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    Chapter 16 – Who’s Wearing What Tonight?


    “I see.” Tina lets go of the ring from Kit and picks up the other ring. It’s heavy in her hand like her heart in her chest at this moment.  Her voice again barely a whisper. She stares at the gold piece of jewelry for a minute before asking.

    “And… this one?”

    “You know it’s your wedding band.” Bette touches Tina’s fingers holding the ring.


    “It’s next to my heart.”

    Tears instantly roll down Tina’s cheeks at hearing Bette bare her soul.  Her eyes slid closed under the weight of Bette’s words. There were things that she can’t say that got stuck in her throat.

    “I…I hoped one day you would wear it again.” Bette whispers as she wipes the torrent of tears from Tina’s cheek.

    “God, I… I want to.” Tina starts sobbing and through her tears tells Bette. “I…I’m so sorry.”

    Bette cups Tina’s hands and brings them to her chest, just above her heart.

    “Knowing one day you’ll consider it again is enough for me.” Bette kisses Tina’s forehead and pulls her into her arms. Circling her with her love. “You know I’ve always wanted to be married to you.”

    Tina’s sobs continue for a few minutes as the realization of the pain she caused Bette hits her again. She wonders …

    “How…how can you forgive me?” Tina cries into Bette’s shoulder.

    “Shhhh.Babe.” Bette whispers in her ear. She holds Tina tightly, trying to comfort her and slow the onslaught of tears. “Because I love you Tina. Always with everything that I am.”

    “I…I don’t deserve you.” Tina’s shame is evident in her voice.

    “You could say the same thing about me. I broke your heart all those years ago.” Bette moves her head to look at Tina. She wipes more tears away. “But I think we deserve each other and in a good way. We’ve paid our dues and deserve a chance for lasting happiness.”

    “Are…are you sure?” Tina can’t bear to look Bette in the eyes, afraid of what she might see.

    “Tina.” Bette says softly as she turns Tina’s chin towards her and looks in her expressive hazel eyes. “I am a billion times sure. You are the only one for me.”

    “First, last, forever?”

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    1. Hi Collins,

      What a fantastic chapter!

      I still feel emotional about the rings scene, so beautiful!

      They still have a long road to go but i am positive that at the end they will be reconciled both in mind, soul, heart and in body. They are both committed and even Bette is thinking to seek counseling for the loss of Kit and the anger and loss of Tina after the divorce.

      This quote was wonderful and explains right away why Bette held hope they would end back together:

      “Kissing Tina was like kissing a sunbeam – warm and vibrant, intense and brilliant. Kissing Tina brought the flash of passion that Bette was forever caught by. Blazing through her soul – warming Bette to her core.

      There seemed to be a halo effect around Tina and Bette was just spellbound to look away. Even in the worst of times for them, all Tina had to do was look at Bette with that love in her eyes and Bette was lost – lost in all that was Tina. The hurt, disappointment, heartache all melted away in that sunbeam that was Tina.”

      And Tina knows Bette so well, her character assement on how Bette can respond when they were in the car, was spot on. And Bette thinking about it before she responded shows that she is really trying to change some behavior.

      Collins, i can point out so many things that that captured my eye but it will be a very long comment!

      Ok, one more, the flasback to the office of Tina and the costume Tina had on, the one that looked of Emma Peel, and their sexy time was hot as hell!!!

      We are in a heat wave at the moment and probably for 8 more days but damn i needed a second cold shower after reading the flashback!

      You wrote a fantastic chapter and i am looking forward to the party!

      Take care my friend ????

      • Hey Bibi,

        So you liked the chapter -uh??? Thanks for your comment.

        Yes, they are both growing & looking inward for some self reflection. They need to demonstrate to each other just how much they have changed for the better.

        I am trying to fill in a lot of gaps that OG never showed us about their relationship – how they felt about each other that just isn’t that they loved each other – but what about all the other little fragments of the puzzle that make up this wonderful couple. We’ll get some more of that in a few more chapters.

        BK is doing just a marvelous job of the beginning of their relationship that we didn’t see in OG also.

        So the party is next & some nice scenes with the extended family.

        Back in the day – circa mid 1960’s I watched The Avengers on TV when it first was produced & was hooked on Diana Rigg who played Mrs. Emma Peel on the show opposite Patrick MacNee who played John Steed. She was just so lovely & very liberated for the times back then. And with Tina being in the film industry, she always has access to wonderful costumes.

        It is very hot here in Texas also – phew!!!!!!!!!

        Take care & thanks so much my friend.


    2. Collins
      So I have no idea who Mrs Peel is but who cares! The way you wrote Tina in the costume is all I need to know it was smoking. This is a lovely chapter. We get to see how Tina views Bette, I love the way you added her thoughts and feelings into this chapter as it pulls everything together. I like BiBi’s description of the “halo” effect, so very apt given the way you wrote this. Really nice to read, it flows into the preceding chapters very well. We should all be so lucky to have love like this. Thank you! Looking forward to your next chapter…

      • Hiya BK,

        Mrs. Emma Peel – you’ll find lots of stuff on the web about her/Diana Rigg. So Diana is British & had a very successful career in movies, TV & stage dating back to the 60’s.
        Queen Elizabeth knighted her as a Dame several years ago – she was in your Game of Thrones show for several years – played Olenna Tyrell. I didn’t watch it, but I think she was in 3 seasons of it.

        But she was HOT back in the day & was & still is a very classy lady.

        It was Tina’s turn to appreciate the woman that is willing to forgive her. Theirs is a once in a lifetime love.

        Let’s HOPE & PRAY that GQ thinks the same way!!!

        Thanks for reading & your thoughtful comments.

        Take care


    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      Yeah, i don’t know who is Emma Peel too and what her leather pantsuit looks like but it was still very good and hot throw back from NYC 2012.

      So, are you going to allow Bette win election or not – i guess we find out in next chapters, right?

      • Hey Z,

        The photo of Mrs Peel is actually from the mid 1960’s – but that type of hotness is always in demand – especially when you’re trying to seduce her wife as Tina did.!!!!!

        The election – will she or won’t she. Can’t leave the cat out of the bag so I’ll just say that the future holds both Bette & Tina working together. Gotta stay tuned in to find out for sure!

        Thanks so much for reading & taking the time to comment. I sincerely appreciate it.

        Be safe & take care.


      • Hi SK,

        So glad you enjoyed the chapter. It was just the two of them, but like always in every story about them they have a lot to say in many mediums – verbally, physically & intellectually.

        As you know with your own story on them, It’s the little things that count the most.

        Thanks for continuing to follow along.

        Waiting for your next post as well.

        Stay safe my friend.


    4. Had a few days away with no Internet Connection and now catching up!

      Great Chapter, loved it and the mention of Mrs Peel took me back years! I adored The Avengers and Diana Rigg as Mrs Peel, thank you so much for the memories :-)

      Stay safe and post soon.


      • Hi SG,

        So sorry to hear about your internet issues. Hopefully you will be good to go for a long time now.

        This was a good chapter – no drama this time.

        Mrs. Peel – name from the distant past right? Gee, I remember watching The Avengers when it was broadcast in the US in the mid 1960’s & it was in black & white!!!! To a young girl like myself – Mrs. Peel had it all & we all wanted to be just like her!!!

        Diana Rigg is such a classy lady & very independent for that period in history. I have been a fan of hers since those days. Sweet times for sure.

        Thanks a bunch for leaving a note.

        Take care of yourself & I hope you are doing well.

        All my best

    5. Lovely fluffy chapter! I like these lengthy descriptions of people. And it’s paradoxical, in a way, because in fanfic we actually need do a lot less physical character description because the actors are shared territory with the fans of the show – and yet, it’s really satisfying to read detailed descriptions! Weird.

      I should remember Mrs Peel but I don’t really. Maybe I’m just a wee bit too young??? (Can’t imagine being too young for anything these days, haha) I remember the New Avengers (Purdy hair cuts at school!) more than the original but of course I know all about Diana Rigg’s leather cat suit. (But again, say ‘leather cat suit’ to me and I’ll think Suzi Quattro, lol)

      Thank you for a great story, Collins. Looking forward to the next bit. X

      • I try to get into the mind and thoughts of the characters & sometimes from the other person’s perceptive. Sure, we all know what they look like both in OG & GQ, but how do they feel about the other, what’s in their mind.

        So it seems I really stumped a lot of readers with the Mrs. Peel reference. I guess you have to be of a certain age to recall the original show from the 1960’s.There was a movie remake several years ago with Uma Thurman as Mrs. Peek and Ralph Fiennes as John Steed. It didn’t get good reviews & was a poor impression of the real thing.

        But the ‘cat suit’ costume has been used in different variations over the years by many actresses.

        Tina has such a rich resource of different periods and current trends & pop culture that it seemed like a natural fit to dig around in that ‘closet’ and find something to use in the story.

        Thanks as always for reading and following along.

        Chapter 17 is coming any day now!

        Take care & best regards.


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