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    Chapter 12 – Thursday – Last Day in New York

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 12 – Thursday – Last Day in New York

    Tina and Angie got up early and followed their normal routine of going to the deli for breakfast.  They had another satisfying breakfast and were back in the apartment. They decided to work together in getting the kids lounge organized. They opened the boxes with the pillows and linens and placed them in one of the trunks. They check things off the list as they move it into a more organized place. With the small things, dishes, flatware, pots and pans and other things the put in the second trunk. The larger things such as the microwave, the refrigerator, the bakers rack, the printer and other things, they check off the list and stack neatly near the trunks. They disposed of all the excess bags and boxes. Once they were finished, they noticed they lack some school supplies and the food, beverages and kitchen supplies. Angie wanted to check her cosmetics and grooming items to see what would need replace there. But that could be done in Los Angeles.

    Tina inspected Angie’s closet which contained the clothes she was taking to New Haven. It looked like it was too much, but she would let Bette help her pare it down when they started to pack it for moving.

    There was one box packed with some towels. But it could be unpacked if needed.

    Tina was satisfied with the progress they had made. She felt the rest could wait until the week they came back.  She did notice the alarm clock.  She suggested that Angie take it and put it in one of the trunks so that she would have it in New Haven.

    Tina then got a call that the art packers were in the lobby. Tina asked that they be sent up.

    Tina went down and meet them at the door. There she found three men. They introduced themselves.

    Worker No 1: Ms. Kennard Porter? My name is Charles Gordon, this is my brother Bill and this is Jim Smith.  We have an order to crate and ship about 25 pieces of art?

    Tina:  Come on in.  Why don’t you set up your work in the living room and foyer? Let me show you the service door to remove your crates and bring your tools up. And you need to take the service elevator to move things in and out. It has padding and is bigger. Okay, now let me show you what you will be crating up. Let’s start with the master bedroom…

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    1. Hey Martha!
      I am so enjoying this story!
      I’m sorry I don’t write after each chapter but can assure you I’m riveted!
      What a lovely, loving family they are and so lucky to be choosing the life style they now want to live. I love that Angie will be spreading her wings at Uni and that Daniel also has his love of maths, music and science. I’m looking forward to the next chapter and excited to know how the family will go from strength to strength in LA. Thanks

      • I am so glad that you are enjoying this… in the next few chapters, the family will have more time together, more celebrations with the extended family while the search for the house seems not to be progressing. And stay tuned for the next chapter or two in which Bette and Tina have one of their quarterly getaways that Bette has been planning since the Reunion Week. There is a whole lot more to this story… its long and its detailed, but what I hope the reader will see that our Bette and Tina have grown into a life that they have wanted since childhood and that with each other, they can do almost anything.

        Thanks for reading….

    2. Wow, this whole thing has been so good. I guess I have never been not much of a traveler or mover. I never knew so much went into relocating across country. Martha, this story reads as a how to do all those things. Plus, we get to have Bette, Tina, Angie And Daniel. Looking forward to the further adventures of my favorite family. Thank you for all your efforts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      • Majicspider60,

        In reality, whether you are moving across country or across town, some things are pretty much the same.
        We all have a tendency to accumulate things we don’t use and really do not want, So it takes time to sort through that and dispose of what is no longer needed or wanted. Its a chore that everyone hates and procrastinates with, but when you move, it brings it to the forefront that it must be done to make your life easier. And since Angie will have limited space at the dorm, she really has no choice.

        One of the objective I had in writing this story is to show that ordinary life in some respects can be entertaining and informative. Everyone goes through changes in their life from time to time. When a child is leaving the nest, I think that is one of the biggest impacts on a family. When the parents have to face that fact that a child is no longer child but an adult, the transition can be joyful and yet painful at the same time.

        There are going to be more events happening… we still have Angie’s eighteenth birthday celebration, her driver’s education class, and evidentially she will get her first car. I hope you continue to read and enjoy… let me know.

        Thanks you for reading and for commenting.

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