lots of questions too & she will get her chance to ask & help Tina in the process. It will explain so many of their issues & the inability to have lasting solutions up until this time.

        Trust is a fragile thing & will take huge effort from Tina towards Bette & Angie. But now that the shackles from her past are being loosened & set free, she will have a much better chance at finally succeeding.

        Thank you my friend for reading & traveling on this journey with me.

    6. Again – wasn’t going to post. As usual have been sitting with the chapter. Thinking. Trying to articulate a response. Here goes:

      “I’m here babe.” Bette started to get up and go to her, but Tina stopped her. “I need to get this out Bette, once and for all.” Tina’s eyes were now dark , cold and narrow. Fury in them with hatred of her parents at their core. “And I never want to talk about it again. Never.“

      My question is – what if Bette needs to discuss it? And she should! Why does Tina get to dictate terms? One more egg shell for Bette to worry about. One time? What a mine field for Bette. I just do not see Tina owning her issues. Not in any way. She lets it be known that she is saying it one time – so listen up – I had a strict childhood – and that is it. Look at how much Bette has discussed Melvin. Bette has repeatedly raised her fears of being like her father. These things should be discussed for as long as they NEED to be discussed. And probably longer. Then and only then can they successfully accept what each other has been through and move on. I get it that this is Tina’s story and Tina is dominant but TINA DIVORCED BETTE. Bette is still portrayed as far too weak and forgiving Tina anything just to get her back. In the real world without couples counseling in which Tina would HAVE to discuss it again this couple would assuredly fail.

      Tina has problems. Far more than a strict childhood. Tina has her own control issues such as having to cut Bette’s hair. The errant curl drives her crazy? This is not endearing. Bette is supposed to take all of her controlling one sided I changed my mind I want you back and move on based upon blind faith and her love for Tina? Again – I know I am in the definite minority opinion on this and that is okay but the GQ divorce was far too brutal. Bette was destroyed. Yet Bette does not act upset in any way. It might have been better if when you decided not to include Carrie you reduced the amount of time they had been apart or had them having problems or separated. I guess then it would not have any semblance to GQ at all.

      The sheer magnitude of the GQ divorce coming after the happily ever after original series ending is just so hard to overcome story-wise. Especially after this couple has over two decades together. Again – kudos for tackling it. But If I were Bette I would not trust Tina at all. Have Bette show some righteous anger! She has earned it. It is there. It has to be there. Bette has it buried right now.

      • Hi Billy,

        Thanks so much for continuing to follow this story. It’s a tough one, but I think worth the journey.

        We don’t all see things in the same light – & that’s why there are so many beautiful different colors in the Mega Crayola Box of Crayons – pick your favorite color & treasure it!!

        More of this reveal from Tina coming in the next chapter & Bette does get her chance to ask questions and express herself.

        Again, thanks for following & wish you the best.


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