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    Chapter 12

    (Bette) Thank you James, please show them in

    As the group walks past Tina she extends her hand to each in turn.

    (Tina) Good afternoon everyone. My name is Tina Kennard, I’m a legal representative of the Rhys-Baker Foundation

    Bette smiles at her as they all take a seat.


    Later, Bette returns to her office having escorted the representatives of the collective to the gallery entrance.

    She stands in the doorway leaning against the frame and watching Tina as she packs up her belongings while having a friendly exchange with James.

    They notice Bette standing there and Tina and Bette share a warm smile. James looks back and forth between them and then clears his throat and moves towards the door.

    (James) I’ll leave you two to it

    Bette smiles at him as he moves past her.

    (Bette) Thank you James, excellent work today

    (James) Thank you but I really didn’t do anything. You two were charming, you’re quite the team

    He smiles at them both knowingly as he leaves.

    Bette walks to her desk and produces a bottle of whiskey from a cupboard, holding it up to Tina.

    (Tina smiles) Sure, thank you

    Bette fetches two glasses and places them on the desk surface, pouring the whiskey and then stepping out from behind the desk and handing a glass to Tina.

    (Bette) You’re a lifesaver. I’m very grateful

    Tina smiles as she takes the glass.

    (Tina) Don’t mention it

    (Bette) I didn’t expect for you to go out of your way

    Tina waves her hand dismissively.

    (Tina) I know, I was happy to

    Bette leans back on the desk and has a sip of her drink, and after a moment Tina positions herself alongside her, also leaning back on the desk.

    (Bette) You’re very good at what you do

    (Tina smiles) So are you

    They sit together silently for a while, both sipping on their drinks. Bette focuses down on her glass and breaks the silence.

    (Bette) I have some questions that I’d like to ask you

    Tina looks over at her, with sadness in her eyes.

    (Tina) I can’t answer your questions Bette

    Bette raises her eyes to meet Tina’s gaze.

    (Bette) You don’t even want to hear them?

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    1. Thanks for the update!

      I must admit i am very curious about Tina’s and Andrew’s relationship, i kinda get a vibe it’s a arranged relationship by their family and their relationship is platonic?

    2. It is obvious to me that Tina has it bad for Bette. She drops everything to go to Bette’s aid when she needs it. She purposely finds her way over to Bette at a party and now Andrew has noticed that something has not been right about Tina since she returned from her trip to Majorca. He will soon see that Tina’s eyes only brighten when she is around Bette. Tina has to decided what her life is going to be…. the life she mapped out prior to Majorca or the life she discovered while vacationing in Majorca….

      Very good story….

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