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    Chapter 14 – Saturday – The Weekend Away

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move 

    Chapter 14 – Saturday – The Weekend Away

    Bette awakened at about 5 o’clock in the morning. She had been covered in the sheet and comforter and Tina was snuggled up in her arm pit with her arm over her abdomen. Bette had no recollection of being covered up or Tina being beside her. She moved slightly away from Tina so that she could look at her wife sleeping. The moon light showed all the contours of Tina’s face and body which was not covered by the comforter.  The comforter was draped over her waist leaving her side and arm exposed to the moonlight. Tina’s face was somewhat expressionless but obviously, she was in deep sleep. Bette loved just watching her breath and the look of content on her face.  Bette contemplated waking her up but decided that perhaps it would be better just to allow her to sleep. She had had a busy week and a couple more hours of rest would be a good idea. So, after a few minutes, she decided to get up and make some coffee and look over the room service menu for breakfast.

    Bette went and put on the coffee and then went to the bathroom to perform her morning grooming routine. She went ahead and took a quick shower.  The sea air had made her hair a bit sticky. She closed the bathroom door so she would not disturb Tina’s sleep. Once she came out, she put on a jogging suit with a tank top.  She then went and made herself a cup of coffee. The hotel had delivered a newspaper at the door, so Bette decided to sit and read as she enjoyed her coffee. She then heard Tina calling her name. She quickly went and made Tina a cup of coffee and took it to her.

    Tina:  Babe? Everything okay? What are you doing dressed?

    Bette: Well, I woke up and decided to have some coffee and a shower. I figured you needed the sleep or you would wake up.

    Tina: Oh, honey, thank you for the coffee. But it scared me when you were not in bed with me when I woke up.

    Bette:  I’m right here dear. I was just in the other room. Are you hungry? I could order some breakfast and we can decide what we want to do with our day?

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