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    Chapter 19 – Deal with the problems

    Bette, Tina, and Angie were driving home from the airport. They hadn’t seen each other for two weeks and couldn’t stop talking. Angie talked about her time in Providence, shared her emotions about the trip, talked about how classes were held, who she had met and made friends with, what they did in their free time, and admired some of the professors. In addition, the women told Angie about what happened last night and why Natalie is now waiting for them at home.


    ”She was exhausted when she came in, so we didn’t wake her up early”

    Bette was driving and looking at Angie through the rearview mirror as she talked to her.


    Angie looked more serious now. She was worried that her friend might have serious problems. ”Poor Nat. Is it normal that her father can afford to do this to her?” 


    ”Of course not. There is absolutely nothing normal about this”


    ”Bette”  Tina said this calmly, but with a warning look at Bette, reminding her of what they had said the night before about not evaluating Natalie’s father’s actions prematurely. Bette caught his eye and continued.


    ”I’ll meet him today and talk about Natalie. Whatever it was, she had to be safe” 


    ”Yeah, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. You know, she told me about fights with her father, but I had no idea they were that bad. I gave her some stupid advice to try to understand him, to talk to him kindly… bullshit. How can this be understood?”


    ”That’s the right advice, honey. It just doesn’t work with everyone and not always, unfortunately. Do you know if Natalie talked to a therapist about all this?” Tina turned and looked at her daughter.


    Angie shook her head

    ”As far as I know, she only talked to a child psychologist when her mother died. Nothing more”


    They talked more about various topics and again touched on the two-week course of Angie, who had a lot of emotions about it and wanted to share them.


    ”All this time, in parallel with theoretical sessions and visits to exhibitions, we are also engaged in the practice” Angie was saying this while texting Natalie, who was apparently awake and waiting for them.

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    1. Seriously? Jodi. She is so piece of work. Failing Angie out of spite for Bette. I’m glad Natalie is going back home and recognizes that she left voluntarily. Maybe she’ll actually talk to a counselor. Margot. Man, she’s bold. I hope Bette Coming to Jesus statement gives her pause. Tina needs to really set some firm boundaries.

      • agree with ya!

        so is Margo also working for Warner Brothers? She tried to get under Bette’s skin by implying that she has been to the house enough times visiting that she knew right where Tina kept her “thing-a-majiggies” but it didnt work. Good for you Bette!!!

    2. Margot is not a very considerate person….showing up at Tina’s without notice at night knowing she is married and with a child is the apex of rudeness. And thinking she could just enter the house without invitation is rude beyond rude. Margot is not being just rude to Bette, she is showing Tina no respect as well. Boundaries? Someone who wants to be your friend recognizes when you are in a relationship and that your shared home with a wife is not open to your access on a whim. I would tell her that she needs to call first and that she needs to understand that Bette is her wife and will be respected as such. No more of this causal touching, showing up at her home or office or anywhere else without notice and consent.

      Jodi…. it appears that she set up Angie to be humiliated just like her mother. If Angie chooses RSID as the college of her choice, then despite what Bette thinks, Jodi is bound to become a problem. How is it that you choose a team to be the advisor of it and then you rank them the lowest in the competition? Does that not say something about the advisor? And my bets are that all that personal attention Jodi was giving Angie included some milking of information on Bette and Tina. Jodi is a snake in the grass. Beware of Ms Jodi Learner.

      Thanks for the update….

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      Well Jodie seems the Jodie we know – very vengeful. But i think not big harm done, and i don’t think it could lead to something else in the future. With this Margo – another story. (By the way – can we have conversation between Tina and her about boundaries?) So i think we could hear about Margo in the future and not done with her.

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