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    Chapter 13 – What Else is There?

    Previously from Chapter 12

    Tina stares at Bette for a minute, her eyes unfocused as she’s still trapped in those terrible memories. Bette steps closer and cups Tina’s cheeks in her hands and rubs her thumbs over them. Tina doesn’t say a word. The emotions she’s feeling stuck in her throat. She slowly leans into Bette and allows Bette to wrap her in an embrace.

    “Babe, I had no idea.” Bette whispers in Tina’s ear and pulls her closer, wanting to wash away the long ago hurt that has suddenly resurfaced.

    “You couldn’t have if I never told you.” Tina’s voice is low, her strength ebbing.  She leans on Bette for support. “I…I never wanted to talk about it.”

    “Are these some of the things you’ve talked about to your therapist?” Bette strokes Tina’s back as she holds her tight.

    “Yeah.” Tina drops her head on Bette’s shoulder. “I had to tell her to get to the route of all this with me.”

    They both are silent a few minutes. Bette trying to make sense of everything that Tina had just told her. The awful way her parents had treated her and her brother. That controlling, cruel environment her parents had bestowed on the two children. Tina finally pulls away and looks at Bette. Her eyes intense and her lips set in a straight line.

    “I want to tell you the rest and be done with it.”

    “Jesus Tina. What else did they do?”

    Patio Porter Residence Same Afternoon

    “What else did they do?” Tina’s voice sounded hollow as she repeated Bette’s question and stared straight ahead.

    She was determined to tell Bette everything about her childhood and parents.

    Over the past two years, Tina had gradually confessed all to her therapist.  Susan had assisted Tina in understand just how her parents behaviors and actions had affected her own abilities to handle her emotions and personal problems. They had fueled this flight behavior Tina had executed so often in her adult life when her anxiety and depression became overwhelming. She would avoid confrontation in her personal life because that actually served as an empowerment to her. Thinking that if she fled she could control any situation.

    Her parents, Kevin and Nancy Kennard, had been far more than just restrict parents with their children.

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    1. Such a wonderful, thorough, brilliant job you’ve done with this chapter Collins in filling in Tina’s corrupt emotional development wrought by heartlessness of her parents. We finally UNDERSTAND why she kept bolting whenever chaos started to evade her world.

      I have a saying that I never forget. It is: rules withOUT relationship = REBELLION

      MOM&Dad never gave her any life lessons advise worth a flip so not surprised that she, by her own admission, went “off the rails” when it came to the fellas. Bette coming into her life sounded like the first real chance she had to experience unconditional love in a personal, intimate relationship. Bette had the willingness to love all of Tina.

      That is, “all” the Tina that Tina was able to reveal.

      We have so much to look forward to and to enjoy in the future chapters of this sweet, sweet, screenplay. ????

      • Hi Dumplin,

        I like so many other fans of OG, wondered what was Tina’s background. The show never gave us much in the way of clues & not even enough to fill in the blanks either. So, based on her behaviors & trying to explain why she keeps running from situations & of course the ridiculous divorce that Gen Q gave us, this is what I created with her parents.

        Yes, her parents were bad, but she got some love from Aunt Jean & naturally big her brother. We’ll learn some more as the story continues.

        And yes, she found the love of her life with Bette & we’re gonna see if they can work it all out. Remember Tibette forever!!!!!!!

        Thanks so much for your support.

    2. Wow! Well you really cracked it there Collins!
      What a great Chapter showing us just why Tina acted like she did.
      So believable I think you should make it available to the Writers of Gen Q!

      I was enthralled, hanging on your every word, well written my friend.

      I look forward with eager anticipation to the next post.
      Thank you again for sharing your Talent with us,
      Stay safe

      • With you SassyG that it would be gr8 to have the Writers of GenQ take this Authors’ explanation of why Tina’s frequent confusing reactions to Bette kept ending with her “suddenly” hightailing it out of Dodge!

      • So I CRACKED that big nut for you on Tina & her back story!!!!!!!!!!!! My pleasure!!!

        Always wondered about why IC never bothered to provide any backstory on Tina in OG

        We had backstories on Bette, Kit, Alice, Shane. Dana, Helena, Jenny – but not 1 thing on Tina.

        Anyways, we have some info now to work with & further explore in the next chapters.

        Thanks for the compliment on Gen Q – I think many other writers have great ideas also on how to fix this ludicrous situation between Tibette.

        Next Chapter will post soon.

        Thanks again & stay safe in the UK.

    3. Wow, you blowed me away with this chapter!

      It is so incredible sad that the way parents behaved to their child/ children can have so much impact in their children’s live when they are grown up. Parents should be a good example, giving love, advice, nurture them, a safe home, encourage them and certainly not control them and in Tina’s and Jack’s case hold them down and locked away. Tina’s mom is a horrible woman, her way is the only right way. She never showed her love, like her father, never encouraged her children in every way, she even locked her children up in their room, she was Cold and heartless. No wonder that Tina runs away when things got to hard, she was never asked for her opinion or given the opportunity to give it, she was told not to ever say what she thought, to stay silent and only to obey. Her self worth systeem was always crushed and stamped on it.

      Emotional and psychological abuse is a horrible thing that a child can endure. It has a long term affect that if not dealt with it will always bite you in the ass, in your relationships, your work, in friendships etc.

      You did a fantastic job to explain why Tina did what she always does, run away when things got to hard, her passive-agressive behavior, her inability to talk about her feelings and fears, her insecurities. And Bette responses were so kind and supportive to Tina, but Bette is still prone to blame herself for some things, and she should stop that, she isn’t always responsible for whatever Tina went through. They both made mistakes and should own it, work it out and move on.

      Both Tina and Bette grew up in a environment where there was no room for emotions, only tough love, if you can even say that. But both found the love in each other and it is so sad that they were unable to really talk and open up and as end result they fell apart. It is positive they are working on each self and open up and try to work it out.

      Bette is very honest as she says that she is still very hurt about Tina’s leaving and divorcing her.

      Really, you did a excellent job with this, But, i still don’t know why they divorced instead of separate for awhile and yes i wanna know Tina’s answer what will be different now?!

      Oh, and great picture with Tina sitting down in their kitchen and Bette trying to comfort her!

      • Hiya Bibi,

        So this chapter was difficult to write in that I wanted so much for the readers to feel the turmoil that was Tina’s younger life at home with her parents. They were horrible to Tina & her brother & they only escaped the abuse by finally leaving.

        These behaviors & actions of her parents have haunted Tina all her life & were the cause of so many of her decisions, lack of some decisions & this terrible pattern of her always avoiding situations where she has to give up some control. This will be further discussed in upcoming chapters as well.

        Recovery from this type of abuse takes time, energy & motivation. She now has that motivation by wanting to reunite with Bette for the very last time and to be the mother that Angie needs & wants.
        You’ll get to meet her brother & his family later, but now Tina has some explaining to do to Angie about this new part to her family.

        Bette’s so wants to be supportive & loving, but right now feels she still needs to guard her heart because she still has doubts about what happens next & if Tina really is here to stay. They’ll explore those huddles in the next few chapters.

        A few years back, I was(actually still am) a huge fan of another writer on this and other sites – Blackbird. She always had interesting photos to accompany her text in her chapters & I really liked the idea. Gave you a little visual into the situation & scenes. So, I thought I would borrow??? her style in that regard. Great FUN!!!!!!

        Next chapter Tina gives her answer – it’s comin’ soooooon!!!!!!!!!

        Thanks again for all your support.

        Take care & be safe.


    4. Thank you for the chapter!

      I know – Tina’s parents just were aliens)

      But if seriously – it’s interesting that you decided take another story about her childhood, not line from interrogation tapes.

      And of course – i’m waiting for Angie and Bette finally meet Tina’s brother.

      But one thing i disagree with you – it’s Tina’s excuse for they first broke-up. I think it’s was absolutely not her fault, but only Bette’s. I never saw in s1 that Tina emotionally shut down Bette, even after miscarriage. On contradiction we saw haw she loved and cared for her – like in scene when Bette cried in shower (after fucking carpenter of course). In other hand – let’s not forget that Bette started to think that she fall out love with Tina even before miscarriage – her thought in Foxbery office

      • Hi Zhenya,

        So glad you liked the chapter – it is intense.

        A few other authors on the site used the interrogation tapes & Tina’s abuse by her sister as the reason for her behavior. And these writers are doing an AWESOME job at explaining what happened & how it affected Tina. So I wanted to go in a different direction & add an alternative reason for why Tina has acted in the way that she has all these years & why she wanted to divorce Bette instead of just a separation.

        Down the line, Bette & Angie will meet Tina’s brother & his family. Looking forward to writing that chapter.

        So their first breakup was triggered by Tina finding out Bette cheated. But there were many underlining behaviors & actions that Tina did that drove Bette to think that she might not be in love with Tina any more. Yes & Bette spent way too much time at work & neglected Tina also. But in a marriage it’s two people & they both contribute to how that marriage works or doesn’t.

        Personally, I think Tina finally forgave Bette for the affair in season 5/6 when they got back together.

        Thanks so much for your comments & continuing to follow this story.

        Be safe & take care.

    5. Great chapter, Collins. It’s so sad that Tina never knew parental love. She can be very proud of herself that she became such a self-sufficient, gentle woman who has so much love to give. She learned to treasure the love given to her (by her borther, aunt). Tina doesn’t need grand gestures of love just honesty, trust, and a loving woman at her side who is sensitive enough to anticipate when Tina feels rejected and starts to retreat into her shell. Or is about to run.
      Bette and Tina have to build trust and learn to talk to each other. And Bette could look into her behaviours that were imprinted on her as a child.

      I’m still catching up on your story. Have to start again because I stopped reading for a while. My mind only seems to be able to handle one Gen Q story at a time, I’m mixing the plots up ;-)
      But now I have 12 chapters of a well written story ahead of me – lucky me!

      Thanks for sharing, Collins!

      • Hey Lady,

        Thanks ever so much for your encouragement & praise.

        Yeah, Tina’s had it very tough & now has learned how to deal with problems that come along. Things aren’t perfect, but she’s so far better off that she was before. She still has some issues to resolve & needs to gain Bette & Angie’s trust again.

        Thanks so so much for taking the time to reread the story thus far. I know what you mean about mixing the stories up – I do the same with Largo’s & SuperK’s two stories. I find myself rereading their last 1 to 2 chapters to gauge where I am at the moment in both their respective stories. They are both so good.

        Many more chapters to come your way.

        Thanks again.


        • I too re-read Largo’s, SuperK’s, BK’, RiskyKitty’s and this story to keep all the great writing untangled ????. Gosh I long for the screen plays offered by authors on LesFans to land in the mailboxes of the GenQ Writers.

          Yall have really figured some complicated shit out and STILL made sure that Tibette lives 4evahh!!!

    6. Collins
      Was reading everybody’s comments and a light bulb illuminate as I thought about how Tina would “go off” on Bette at various points during TLW and even in GenQ when she told Bette that she remembered how the air would be sucked out of the room so often when Bette was just being Bette.

      You’ve explained in this chapter why Tina seemed to have a super-explosive, misdirected anger toward Bette by revealing how much Tina wanted to be included in decisions that affected her life.

      Whenever someone, anyone, Bette stepped in and made decisions without Tina’s input, Tina saw was the steel-toe army boot of her Mother buffeting her with “I don’t care what you think Tina”., just DO as I say . . . ALL the time!!

      For Tina, even if she came to the same conclusion as Bette in a matter, she STILL felt disrespected and abused when she wasn’t given an opportunity to give her input. And this feeling was also true in spite of her knowing how much she didn’t trust her own decision-making ability 90% of the time.

    7. Dang! One more thought.

      Love that Jack did all he could during their childhood to protect Tina as best he could. Loved that he gave her a plan where he could write and send the letters to a friends house for her to retrieve. I can see so clearly how Tina must have poured over ever word of each letter, drinking from them the encouragement he sent. It will be exciting for Angie to meet Uncle & cousins. They’ll be gr8 sounding boards as she enters her college years and then sets sail on her own life adventures.

      Love that she had a sweet Auntie that confirmed her value and opinions. And shared with her the joy of cooking & baking, laughing and song perhaps? Her Auntie enabled Tina’s sweetness and overall care & concern for others to bloom. Sense of humor and quick wit developed in her personality as well.

      • Hey Lady,

        Very true on your analysis of Tina & her dark reasons for not always being in 100% agreement with Bette on some things. She sometimes feels not included in the decision making progress & thus has no commitment to the action.

        Yes, her Aunt & brother proved to be her lie lines. Will see Jack later on & some interaction with them.
        Dear ole Melvin has passed on & doesn’t need to be seen in a flashback.

        Thanks for the extra comments & you are spot on as usual.

        All my best lady!!

    8. Collins
      I have been remiss not to comment on this fabulous story.
      You have truly outdone yourself. What a perfect way to frame how childhood trauma shaped the adult Tina is today, from her decision making, impulsivity to need to run and escape true relationships.
      Bette was really great in this chapter. She listened, she empathized, she held space for Tina. THEN she was like… ok now what? How will things be different?
      I hope you have a magic ball, wand or potion to answer that question. We are all waiting Collins.
      I hope you know how much your story is appreciated and looked forward to. Can’t wait to see where you go from here.

      • Thank you so much for your kind words of support. This was a tough chapter, but a very necessary one for both Tina & Bette. Tina to tell & Bette to listen & absorb it all.

        This is a key step in their reconciliation. There will still be some obstacles to overcome & trust to be built.

        Tina has a steep mountain to climb rebuild that trust, but she’s have the love of her family to help along the way.

        Thanks so much my friend.


      • C

        I am dovetailing off of BK. You articulated the nuances and impact of childhood trauma on adults very well. There is a saying that as adults we spend a great deal of time getting over our parent’s mistakes. In this case Tina’s life had been controlled by her parents even when they were long gone from her life.

        Trust is an interesting part of a relationship. The relationship can continue without it, but the relationship will never be pure and honest. Bette has a dilemma facing her.

        Waiting to see what you do next.


        • Hiya SuperK,

          I myself had good parents & didn’t have any ‘trama’ as a result. But I’ve known many others that unfortunately weren’t as lucky.

          So this was my attempt at explaining the hows & whys of Tina’s behaviors of the years & then how she’s going to now avoid those very mistakes & actions in the future.

          Next chapter will post very soon.

          Thanks so much & I am enjoying your new chapter too!!!


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