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    Chapter 18

    Chapter 18

    Two weeks later, Tina is in her office at the university and is wrapping up a conference call. She fidgets with her cell phone throughout the meeting, glancing periodically at the screen.

    After her meeting concludes she picks up the phone and holds it for a moment, making a decision. She eventually sighs and places a call.

    The call rings out and Bette’s voicemail picks up. Tina considers leaving a message and thinks better of it, ending the call. She immediately places another.

    (James) Bette Porter Gallery

    (Tina) Hi James

    James answers warmly.

    (James) Hi Tina

    Tina rubs her forehead.

    (Tina) Do you think I should take something from you now recognising my voice and the fact I’ve had zero response from her?

    James smiles and speaks kindly.

    (James) It’s up to you Tina, I’m happy to keep taking your messages

    (Tina) But I’m pretty sure they’re not actually reaching her, right?

    (James) I can’t say, I’m sorry

    (Tina) I know

    Tina sighs as she runs her hand through her hair.

    (Tina) So, I’m guessing she’s not in?

    (James) Sorry, did you want to leave a message?

    (Tina sighs) No, thank you though

    (James) OK

    (Tina) Thanks James, I imagine we’ll do this again

    (James smiles) OK, bye Tina


    Later that day, Bette and James are sitting in Bette’s office arranging the invite list for her upcoming event.

    (James) Caroline and Margot Sanchez

    (Bette) Yes

    (James) And the usual suspects obviously, Alice, Shane and Dana

    Bette smiles.

    (Bette) Of course

    (James) And finally, Andrew Rhys-Baker and Tina Kennard

    Bette looks over at him and pauses for a moment.

    (Bette) Extend the invitation, but I’m not sure they’ll be attending

    (James) OK

    James makes a note on his clipboard.

    (Bette) And change it to Andrew and Tina Rhys-Baker

    James looks up at her.

    (Bette) So that’s the last then?

    James continues looking at her for a moment.

    (James) Yes, that’s all

    (Bette) Great, thank you James

    James gathers his notes and moves towards the door. He pauses in the doorway and looks back at Bette.

    (James) I know you asked me to stop relaying her messages, but she’s still calling. I thought maybe it was important to tell you that

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    1. Just saw this post! I am working from home and took a break after a long zoom. Thank you, thank you for making my day. I read yesterday’s post and decided Andrew figured out the Tina Bette connection. Why else would he come to Bette’s office, tell Bette of their eloping and then ask for another invitation. He was going to rub it in Bette’s face!!! I believed this was going to get really ugly! But today… today’s post changed my mood for the day! Looking forward to the next post ….sorry it is last for this story!

    2. Well, I must say that I am breathing again…. But Tina is a risk taker… but she always calculates the risk so that she does not get completely destroyed in taking the leap. Hopefully in this choice, she actually really does get it all: the partner who will allow her to be who she is and the one who challenges her and supports her as well… this is who Bette was attracted to and this is who she will be very comfortable living with… no matter where they end up.

      Great story….. let’s see how you wrap it up….

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