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    Chapter 17

    Chapter 17

    A few days later, Tina arrives home and walks though to the kitchen. She puts down her bag and then notices Andrew standing by the dining room table, which is set with candles and a bottle of champagne chilling.

    She approaches slowly, her eyes scanning over the table.

    (Tina) What’s all this?

    Andrew smiles at her.

    (Andrew) Something exciting

    Tina looks uncertainly back at him.

    (Tina) OK

    Andrew steps towards her and hands her an envelope. She pauses as she holds the envelope in her hand before slowly opening it and pulling out two airplane tickets. She looks at the tickets with a furrowed brow, before raising her eyes to meet Andrew’s.

    (Tina) Andrew what is this?

    (Andrew) Well, I know we’ve never seen eye to eye on the wedding, and that you’d prefer to just elope and skip the whole Rhys-Baker circus

    He smiles at her.

    (Andrew) So, you win

    Tina takes a deep breath and stares back at him.

    (Andrew smiles) We can elope. No drama, no politicians, no bullshit. Just us

    He continues smiling at her as she again looks down at the tickets, caught completely off guard and unsure of how to respond.

    (Tina) Andrew, these are for next week

    (Andrew smiles) Yep. It’s a good time with the campaign to step away for a few days. I’ve cleared the schedule

    He places his hands on her shoulders, still smiling broadly.

    (Andrew) Wait here, I’ll get us glasses for the champagne

    He continues talking to her as he makes his way to the kitchen.

    (Andrew) I’m actually excited, I don’t know why I didn’t agree to this years ago. Just don’t tell my mother

    Tina continues to stand still, staring at the tickets in her hand.

    Meanwhile, Bette’s house. Bette is sitting outside by the pool and Shane walks through from next door holding two beers. She hands one to Bette who smiles at her as she takes it. They sit together in silence for a while, both sipping on their drinks.

    Shane eventually turns to her.

    (Shane) We don’t have to talk about anything if you don’t want to. I just thought you might want some company.

    Bette smiles at her and sighs.

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    1. Well, dear Tina… if Andrew is your choice, you need to communicate that directly to Bette…. and soon. If it’s not well, what exactly are your plans?

      This is really a huge cliff hanger for me…. yes, my heart just jumped into my throat too.

      Post soon… I need to calm down… Thank you for posting.

    2. Wow, this is not what I expected! Let me set the stage…I live at a beach on the east coast. We were not hit with Ian directly but the tropical storm Ian gave us heavy rain and gusting winds. Last night around 7 the wind snapped a large tree that crashed into the 6’ fence then came down on the house. Scared me and the dog. Tree did not break the 2 windows but was leaning on them. All night the limbs scraped the windows in the wind gusts. I slept, just not well. This morning I took dog out in rain, wind, and cold. Came in, took shower to warm up, fixed a cup of tea and sat in my chair waiting for tree guy. I opened my IPad and find the next chapter in your great story!! I thought I would lose myself in the chapter. Not happening today! My tale of woe continues. I am in a really deep funk! Please post soon….I can’t live here for long there is a nor’easter heading from Virginia to Maine! I just can’t………

    3. I do agree that maybe Tina needs to break the engagement and return to east coast. She really can’t or shouldn’t leave one relationship with an alpha and jump into another one until she finds her voice, her gifts and her freedom. Then over a period of time she and Bette can meet again as equals.

    4. Wow. You packed a lot in three pages. I won’t comment on Tina continuing the charade. I liked that level-headed Shane had the talk with Bette. However, Andrew is the character I am really interested in now. I’ll keep my speculations to myself because my imagination is taking me to all sorts of places, but I am so looking forward to you revealing his true motivations behind wanting to suddenly elope and then making sure Bette knows about it. There might be nothing to it, and we can take him at face value OR who’s to say: only you katynd. :-) Thanks for another great chapter and for keeping me coming back for more.

      • Because there is so much at stake for Andrew, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had Tina followed and found out about Bette. You know what they say , keep your family close, and your enemies closer. Eloping would guarantee Andrew gets Tina. Let’s wait and see.

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