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    Chapter 15

    Chapter 15

    A few days later, Tina walks through her front door and makes her way to the kitchen where she can hear Andrew preparing dinner. He looks over at her from the stove top when he hears her enter.

    (Andrew smiles) Hey

    (Tina) Hey, I didn’t even know you’d be home tonight. And now look at all this

    (Andrew) Have I not been doing this often enough?

    (Tina smiles) You’re fine. Was something cancelled tonight?

    Tina makes her way over to the fridge to fetch a bottle of wine.

    (Andrew sighs) Bette cancelled

    Tina looks over at him.

    (Tina) Oh?

    (Andrew) She’s cancelled everything actually. We won’t be working together

    Tina stops still and stares at him.

    (Tina) I thought things were fairly full steam ahead now. Can she withdraw just like that?

    (Andrew smiles) Well, you tell me counsellor

    (Tina sighs) Well no, of course she can’t

    (Andrew) She’s certainly opened herself up to all sorts of litigation. Things have moved too far for her to simply repay the investment, it would undoubtedly see her gallery go under

    Tina takes a deep breath and continues watching him.

    (Tina) So what are you planning to do?

    Andrew sighs.

    (Andrew) At the end of the day Bette and I are on the same side – politically, socially. There’s a reason I chose her, and the last thing I want to do is bring her down. Not to mention it’s not really the big splash I was wanting in returning to LA – a court battle with a high profile, socially progressive champion of African American artists. I’ll cut my losses here

    Tina breathes a sigh of relief and looks at him for a long moment.

    (Tina) That’s very good of you, a lot of people would respond spitefully in your position

    (Andrew sighs) I know you two hit it off. If you do speak with her try and change her mind, won’t you? Despite all this I’d still love to work with her

    Andrew shrugs and moves to the oven as the timer goes off, continuing with the dinner preparations.


    The next day, Bette is in her office at the gallery and answers her office phone.

    (Tina) Hey

    (Bette sighs) Hey, I can’t really talk I’m sorry

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    1. I suppose Tina wasn’t being deceitful when she told Bette she wanted ‘all or nothing’. She’s certainly going for all stringing both Bette and Andrew along to get what she wants. She may be playing Andrew for a fool, but I think he’s wise to her. He’s just giving her the space to come clean. He’s said it repeatedly when he sees them together that there is a connection. I don’t know why Tina is holding onto the marriage plan and being a politician’s wife, possibly another ambition. Very likely she would marry him and have women on the side secretly but didn’t count on meeting Bette or expecting to fall in love or rather in lust. I think Andrew is a really decent guy in that he wasn’t going to go after Bette for pulling out of the deal, but Tina’s actions tonight might really end up screwing Bette in more ways than one. Bette is taking a hugh chance that Tina actually cares about her well-being, but she was prepared to lose her gallery, her reputation, her livelihood and everything she’s worked for to allow Tina to have her ‘ALL’ with Andrew so what more does she stand to lose by putting her heart on the line and continuing the illicit affair. I know it’s Tibette and they can do no wrong moralistically as long as they end up together, but Tina is really crossing a line. Great story. Looking forward to what’s next.

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