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    Chapter 17

    Chapter 17

    Two weeks later, Saturday morning, Bette is sitting at her island bench sipping a coffee and reading the paper. She answers her cell.

    (Alice) Porter, how are things?

    (Bette smiles) Great Al, how are things with you?

    (Alice) Yeah can’t complain I guess. How’s Tina?

    (Bette smiles) She’s great Al

    (Alice) She’s there now?

    (Bette) Ah, no, she had to work today. Until this afternoon anyway

    (Alice nods) OK, well that will work. We’ve decided we’ve left you two alone long enough now, we’re coming over for a swim this afternoon and we want to see her too

    Bette smiles.

    (Alice) Shane and Dana are in. You let Tina know, I’ll call Helena

    (Bette smiles) OK, sounds good Al

    Alice raises her eyebrows.

    (Alice) Really? I expected some more resistance to this

    (Bette laughs) Why? I appreciate you giving us some space, and I think us all getting together sounds great

    (Alice smiles) OK, great then. You don’t need to work at all today?

    (Bette) No, there’s a bit going on but James is handling it. I’ll need to touch base with him through the day but there won’t be more than that

    (Alice) OK, we’ll see you soon

    (Bette smiles) OK, bye Al


    Later that day, Bette, Alice, Shane and Dana are sitting around Bette’s outdoor table having a drink. Alice is frowning at Bette across the table.

    (Alice) I still don’t get it

    Shane chuckles as she has a sip of beer, and Alice turns to her.

    (Alice) Do you get it?

    (Shane smiles) I get it fine. And anyway we don’t need to get it

    She nods towards Bette.

    (Shane) They get it, and they’re happy. What else matters?

    Dana has a sip of her drink and looks to Bette.

    (Dana) So, you’re together then?

    Bette smiles at her as she reaches for the water pitcher.

    (Bette) Yes

    (Alice) And it’s exclusive?

    Bette nods as she refills her glass.

    (Bette) Yes

    (Dana frowns) But not committed?

    Bette shakes her head.

    (Bette) No

    (Alice sighs) OK, so far I’m with you. That’s just an early stages relationship. But you’re saying you’ll never be committed?

    (Bette nods) Right

    (Alice) You’ll never look to the future together? Or make plans together?

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    1. Great to see a new chapter!

      Still wonder a bit how they see this not as a committed relationship but if this is how it works for them, i am very happy for them.

      Sad to read the story almost comes to an end.

      Truly enjoy your stories!

    2. Okay… so they have worked out that they are girlfriends indefinitely….. exclusive, in love but not committed. They can make plans together but not long-term plans. I’m not sure how they define long term but okay… perhaps it means not permenant such as buying a house together or getting married. They are fine as long as things are for convenience and not commitment. For me commitment is an expression of intent not a guarantee. Someone can say to you they will promise love you forever. They are expressing their intent and even pledging to use their best efforts to fulfill that promise. But there are no guarantees in life whatsoever. They are acting like a committed relationship just not labeling it as such. And by not labeling as such, they both can avoid their phobias of being in a committed relationship. They will both will be free to come and go as they wish and to lead the life they want to live. Just as in any committed relationship. As long as what they agree to is a matter of convenience not commitment at least in their perception, things will be fine. I guess my thoughts are how in the world did these two ever get to the concept that commitment was a trap of doing something they really did not want to do? I’m with Alice…. I’m not sure I understand. I’m not sure I ever will… but okay.

      Thanks for the chapter…

      • I originally had it that Tina left to go and pick up Helena and I realised it totally seemed like I was setting up for an accident! So I changed it but I guess the vibe is still there a bit hey? Sorry about that!

        • Hahaha yes! And i was thinking that the “accident” will knock some sense into tina about commitment! (Hihihi)

          But then i read your notes, 1 chapter to go. (Aww,) We can’t squeeze an accident with just one chap to go.

          Anyway, im great with the keys!

    3. I love them but they would both be devastated if they broke up so call it what you want they are already committed. Would love to know what causes Tina to be so afraid of commitment. What would happen if something happened to one of them and only family is allowed to visit etc?

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