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    Chapter 14 – Bette Gets Her Answer

    Previously from Chapter 13

    “I vowed to you when we got back together again when you were shooting the Lez Girls film that I would never cheat on you again and that I shared your family values.” Bette takes Tina’s hands in hers. “I have never cheated or thought about it again. Not ever.”

    “And Felicity?”

    “That happened after we divorced.” Bette swears. “I had only met her as she worked in the art department for the state. But I didn’t start seeing her until after I signed the divorce papers. I promised you and I meant it.”

    “Okay, okay. I believe you.” Tina squeezes Bette’s hands. “Susan taught me that we only get stronger dealing with our problems in the here and now. I realize that’s the part I haven’t been doing all these years. Because of my inability to cope with issues, when we would have a problem in our relationship instead of working together with you to solve it; I avoided it, ran away from it or blamed you for it.”

    “T, I have a much better understanding of some of the reasons why you have acted the way that you have over the years.” Bette strokes Tina’s cheek in a loving manner. “I am so sorry they treated you like they did and didn’t give you the love that you deserved.”

    “I survived.” Tina nods. “I’m learning to accept it and not blame myself for it any longer.”

    “But Tina,” Bette looks across into Tina’s eyes, “I can’t open myself up fully to you yet. You need to know that I am still very hurt by you leaving and the divorce. It tore me apart.  I worry…”

    “You worry about what?”

    “I worry about you leaving again.” Bette now addresses one of her fears.

    “I know and again I’m so sorry for the anguish I’ve caused you.” Tina tilts her head back and closes her eyes. “I know it’s going to take time Bette. Lots of time and much more talking for me to prove to you that I am here to stay and that I want us to work things out between us.”

    “How am I going to trust you again?” Bette stands up and looks over at her with a trace of loss on her face. “How is this going to be different Tina?”

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      • Hi SG,

        Thanks so much for following this story. The last 3 chapters have been very heavy & tons of info revealed & talked about.

        Our gals have gotten through this tough part & laid the basis for a start on their future.

        Some lighter chapters to follow.

        Again, thank a bunch.

        Stay safe yourself & stay well.


    1. Hi Collins,

      What a fantastic chapter!

      They are really on the right path to reconcile fully and both are aware of their own faults and flaws and determined to work individually and later in couple therapy to make sure they don’t will repeat those same mistakes ever.

      Open and honesty communication is the key and it is wonderful to read and see that they are fully committed to work at that.

      Love how Bette told Tina how beautiful she is inside and outside, it was a beautiful declaration of the love Bette has and always will have for Tina.

      To take Bette’s fears away about Tina not leaving again, it will take time and actions for Tina to prove she is not going to run away from Bette if she is afraid, feels inadequaat or simply buries what ever her troubles. Trust needs to be rebuilt and the only way to do that is to turn words into action.

      Great talk with Angie and Bette telling that she needs to prove to Tina that she has really changed and admitting she didn’t always back up her words of love or support to Tina was a huge telling point that she really changed.

      Slowly they are going to rebuild their relationship and i look forward to see how you takes us through that journey Collins!

      Thank you for this incredible story!

      Take care and be save and healthy my friend ????

      • AGREE with Bibi 100%. This is a nice bookend to the buildup from the previous chapters. Tina still has some work to do but it appears she is ready to do what it takes. Talking so openly to Angie will hold her accountable now that she vocally committed to Bette in front of her daughter. Turning words into action like BiBi said is key – she can say anything she wants but she needs to SHOW Bette by her actions that she understands and is all in.
        Thank you Collins, you put a lot into this story and it is simply fantastic to read….

        • Hey my friend,

          Tried to weave all aspects of this fractured family & set them back on track on firmer ground to embrace their future.

          Yes, Tina still has a lot to prove & the future won’t be perfect, but the first steps have been made for a united reconciliation & they won’t squander this chance.

          Thanks so much for your support & encouragement.

          All the best my friend.


      • Hey Bibi,

        You are so right about our gals finally being on the same page on what they want & how to accomplish it.

        In the past, they have both faltered in their commitment to each other, but now have this wonderful chance to get it right.

        They’ve gone through a lot of pain these last 3 chapters & now have a plan for the future.

        Thanks so much for your support these past few months in reading & commenting on this journey.

        Take care yourself.

        All the best.


    2. Thank you foe the chapter!

      But how Tina think they can make a one issue – she would leave in LA half-year and other half-year in Canada? Long distance relationship are very hard and a very rarely succeeded. How she think it’s going to work?

      • Hi Zhenya,

        You are so welcome for the chapter. I enjoy writing them, although these last few chapters have been a bit tough to write & very heavy with emotions for Tibette.

        So the plan at the moment is for Tina to get her own apartment & be back in LA for the next 6 months that her show is on hiatus. Then she’ll come home for long weekends, holidays, etc until the show wraps up next year. And Bette & Angie can always visit in Toronto too.

        We’ve got a way to go yet in this story & still lots of stuff to discover about what the future will look like.

        Take care & thanks again.

    3. C

      You have unpacked so much with our girls. Now the internal processing takes a turn.

      Loved the family meeting, Angie getting popcorn. I have to admit, I would be getting popcorn too with her parents telling their story. LOL


      • Hiya K,

        These last 3 chapters were a labor of love for Tibette & a determination to pave a path for their reconciliation.

        Lots of special moments & lots of hope for their future.

        Thanks so much for reading & your support.

        My best always.


    4. Thank you for this beautiful chapter, Collins.
      T + B have come a long way. I love how open they are with each other. Both committed to be honest with each other and address things before they cause misunderstanding or worse problems between them.

      I agree to the previous comments, not much to add to that. It’s sad to see how profoundly Tina’s experiences in her youth shaped her view of herself. But if Bette continues to give such amazing, loving compliments she will be able to change her self-perception.
      Bette’s description of Angie and all her traits that Bette links to Tina is very sweet. What a declaration of love not only for her daughter but for the birth mother as well. Love it.

      I’m so happy that you don’t let Tina take all the blame for the divorce. Tina does have a lot of issues that shaped her and influenced many of her subconcious and automatic reactions. But sometimes I miss Bette reflecting on her part of the separation as well. You make Bette see her part in all of it and her need to work on some of her habits as well. And she tells Angie that much as well.
      “She had to admit to herself that she sometimes did get distracted by work, artists or other obligations. But not anymore. …. No more taking up too much space.”
      Exactly! Thanks for that. Maybe the GQ writers will consider something like this in the second season.

      With the election about to happen I wonder what would happen to all those promises if Bette did make Mayor. Would she really be able to make more time for Tina and Angie? Wouldn’t her job consume so much of her time? Always on call for such a big city like LA? I’m not so sure Bette could make good on her promises.

      Looking forward to the next part. Still catching-up on the newest stories. At least I can go on reading immediately, a huge advantage of my work getting in the way of checking in on for more than a week ;-)

    5. Hey K,

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment.

      Like in most everything we do as a couple – it always takes 2 to make it work or not. Bette has her own issues & has to be committed to not allowing these distractions to overtake her personal life as she has at times in her past.

      If she were to win the election, she would have to carve out some ‘family time’ for Tina & Angie. It would be a challenge, but one I think she would be very aware of & committed to keeping. Being flexible would be key. Delegation is key & holding onto those boundaries between personal & professional life is important. And with Tina back in LA, she won’t have to do everything alone – they could do some events together.

      Tina still has more to work on & you’ll see that in the next few chapters. But progress is being made & that’s what matters most.

      We still have several more chapters to go, so we’ll see where that leads our gals.

      Take care & thanks again.


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