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    Chapter 15 – Sunday – A Day of Rest and Relaxation

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 15 – Sunday – A Day of Rest and Relaxation


    Bette and Tina woke up about 5:00 am both desiring each other and making the most of their time together.  They made love with passion and lust and an intensity that would make the memory of this weekend last. They orgasmed separately and then simultaneously. They both fell asleep again exhausted and satisfied that they had no more to give for the moment.  It was almost 9 am when they woke up for the second time. Bette got up and started the coffee and ordered breakfast from room service. Tina started to pack their bags so they could depart from the hotel by checkout time. Bette took advantage of the wait to pack her bags as well. They then sat down to the coffee and fruit to wait for their breakfast. They agreed that they would shower after breakfast and dress for the day and then start home. They would decide if they wanted to have lunch at home or on the way home later.

    Tina: This has been a spectacular weekend. I really needed this time with you Bette. And I appreciate you arranging this for us. And I have so enjoyed this time with you.

    Bette:  We barely left the room sweetie.

    Tina:  I know. And it’s what I needed and you gave that to me. You arranged that the children would be cared for. And to top it off, we bought me a studio. What a souvenir!

    Bette:  Well, let’s get organized on the studio this afternoon. We also need to go over our checklist on our move and see what needs to be done and when. I have a few things that we need to get to Daniel’s school and a few things I need to do for my job. We have tomorrow’s celebration for Angie.

    Tina:  Oh yeah…. Looks like it’s going to be another busy week. I need to talk to Vivian too. I need for her to remove the need for a home studio.

    Bette:  Yeah, we need to sit down and regroup. And remember, Paris and Jeanette will be spending tonight with us. So, if there is something you don’t want discussed in front of them, you need to let me know.

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    1. Hi Martha.
      I’m sorry I’m not one to comment after each chapter as I can’t wait to continue reading
      I am absolutely loving this story. They way they’ve changed their lives around with new careers and a move back to the LA area. Each couple telling their story of that last 10 years was so, informative, exciting and funny. It was heart warming to read the lovely one on one time, Bette had with Dan and Tina with Angie. You made it sound busy, hectic and so loving.
      It was so like Bette to plan a secret getaway for her and Tina, just what they both needed after the last few weeks of planning, their new lives

      Please continue, I’m loving it !! ❤️

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