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    Chapter 13 – Friday – The Homecoming

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 13 – Friday – The Homecoming

     Thursday – Redondo Beach

    Bette had made sure there were groceries for Jeanette and Paris to provide meals for themselves and the kids for the weekend. The laundry was caught up and the house had been cleaned and dusted. Bette had packed two bags for the weekend – one for Tina and one for herself.  Daniel had assisted every step of the way on Thursday.

    Daniel and Bette had sat down and planned a dinner for Angie’s birthday party. Paris and Jeanette volunteered to stay over another couple of nights in order to assist Tina with a dinner.  Bette decided that Angie should have an adult dinner.  Jeanette suggested a prime rib dinner. Since Tina would not be in on the planning, she would assist with the food prep. Tina could determine the side dishes. Bette ordered the prime rib sufficient to feed eight people. She ordered broccoli, potatoes, green beans, apparatus, eggplant and squash.  She also ordered bacon and honey and other staples which the family would eat. They would discuss the plan on Sunday afternoon when the couple came home.  Bette ordered the cake which would be delivered on Monday in the early afternoon. Bette was concerned that she had not talked to Tina about this celebration in detail. But since Bette had this getaway planned, there would be no time to make the arrangements necessary to pull off the celebration that Bette wanted for Angie. If she had an opportunity, she would tell Tina what she had done. There were still details which had not been put in place – decorations, ambiance lighting, side dishes, and other things which would make the celebration memorable.

    Bette had prepared a hamburger steak with mushroom gravy, bake sweet potato, broccoli, and baby lima beans and pie with ice cream for dessert. Daniel was pleased with his dinner meal. They had had salad with chicken strips for lunch. He had cheese and crackers as a snack in the afternoon. So, he was ready for a heavy meal.

    Bette told Daniel that they would be going to bed as soon as the kitchen was cleaned up. They needed to be at the airport at 5:30 to pick up his Mama and Angie. That would mean they would need to get up at 3:00 am.  Breakfast would consist of juice and toast.  Jeanette would take them to breakfast after they picked up Angie. Daniel was good with the arrangements.  He offered to help with the kitchen clean up. Bette graciously accepted. They were both excited about the upcoming weekend.

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