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    Chapter 17 – Let’s Party


    “Believe me,” Bette explained, “I tried to tire her out before we left the house but just succeeded in exhausting myself instead.”

    “Ah, you were tired. Poor babe.” Tina smirked and wiggled her eyebrows.“That’s why you were soooo easy to seduce tonight.”

    “Uh no, my pet. I still have plenty of stamina left.” Bette was getting her energy back, her voice stronger and the glint in her eyes powerful. “I can still take you any day Kennard.”

    “Oh yeah?” Tina questioned as she grabbed Bette by her torn blouse.“Sorry babe. Guess I owe you a replacement uh?”

    “I would say you do ‘Mrs. Peel.’” Bette grinned widely as she took hold of the upper zippers on Tina’s outfit and slowly started pulling them down revealing Tina’s creamy shoulders and neck. “Oh T, you have to keep this costume. I love it.”

    “I can probably arrange that.” Tina replies as she feels Bette’s hands tenderly caress her now bare shoulders.

    “Um, please do honey.” Bette kissed her way down Tina’s neck. Nibbling along teh way and savouring the taste of her wife. ”It’s my turn now.”

    Tina braced herself by stretching her arms out on either side of Bette and leaning them against the back of the couch. As Bette further peels the leather top down she realizes that Tina isn’t wearing a bra.

    “Tina, babe.” Bette purrs into Tina’s ear and licks the curve of it.

    “What?” Tina asks in a whisper, arousal driving her.

    “Are you going commando too?”

    “You’ll just have to find that out for yourself.” Tina leans forward again and kisses Bette.

    “You’re in so much trouble.”

    “Am I going to like it?”

    “Every . . . minute . . . of . . . it.” Bette tells her and Tina certainly does.

    It’s Part Time – Event Center

    There were over three hundred homeless people and their families at the large event center that Pierce had managed to rent out for the evening. All the proceeds from contributions by the guest list of celebrities and local community and political figures would go to the Department of Health and Services in LA targeted for the homeless community.

    Through their contacts in their businesses, Tina and Quiara had arranged to get dozens of entertainment people to attend and lend their support. Helena had used her various connections in the business world to attract several business CEOs and corporate leaders.

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    1. Collins
      Thank you for the vision of Bette in a pirate costume! I can totally picture her with Tina having a blast at the costume party. And how cute is Angie? Love her. There are great things building between them in this chapter, and they are getting closer and closer to realizing that they belong together. Won’t be long now. Thanks –

      • Hey BK,
        Thanks for checking in.

        Was trying to inject some fun in this chapter as the last few have been pretty stressful & emotional for our couple. They needed a well deserved breather!!

        So in continuing to create a back story for them, I have Bette a hobby(obsession) with the fascination with the Pirates franchise. Just for fun – who would have thought that the fordible Bette Porter would be hooked on a fictional story!!!

        Gave Angie some good lines as she continues to grow as a young woman & the best cheerleader for her parents. More ahead for her in later chapters.

        The softer side of Tina is emerging as she owns her mistakes & wants to show the 2 most important people in her life that she’s there to stay.

        Thanks for Your support & advice!!!

        Looking forward to your next post as well.

        Stay safe my friend.


      • Hi SG,

        Hope all is well in your world & that you are feeling ok.

        Glad you enjoyed pirate Porter!!! Took me a while to decide on the costumes, but in the end they all made sense.

        Thanks so much & remain healthy & safe.


    2. Heya Collins,
      Great chapter. I cannot wait for these two to get past that final barrier to full intimacy. It’s going to be so awesome. And what a beautifully rich description of all the costumes, especially Bette and Tina’s. Wow. Loved the whole scene at the Center. Can’t wait for family night.


      • Hey Risky,

        Our fav couple is getting closer to each other & full forgiveness. It has been a long road for them & many stones overturned & examined.

        Wanted to have some fun with the party & Tibette. Wanted the extended family there too & it was a natural to have Quiara perform & a great way for Helena, Dylan, Shane & Quiara to share some of their good fortune for a very good cause.

        Thanks again for following & taking the time to comment.

        Take care.


    3. Hey Collins,

      What a fantastic chapter!

      I loved the descriptions of the costumes everyone was wearing, it was almost if you posted the pictures of them for us to see.

      Angie and Jordi are so cute and bold, how they both spoke up about how much Bette would love Tina’s outfit and hinting on how Bette could tell and show Tina!

      The party was a big success and it is incredible what their friends did to make it such a success, they were all very generous to help and support the homeless shelter.

      Bette is still not ready to completely trust Tina and take the last step but they are taking small steps and it is great to see how they both are at ease with each other and communicate. Small steps to gain the ultimate goal, a healthy and long lasting relationship.

      Bette is a beautiful and fantastic woman, how she gave Dani advice and aknowledge that she had to much tunnel vision in the past. Focus and drive isn’t a bad thing but it is if you don’t see anything else around you and neglect your partner. She has learned so much and i love this Bette.

      This is a amazing story and you put so much detail in it. It is hardly to believe that only ten days ago Tina came back.

      I look forward to the family night!

      Stay save and healthy me friend ????

      • Hey my friend,

        Thanks so much for your thoughts on the chapter.

        Great chance to relieve some of the pressure cooker moments from the past few chapters. It was lots of fun doing the research & writing the descriptions!!

        Their extended family has always risen to the needs of friends & for good reasons.

        Although their passion is reignited & burning bright, they need to cement that trust first. Remember back to when they first started dating, Bette was so patient with Tina & waited for her to be ready & feel comfortable before they were intimate. Now Tina needs to do the same until Bette feels safe in her trust with Tina. It’s not a quick rush for sex, but a journey for their future, for their forever,
        I remember a professor once told me that you can sink or swim in the details. Soooooo, lots of details in each chapter. Glad you like it.

        Yes, look how far they have come in 10 days. Leaps & bounds. They are on their way!!!

        A few more chapters to come, so keep the faith.

        Thanks for your thoughts & support.

        Take care my friend.


      • Hiya Z,

        You are so welcome for this update! Glad you liked it!!

        The election is just a few days away. Whether she wins or loses, Bette will still love Tina all the same.

        Again, the time line for the story thus far is less than 2 weeks – it’s still too soon for them to be intimate even though they may think they’re ready. Bette needs to fully trust Tina & that is going to take time – not gonna happen over night. But know that it is going to happen.

        They have had several intimate moments in the flashbacks that have been included in the chapters.

        Thanks again for reading & taking the time to comment. I appreciate it very much.

        Take care & stay safe.


    4. Absolutely loved this chapter! I can’t wait for Bette and Tina to get past their issues and move on so they can explore each other and continue with their full intimacy.

      • Hello KC,

        Thanks so much for your warm wishes. So pleased that you liked the chapter.

        It was fun to write & research. I have been a history buff all my life & try to infuse some of that enthusiasm into the story.

        Tibette is definitely moving forward to a happier place.

        Thanks for following & enjoy the remaining chapters.

        Best wishes.


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