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    Chapter 12

    (Bette) No, I’m starved actually

    (Tina) Great, well let’s order something

    (Bette) Sounds great, you can choose. I might have a quick shower

    Tina smiles into another kiss.

    (Tina) OK

    Tina heads back to the kitchen and Bette heads to the bedroom ensuite.

    Bette returns to the kitchen as Tina is serving up their dinner onto plates from the take out containers arranged on the dining room table. They sit together to enjoy their meal over a glass of wine.

    (Tina) So who stood you up?

    (Bette sighs) An official from the school boards association who I’ve been trying to arrange a meeting with. I knew they were being evasive, but to stand me up is ridiculous. I can’t believe how unprofessional they’ve been

    (Tina nods) Yes, it sounds like it

    (Bette) I’d tell you more but it’s pretty boring, and probably crosses boundaries anyway

    Tina smiles.

    (Tina) You’re getting much better at enforcing those

    (Bette smiles) Yes well I’m well practised by now

    (Tina) And how’s the rest of your week looking?

    (Bette) Just the usual really. Oh and I have some out of session meetings organised for that committee Hoffman had me join

    (Tina) Have you worked out yet what that is?

    Bette looks at her with a faint smile.

    (Bette) I have not

    Tina smiles.

    Bette serves them both some more stir fry from the take out containers while she continues talking.

    (Bette) What are your plans this weekend? My Friday has cleared up if you still wanted to have dinner?

    Tina has a sip of wine before responding.

    (Tina) I can’t on Friday anymore actually, I have a dinner organised

    Bette examines her, noticing her sudden awkwardness.

    (Bette) With who?

    Tina waves her hand dismissively.

    (Tina) A columnist from a rival paper, angling for a job

    Bette continues watching her for a moment.

    (Bette) I think you probably mean Abby Richards

    Tina places her wine glass on the table and looks at her in warning.

    (Tina) Bette

    Bette continues looking back at her.

    (Bette) Sorry, is it a date?

    Tina takes a deep breath in and looks back at her.

    (Tina) Do you get to ask me that?

    (Bette) Tina

    Tina raises her hands.

    (Tina) It’s not a date. It’s a dinner.

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    1. They’re both in too deep now to stop this casual-in-name-only affair. I understand why Bette is not telling Tina about the congresswoman’s warning but I hope she’ll find the courage to share that information with her soon. I’m pretty sure the congresswoman is not the only one who has started to notice something going on between them. If and when this affair comes out, it’s Tina’s career and credibility that will probably be hit the hardest so I hope Bette will come clean soon. I don’t know how they’ll survive the shit storm once this becomes public but I’m still rooting for them and hoping their deep love for one another will see them through whatever test or scandal comes their way. Thanks a lot for this chapter and well-written story, katynd! :) Can’t wait to read the next one!

    2. So Bette is not telling Tina about the Senator’s knowledge of their affair because she is afraid she will lose Tina. She is also afraid that Tina is not committed to this relationship and is seeing or interested in someone else. I believe that Bette and Tina are in a “no where” land. They are neither together nor apart. Their desire to become closer and advance the relationship is deeply desired by both, yet they cannot do that and abide by the rules of the relationship. And I am seeing that the rules are not allowing them to talk to one another about what matters – how they feel about each other. The Senator who knows, is Bette’s political boss. And in order to get Bette to do the things she wants done that Bette might be resistant to, this Senator now has leverage to make Bette bend to her wishes. And this leverage is powerful. With the release of this information may look bad for Bette and it could cause Tina problems in her job with the New York Times. And it will definitively cause trouble in Bette’s relationship with Tina. And why wouldn’t it. Tina deserves to know. And you know there is a path to resolution… change the rules for the relationship…. commit to each other for the long haul and try to make a life together…..go public with it and let the chips fall where they may. They have a real chance for true happiness. They are now both into the 2nd half of their lives…. time to make some decisions as to what their true priorities in life really are. If they want to be with each other in a truly intimate, satisfying relationship, then something has to change… and it won’t happen when they are keeping secrets from each other.

      Thanks for the chapter….

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