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    Chapter 16 – Forget or remember

    The family returned home four days ago. When Bette went to work, she felt very tired and weak for several days, and one evening she had a fever. Tina called the doctor and Ms. Broad said that Bette would be better stay home for the rest of the week. The doctor assured the women that there is nothing serious in this, you just need to put a few droppers with vitamins and reduce daily stress, as well as establish nutrition. Bette, of course, was initially against the idea and said that she couldn’t just not go to work because she was tired, but finally agreed. Tina was not reassured by the doctor’s words, because she had seen Bette and understood that her wife’s condition was not just stress from work. Back in New York, she had noticed that Bette was becoming more distant, withdrawn, very serious, and drooping every day. Upon arrival in Los Angeles, Bette’s condition only worsened. She would sometimes go up to Angie in the morning or evening and give her a silent hug, or exchange a few routine words with Tina, and that would be the end of her contact with her family. Sometimes she discussed some work matters on the phone and these were the moments when Tina could at least hear her wife’s voice.


    Angie had been in therapy with Dr. Ingrid for almost a month, and during that time they had made a lot of progress in various aspects. Angelica completely trusted Ingrid, they sometimes had a conversation longer than the set 60 minutes, and this helped to solve the issues that worried the girl more effectively, not to stop if she wanted to say something else. Today they discussed a trip to New York, Angie talked about how she feels guilty about Eddie, applying for a place at a prestigious University, and also shared that she and Bette have very little contact now.


    ”She’s distant. They don’t talk much to mom either, you know, it’s a vacuum at home. It’s like everyone wants to talk to each other, but no one dares to. This has been the case since we arrived from New York a few days ago.”

    Angelica sat across from Ingrid in her office. It was a spacious and bright office with no bright details other than a huge glass chandelier that glittered with light, which Angie often looked at when she was thinking about something or sharing her thoughts. It was a kind of small hypnotic element, the flickering of this chandelier was mesmerizing and forced to tell what is in the depths of the soul.

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    1. This is a really sad and tragic story. Bette, Tina and Angie have yet to reconcile their lives to the loss of Oli. They all must have therapy – individually and as a family. It appears that they have never really talked to one another about the loss of Oli and what it meant to them. If Oli is simply to be repressed into the past and not to be spoken about except on her birthday, then it is difficult to move on with their lives together. The fear of bringing up the deep sorrow will always be a burden and will cause a rift in their relationships with each other. It would appear, they have never shared the pain. It will never go away, but it can be diminished by sharing the hurt and the loss with each other.

      This is another chapter which just bring me to tears…..

    2. Hmmm, still think why you need to bring this unexpecting turn about loss another child to them? I agree with some previous comments – there isn’t any indication of that in previous chapter and now it feels strange to me.
      And second – why they together? They can’t grieve together, they can’t talk together about that – only with therapist. Even their daughter prefer talking not with them, but with therapist also. So, why they want to be together?

      • I hope that you will find answers to your questions in the following chapters. I love this couple endlessly and I want everything to be good for them, but I also want to try to delve into their characters through such a tregic theme. I understand that the transition to this topic was too abrupt and groundless, but this was my idea, which I will try to develop further.

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