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    Chapter 11 – The meeting of two souls

    A few days at the lake house did the whole family good. Angie became more open and her moms were back in her zone of trust, Tina and Bette were constantly close to each other. ”Close” means constant glances, touches, and conversations. This was the routine they were missing. Everything was normal, calm, quiet and it was so right now. What they needed. They rode a boat, had morning picnics instead of the usual Breakfast, watched the sunset from the terrace to jazz music, almost every evening they chose an interesting movie for all three of them and watched it, often falling asleep on the couch. There was a kind, family atmosphere and in such a short period of time, all three of them got very used to it. But this short vacation ended and Tina flew to Toronto. No one wanted it, even though everyone knew it would happen. They had arranged for another visit from Tina to LA in a month, but this month seemed like an eternity to everyone. There were daily evening phone calls with Bette and FaceTime with Angie, but it wasn’t something that would satisfy any of them. All three of them felt uncomfortable and distant. At first, Bette was more or less able to handle it. After a week’s absence from work, there was a huge amount of unresolved business waiting for her. But work couldn’t distract her all the time, and what was going to happen happened. Bette felt that Tina was gone. Gone very far. She’s nowhere to be found again. She can’t hear her voice, smell her, or see her. And it was deja vu. Uncontrolled, unnecessary, and wrong, but it was there. Bette felt distinctly alone. It was like hearing the sound of that door closing again when Tina left her family two years ago. The brunette understood that these feelings arose now due to the fact that the last 2 weeks she and Tina were almost always there. Morning, afternoon, evening, sometimes at night when we slept together. They didn’t have sex, but the degree of intimacy was huge. And Bette just got used to being around her ex-wife again. This was an unplanned ordeal for her. It was as if she had been plunged back into circumstances that she never wanted to experience again. And right now, she clearly realized that she wouldn’t be able to live through it again if it really happened. If he and Tina decide to try being together again, and then something happens that will lead to another breakup. Of course, Bette had known up to this point that the divorce had taken a toll on her mental health. That it shattered her nervous system and broke her heart. But when she saw Tina, was close to her, she was ready to forget about all the pain. Forget about the closed door, about Tina moving to Canada, about Carrie and their possible wedding, about all the problems. Now she realized that their possible reunion must be either forever or never. The third is not given. And she was thinking of her daughter. Like any loving mother, she couldn’t think only of herself and Tina. Rebuild their family, and then break it up again if something went wrong-something they couldn’t let happen again. Angie rarely revealed her feelings about her mom’s divorce, but both Tina and Bette were well aware that they were dealing their child an irreparable blow. Parents ’ divorce is always stressful for children. Even if there are no scandals, stormy proceedings or anything else, children subtly feel the tension between their parents. And unwittingly become victims of circumstances. And of course this has an impact on the child’s idea of the family. How the child will build their own relationships. How healthy, equal, and long-term they will be. Bette didn’t want to show Angie the model of the relationship she and Tina had had just before their divorce. I didn’t want to show what was happening now. Yes, they are in excellent contact now, they are kind and gentle with each other, but they still haven’t solved all the problems. This is the suspended state when you can’t say that you are free, but there is no negotiated, consistent, re-started relationship. They needed a serious and Frank conversation, but somehow neither Bette nor Tina was ready to start it now. And they certainly weren’t ready to talk about it with their daughter. They were honest and honest with Angie about everything except this, because they didn’t want to give her false hopes.

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    1. Hot chapter! Bette and Tina are inching towards being together again. Bette is still a little scared. Understandable. Tina is showing her commitment to the family by changing her work schedule. Well done. Glad that Angie is happier. She definitely needs both of her moms. Also glad that they are keeping the reconciliation to themselves although I someone think that Shane will pick up on their love vibe. She always does.

    2. Rather a wonderful first date. Now, they have certainly established intimacy. Now they they need to talk things through – what happened, why did it happen and what can be done to keep it from happening again. Bette needs to respond to the letter and they both need to give more information as to what happened as a result of the divorce. And they both need to keep working with Angie on their relationships with her.

      Angie will be going to college within 24 months. After that, for all intents and purposes, Angie will be an adult and will make the decisions on who she spends her free time with. I hope this transfer from Toronto to LA is enough to give Tina and Angie the time they need to renew their relationship they had when Tina live in the same household with her and Bette. When parents divorce even under the best of circumstances, the non-custodial parent’s relationship with the child become a somewhat more distant. The love and caring may be there, but the communication and understanding suffers simply because of the distance and the lack of time together. Angie is changing from a child to a young adult and having both parents close during this period of time is key to their future relationship when she is on her own.

      This is a good story…. can’t wait to see more… thank you for this update.

      • In addition to love, there are many feelings that should be present between a parent and a child, I agree with you. Thank you for your constant comments, Martha. I am so happy to receive your feedback.

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      I perfectly understand and agree with B&T desire to keep their realationship from their friends, but probably Angie also know about them – they go all together on the vacation, slept together. Would she keep that secret?

      • I think Angie knows something’s going on and they just need a conversation between the three of them, but only when Bette and Tina have something concrete to say.

        Thank you for your comment, Zhenya!

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