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    Chapter 16 – And the Week Goes On

    Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

    Chapter 16 – And the Week Goes On

    Bette woke up about 4 am and found herself to be in need of some affection from Tina. She began to stroke Tina’s arm and kiss her neck and chest. She kissed her ear and sucked lightly on her ear lobe.

    Tina: Am I dreaming? Or is this real?

    Bette: You smell so good and you taste good too… feels pretty real to me.

    Tina: Oh, sweetie that feels good. Easy now… no marks please?

    Bette:  I know. No marks. I’ll behave. But you taste so good…

    Tina: Kiss me and so that I know I’m not dreaming.

    Bette kiss Tina lightly then went back in with more assertiveness and seduction. Tina was beginning to moan and caused Bette to become more aroused and proceed on as she began to palm Tina’s breast. She then kissed both of her eyes and backed off to look at her sleepy lover’s face.

    Bette: You are so damn sexy woman. You look so good in the morning…

    Tina:  You look pretty good yourself.  I love your shorter hair. Kiss me, Sweetie.

    Their kisses began softly and then began to pick up intensity and passion. Bette moved to Tina’s neck and upper chest with her kisses and licks as her hands began to wonder from her breast to her abdomen and upper thighs. She shifted her body so that she was between Tina’s legs. Tina automatically spread her legs wider so that Bette have better access. Bette could feel Tina’s wetness on her abdomen as she moved down her body. The heat of her core spurred her on. As Bette went on to pay homage to Tina’s breast and as Tina ground her pubic bone into Bette’s abdomen arching her hips into Bette’s body and thrusting her chest into Bette’s mouth. Her moans were getting louder as Bette moved down her abdomen kissing her toned muscles and scars for her recent surgery and the C-section from so long ago. Tina appreciated Bette’s special attention she always paid to the what she considered her flaws on her abdomen. Bette knew the significance of each one as they meant that Tina had gone through a trauma and emerged on the other side to come back to her. For Bette, these were badges of honor and of sacrifice in which she kept her alive and gave her a child.

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    1. Thank you for all of these amazing chapters of Bette, Tina and the rest of the family. I like that the drama they experience is like ours, life’s hurdles and challenges. I love reading every chapter.
      I love your addition of Mary to the family along with Margaret. Hopefully, they will form a strong friendship with one another along with becoming travel buddies.
      This family works well as the participants approach it like a team. Everyone supports the others in whatever activity they are participating in.
      What I also appreciate is the relationships that Bette and Tina have created with one another, their children and the rest of the blood and extended family members. It’s wonderful bonds that they share with each other because they all work on communicating their needs and are concerned with the others needs and do check in with them.
      Thank you again for an amazing story!

    2. I have always believed that life was full of drama… just a matter of how you look at things. There is drama in being a parent and being a spouse and being a child. The most important thing in our lives is our relationship with others – with those we love in particular. When Bette and Tina decided to become parents, they did so for their benefit. To have joys of being a parent. But my Bette and Tina soon realized that becoming a parent was a sacred duty to help guide their children to a healthy productive happy adult. And the best way to do this was to have a healthy, happy relationship between the two of them. Yes, they made mistakes early in their life – no one is perfect. But they learned not to allow their screw ups of the past to over shadow their lives, but to learn from their mistakes and then move on and be the people they want to be. And with the help and love from each other, they are far better people than they ever could be separately.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. There are about 9 more chapters and this story will end… I do appreciate you taking the time to enjoy this story.

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