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    Chapter 15 – One Week To Go


    “Okay then.” Angie is excited about her parents getting back together. “Mama, when do you think you’ll move back?”

    “Oh, um…”Tina tries to refocus after Bette’s admission and slides back ontothe couch. “I have a few weeks left in production once I get back to Toronto next week. I have another appointment to look at other rentals tomorrow actually.”

    “So you’ll be back here before Christmas?”

    “Yes, definitely before the holidays.” Tina looks between Angie and Bette. “I can’t wait to spend the holidays with you two. I should be able to wrap the production up before the Thanksgiving holiday.”

    “So you would be here for Thanksgiving and that weekend?” Angie wants to know.

    “Well yeah.” Tina turns back to Bette. “If I get an invite.”

    “Oh please Tina.” Bette smiles.“Like you wouldn’t be here if you could. Of course you’re invited. Right Boo?”

    “As long as we don’t eat Chinese again for Thanksgiving dinner.” Angie’s eyes sparkle with mischief.

    Bette tries to hide her laugh behind her hand as she brings it to cover her mouth. Angie had hit that proverbial nail on the head.

    “Hey,” Tina looks around at Angie with shock on her face. “That happened one time young lady.”

    “Well,” Bette tries to control her laughter, “it made enough of an impression that she’s never forgotten it.”

    “I know I’m into science.” Angie does the classic move with cupping her chin with her hand in thought.
    “But isn’t purple an unnatural color for a cooked turkey?”

    “Angie!” Tina can’t believe her daughter called her out on her cooking.

    Angie and Bette erupt in laughter.

    “Okay, okay, it was pretty bad. “ Tina can’t help to laugh along with her family.

    They share a group hug, but Tina can’t resist telling them.

    “So, you two are cooking dinner this year. I’ll just be the guest.”

    “Cool.” Angie says, clearly excited to help her Mom.

    “And no take out Porter.” Tina warns Bette.

    “Won’t dream of it.” Bette ruffles the hair of the two most important people in her life. “You have our word. Right Ang?”

    “Right Mom.”

    Campaign Office – Tuesday Morning

    The Porter Campaign was in the final week of the rundown to Election Day. The election was one week away and the big push for the last week of the campaign was on. Dani had booked Bette for appearances all week and over the coming weekend. As promised, Tina had delivered on the studio gathering and it was successful for Bette.

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    1. This is a sweet chapter. It promises an adrenaline rush as Bette’s campaign has entered the final days, but it also steps back from angst and heartache.

      Love the read about Helena & Dylan as a long-time couple with young son graduating from college and preparing to work with Helena. The mention of Peggy re-entering the fray promises some mischief I believe 😜.

      Like how Tina is still having to be cleansed with tears, though it’s worth the realization of how much her leaving Bette by divorce has impacted her own psychy in the form of guilt. Bettes’ sweet words of confort are sincere. Tina had removed her wedding band and given it back to Bette, but Bette chose to wear it around her neck along with the ring Kit had given her to keep “close to her heart”.

      No matter her mistakes along the way, Bette DID want to be married to Tina. When she learned the cost of being reckless and insensitivities, it made her cherish the day, if it were to come, to be reunited with Tina, spirit, soul, body and on paper.

      • Hi Dumplin,

        Thanks so much for commenting & sticking with the story

        Like many L Word fans, I too wanted to bring back some of the OG cast & give them an update on their lives. So I’m happy that you enjoyed that.

        I agree with you that in OG, Bette wanted to be married to Tina but they never got around to it for 1 reason or the other. In this story, she still wants that. Maybe down the road it will happen again with Tina.

        Thanks for staying the course with me along this path.

        Wishing you the best.


    2. I have not posted in a while. Just been reading. Waiting. This will most likely be my last one.

      I’m sorry Collins but we still do not know what happened in the last ten years other than Tina ran away and has a history of running when the going gets tough for her. And Bette is still being punished for Candace decades later. And now Felicity. Frankly no one has any right to question Bette about Felicity especially with regard to Tina. Tina was gone. Felicity was estranged from her so called husband. So little is known as GQ did not expand very much. Given the changes you have made to the GQ story we have no idea about much of anything. Felicity should be a non-issue as it pertains to Bette and Tina. So why even mention her? Because it is used to make the case for Bette having character flaws. Your Bette is so down on herself. Bringing up both Candace and Felicity in any fashion seems one more way to diminish her character and excuse Tina. And if Bette really has such low self esteem she needs counseling and this would be pair is in dire need of couples therapy.

      I asked this many chapters ago – where is Bette’s well deserved resentment and anger? Several chapters later I must conclude that she clearly gets none. In your story she feels no resentment. She is so weak-willed that Tina’s explanation about her childhood absolves her of all hurt she inflicted on Bette. Not in my book. Bette is 100 percent in love with Tina and the long description of her idolization of Tina confirms it. Beautifully written to be sure but what about Tina’s love for Bette? Where is the reciprocal description of Tina’s unwavering love? This is not our TiBette being described. This is all so very one sided.

      ‘So many things that were one Tina Porter Kennard. Bette’s chest swelled with pride – thankfulness – longing – passion. The tiredness that Bette felt just melted away as she gazed at Tina with so much love in her eyes and written on her face by her expression. No matter what the day or night had done to her, Bette could always find joy with Tina. No matter how much heartache she had, many times caused by Tina herself, she still loved her without question. Would always love her without question.’

      I am such a huge TiBetter and your description of Bette looking at Tina is amazing. Entirely beautiful sentiments but depict a totally lop sided duo of definite unequals. Based upon your writing Helena and Dylan are a much more stable and equal couple. Much more healthy than Tina and Bette. Tina seems half invested. Definitely not all in. One foot in both worlds. Tina’s reply to Shane about the baby really depicts this:

      “I won’t be much hands on help working in Toronto for the next few weeks, but I’m always available to talk or listen. I will be back in LA before the holidays and then for six months.”

      Seems the same regarding where she is headed with Bette. Yet Bette is all in without question? I know you have always maintained that this is a strong Tina-centric story. But as I have asked a few times, does Bette have to be weakened to accomplish that?

      Without Bette’s heartache being addressed this couple will not succeed. ‘Without question‘ is an absolute recipe for failure. Add to this Tina only being around for six months at a time and abandoning her life in L.A. for the other half of the year – Bette is doomed to half a life. Probably still feeling somewhat abandoned and unsure. Even if in your story she is elected Mayor. And without any/all issues of hurt ever being addressed they will ultimately remain dysfunctional and fail. Bette’s unconditional and undying love for Tina not enough to hold them together when she takes on the role of the proverbial doormat.

      This is my honest assessment for what it is worth. I accept that I am in a definite minority. It is clear that your story is quite popular. Congratulations. It takes a great deal of courage to formulate a story and put it all out there not knowing how it will be received. Well done. I could easily sit back and keep my comments to myself. At first I chose the former. But I do believe you deserve to know my take. As you say, each of us has our own opinion. Thanks for writing and thanks for reading,

      • Hi Billy,

        I see that we don’t agree about the path of the story. And that’s okay. There’s always 2 sides to everything.

        When I decided to take the risk to write this story, I wanted to convey the deep love that they have for each other, even though it has taken many hits & side turns along the way. My intention was not to tare them apart to the point that they couldn’t reconcile. I think other stories & GenQ did that for us already.

        I do hope that if you decide not to comment any further, you will continue to read the remainder of the story & hopefully get some pleasure from reading it.

        Thanks again for your honesty.

        Best regards.


        • Thank you for the reply and you are correct, we do not agree. Frankly, they were already torn apart. Or at least Bette was. I just do not understand how you can gloss over the divorce. The end of them. Regardless of what other stories have done. Tina divorcing Bette is a reality that simply cannot be dismissed. To reverse that end and formulate trust requires a rebuilding. A rebuilding requires an understanding. An understanding requires many serious discussions. Tina’s childhood is very sad but is not an understanding. With all due respect to your writing, where have you depicted Tina’s ‘without question’ reciprocal love for Bette and portrayed them as equals in that love? It is just not that easy.

          I completely accept your right to present the story as you want it to be told. And appreciate your efforts in that regard. No need to reply. Just food for thought. Yes, I will continue to read but will most likely not comment. Take care.

    3. Hi Collins,

      Amazing chapter!

      Loved to read about Helena and Dylan, they seem to be in a stable and happy relationship and are very good friends with our couple.

      You know i love your story! But i am working night shifts and i am dead tired, so no long comment today.

      I am looking forward to the next chapter!

      Thank you my friend, please stay save and healthy, i am worried about you and your wife! ????❤️????????

      • Hey Bibi,

        Sorry to hear about your night work shifts – they are difficult to adjust to. Try to get some rest.

        Glad that you enjoyed this update & some quality time with some new characters.

        Take care & stay safe.

    4. YAY a new chapter. Great way to spend a sleepy Saturday morning, re-immersing myself in TiBette land. Such a pleasant escape from the heat, the laundry, the messy kitchen. This couple is making baby steps towards reconciliation and have faced huge obstacles to getting there. None of what Tina did in GQ makes sense so tacking that story line took some courage my friend! I love that they are talking things through and appear to be on the other side of their reconciliation, moving towards being a couple again. Cheers to that! Enjoy your weekend!

      • Hey,

        Glad you enjoyed this update.

        Yes, it’s been several tough chapters for them. They just need to breath & work on forgiveness to each other – but Tina most of all. She needs to earn it.

        Talking & open communication is the key to their success.

        Thanks for staying the course with me.

        All the best my friend.


    5. Nice Chapter, liked to remember Dana as her death was the biggest mistake of the original L Word.
      Glad to see Helena settled down (even if the picture is not Helena with Dylan:-))

      Glad our girls are continuing to get closer and look forward to your continuing story.

      Thanks for posting and cheering up my weekend?

      • Hi SG,

        I think everyone felt the same way about Dana – just loved her!!

        Yeah, time is moving on for our Tibette in this story & they are slowing building back that bond. Tina still has lots of work to do to prove she’s for real in her motivations – & she will.

        So your comment about Helena made me double think – so I went back & checked my reference & the
        actual picture – it actually is of Rachel & Alex, Just Rachel has dark hair in this photo. That could have been due to the lighting when the photo was taken.

        But thanks for keeping me on my toes!!!!! Love it!!!!

        Thanks so much for following along.

        Please stay safe in your part of the world.

        All my best.


    6. One of my favorite Tibette stories. I love your Bette character. Remember that scene in the elevator when Tina wanted to apologize for the Henry mess, Bette’s answer was I don’t care, I love you. It takes a strong person to have such a forgiving nature. I also want to see Tina reach out a little more and show Bette how much she means to her.

      • Hi Cathy,

        Saw that this didn’t go directly back to you the first time – so hopefully this time.

        Thanks so much for commenting. So glad that you are enjoying this story.

        Well if Tina can forgive Bette for the ‘C’ situation, Bette can certainly forgive Tina for Henry.

        You know that that course of true love doesn’t always run easy – but forgiveness is part of us as we grow & realize that the heart wants what the heart wants. They still have that undeniable connection.

        So some action coming up with the election & the aftermath.

        Thanks for continuing to follow along. You’re the best.


    7. Hi Collins,
      I was just able to catch up on this story and I loved this sweet chapter. It was so nice to see the family sitting around the table discussing their futures and their happiness. It took me back to the days at the planet. New faces and different storylines, but still the same core and loving friendships between these women. I love how you had Dylan offer to do the retrospective on Dana. What a wonderful idea for a tribute to a character gone way too soon. And I really loved Bette’s silent appreciation of Tina from afar. It was so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing with us everything that’s in her heart for Tina. Her soul mate for the last 20 plus years. Can’t wait to see what you do with Tina’s appraisal of Bette. I bet it will be wonderful and completely swoon worthy. Loved Tina finally having the courage to pull the chain out from Bette’s shirt to see the rings. And I loved Bette’s simple, honest responses. I love it when Bette Porter wears her heart on her sleeve. As a huge fan it’s like I crave it. It’s like the absolute heartthrob with everything going for them who doesn’t fear showing their vulnerability. It’s incredibly attractive. Can’t wait to read the next chapter.


      • Hey Risky,

        So happy you were able to catch up on this story. I know full well the challenges when you are writing your own story.

        Glad you liked Bette’s appreciation of Tina. Thought Bette using her description of Angie to highlight Tina’s better qualities was a good idea.

        Next chappy is Tina’s turn & she won’t disappoint!!!!!!

        I think with what’s happening in all our worlds right now, we all need a little balm to our souls with some good stories.

        I see that your’s is doing well & it’s very intriguing – lots of action!!!!!!! Wish you all the best with it.

        Yes, the rings have fascinated me with their importance & how Bette still held on hope against hope that she would maybe someday wear it again.

        I do think in GQ that it was just a ring from Kit that she wore on the necklace, but I added my own take on it & added Tina’s wedding ring to it.

        Thanks again for following.

        Take care.


    8. Hiya Collins! I’m caught up on your story at long last, haha

      I enjoyed Bette’s appreciation of Tina very much. That’s what falling for someone hook, line and sinker feels like, isn’t it? I also liked the group scene at Dana’s. I do miss Alice, though. I don’t think we will ever see eye to eye on her, lol

      I guess what’s coming over to me loud and clear is that taking on what GenQ did AND trying to reconcile Tibette AND keeping even the tiniest shred of psychological plausibility lands us all in the same place: the blank space of Tina’s family and early background. It’s like that well-known triad that Candace uses when she’s talking to Bette about the work at the CAC – there’s Fast, Cheap and Good – choose two, because you can’t have all three. With TLW/GenQ fanfic it’s Canon, True Love, Plausibility, choose two (unless Tina isn’t quite what she seems….)

      You’re very good at conveying Bette’s work, and that’s important because it’s important to her character. I also like that your Jordi is a much better gf for Angie than mine was. I want Angie to be happy!

      Other thoughts…. Yes, the photos are great! I might try to do that too, if you don’t mind? And I loved the story of Kit’s ring that she bought for Bette. That is lovely. You’re also really good at describing kisses! Phew.

      So thank you so much, my friend. I hope you are hard at work on the next chapter! These are very hard times for a lot of folk in different parts of the world and escapism is essential. Take care,
      Largo x

    9. Hey Largo,

      Yes, definitely agree about this subject matter as being extremely challenging & with very little to go on. Almost like a murder mystery where you have to look under every stone & rock to find the answers.

      Frankly I think all 4 of us that took on this challenge have done a super job with it & each also was able to bring their own unique story to the readers.

      Yes, no doubt that B & T are still deeply in love with each other, just need to rebuild that trust. It will come in stages & with time as Tina proves herself.

      Thanks – I like the pics too!!! Little mementos along the way. Sometimes those pictures do speak a thousand words!!!

      Was initially torn with the Angie/Jordi relationship – it could have gone either way. But I wanted to keep things little as we had sooooooo much darkness with GQ. We’ll see if they stay together in the epilogue.

      Stay safe where you are.

      All my best my friend.


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