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    Chapter 17 – Quick Trip to New Haven


    Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

    Chapter 17 – Quick Trip to New Haven

    The next morning, Bette and Tina woke up and went for a swim in the pool.  After which Tina showered in the cabana.  Bette went upstairs and showered and dressed for work. Mary came in and assisted Tina with breakfast which consisted of eggs, hash browns, bacon and English muffins and a side of peaches.

    Bette came down in her dark blue suite and her blue blouse and medium height heals. Mary was impressed with how she looked. She looked like she was in complete command of her life and space.

    Mary:  Wow, you look impressive.

    Bette: What? This is what I wear to work almost every day.

    Mary:  Well, I’m not use to seeing you as you go off to work. But I know that if I were a student, I’d pay attention to every syllable you uttered. You’d have my complete attention.

    Bette:  Well, that is up to them. I dress as I have all my professional life. I hope they pay attention. But if they don’t well, we will see it in the test results.

    Tina:  Coffee?

    Bette:  Yes, please.  I’m going in a little early since I will be coming home early.  Oh, and I have not packed yet.

    Tina:  What time does the car get here?

    Bette:  It will be here at 5:30. We need to be on the plane at 6:30 and take-off is at 7:00. They are going to serve us a dinner. I’ve ordered us an upgrade on the food. Then we will sleep the rest of the trip.

    Tina:  Will our car pick up Jim and Dot?

    Bette:  No, I sent a separate car for him. Oh, and wear a comfortable lounging outfit. We won’t be striping down to our underwear on this trip since we are with Jim and Dot. We will go straight to the hotel, get some breakfast and then get ready for our appointment. We should wear causal dressy clothes for the house tour. We may dress up a little more when we go out to dinner.

    Tina:  Oh, Angie says that both she and Suzanne will join us for dinner and will spend the night at the hotel.

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