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    Chapter 16 – Monday – Angie’s Birthday

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 16 – Monday – Angie’s Birthday

    Tina had set the alarm for 5 am. They decided to share a shower and had a serious make out session while they enjoyed the soap and water. Bette congratulated Tina on her eighteenth anniversary of giving birth to their beautiful daughter. Bette had a special gift for Tina but would not give it to her until later that night.

    After the shower, Bette dressed in a business suit so that she was suitable for whatever in the morning. She would change at lunch time to more casual clothes to take the kids shopping. Tina dressed in some khaki capris and a tank top. She would be in the kitchen most of the morning so, she wanted to be comfortable. She put on a pair of sneakers and pulled her hair back and put it into a pony tail.  She noticed that her roots were showing the gray instead of the blonde.  She had a week’s worth of growth beyond the due date for her touch up.  She looked at Bette and noticed that her gray was beginning to show as well.

    Tina:  Sweetie? Have you noticed your hair?

    Bette:  You mean the gray that is beginning to show up? Yeah, I saw it. I’m going to get it cut sometime this week. I just haven’t made up my mind how short I’m willing to go. I see that yours is beginning to show also.  That makes me feel better.

    Tina (laughed):  Misery loves company, eh? Well, when we get a chance let’s talk about our new hair styles.

    Bette:  Are you going to get yours cut also?

    Tina:  Yeah, I am and I’m thinking something drastic for me. That will make it grow faster. Anyway, let’s talk later.  I need to get downstairs and make breakfast.

    Bette:  I need to start getting some of the paper work together. Can I get your driver’s license and passport?

    Tina:  Sure.  What’s that for?

    Bette:  I need to file identification with Daniel’s school for both of us. I need to send his adoption papers and birth certificate and his immunization records. I think I got an email for his doctor last week with that in it. So, I am going to scan all the records and email them to the school. Once I have a scan, I’ll not have to ask for it unless something changes.

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    1. Great chapter, Martha, so much happened!
      The birthday secret, the visit to the Medical Centre, Bette find8n* out about the inheritance amount.
      I love that Kit and Bette now have Paris, Jeanette and Mary in their lives and all are so happy.

      Looking forward to the new house, getting the Studio ready and more! I’m hoping to we get to go to scotland with them all, what a hoot that will be…..Alice herding sheep

      • Janice24,

        It thrills me that someone is actually reading these chapters. Since the view tabulation has disappeared and I have chosen not to have my story rated, the only way to know anyone is reading is through comments.

        I am glad you are enjoying this story…. I thought I would write something about Bette and Tina and how I thought they would end up after The L Word concluded. Gen Q is not the life that I envisioned. I envisioned that in their final reconciliation, they would have both reached the conclusion that they were each other’s soul mate and they would work together to make the life they wanted. And I thought that at this point, they would have begun to discover that their professional life was not as important as their relationships with each other, their children, family and friends.

        Much of my story revolves around communications that the characters have with each other. For that is where you see their values displayed and their character displayed. And of course, I want their behavior to match their beliefs and their values. That I think is my biggest problem with Gen Q. They are forever saying one thing and doing another…

        I also wanted to show that as in any typical life, there is a never ending list of “to do’s”. There are the mundane things like laundry and cooking… but there are the unusual things such as those things to make a move across country and get you child ready for college and the other ready for a new school. I want to show that Bette and Tina are more than just good looking sexy women, but that they are people with a life and responsibilities. I hope that my Bette and Tina appears to be a little more three dimensional than most stories. Perhaps a little more on the idealistic side than the realistic side. But I hope these characters are ones you can enjoy.

        There are many more chapters to go for this volume and I have completed volume 3 as well. But neither of these volume will get the group to Scotland. That still has to be written…

        Thank you for reading….

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