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    Chapter 18 – The destruction and merging

    It’s been 2 weeks since Tina resumed her meetings with Salma. She held up well and they moved forward in some points. Tina and Bette still went to see Salma separately, but there was already talk of sharing therapy in the future. It was too early for that now. There is no denying the importance of both women actively sharing their thoughts and feelings about working with Salma and the terrible tragedy. They could talk about it for a long time before going to bed or in the evening, sitting on the patio. It happened by itself, they did not force themselves to talk to each other about it, it just finally became a necessity and every day the taboo of this topic dissolved. It was still difficult for both of them, and it was painful to think and talk about it, but now that door was open, they could take the pain apart and work it out. Until a few weeks ago, none of them thought that this was even possible and would ever happen, but even after such a short period of time, they saw that the first step to acceptance was taken. And they both seem really ready for it.


    Bette cried a lot at Salma’s sessions. It seemed to her that she had never cried as much in her life as she had in the last few weeks. She decided to resume her yoga and meditation classes so that she could at least take some time off from the stress that was currently enveloping her. She is well versed in everything related to this – asanas and their effect on her body, various meditation practices, self-immersion and relaxation. This is the best way for her to help herself feel normal in difficult moments and continue to interact freely with the outside world.


    Tina had a glass of wine before each contact with Salma. Of course, she wasn’t drunk, but it helped her be a little more open and honest with herself and with the therapist. She hadn’t been interested in this method of opening up to Salma before, but now it was really easier for her to touch on the subject in this way. And if it’s easier that way, then that’s what she’s going to do at this stage, until she can talk about it openly without the auxiliary elements like red wine.

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    1. So Bette is jealous of Margot because she is still afraid that Tina might leave her again. Actually that is a reasonable fear and I think that Bette should talk to Tina about it. Bette should definitely explore this fear with her therapist as well. Tina needs to understand that her leaving the relationship has left Bette with that fear – its happened three times already and who’s to say that a Margot or someone like her might bring on another exit.

      Tina is a smart woman – she knew there was a problem and she should have seen jealousy as symptom. She knows Bette well enough to know that Bette was not comfortable with Margot conversation. Bette was smiling in that being polite but not genuinely glad to see Margot. And Margot had the same expression. So why bring it up when Bette has provided a romantic setting for the evening ending celebration? Why not wait until breakfast the next morning? Let the evening flow as it will?

      Now, the arrival of Natalie? If Natalie is really running away from home on her own, she would have her cell phone. She would have some money or some kind of plan for her journey. She would not just show up on someone’s doorstep. But she shows up abruptly and unannounced. And I think she would have had a better story than what she had if she were running away. Of course there maybe more going on at home than she is saying.

      Interesting chapter…. it seems that there is just no end of problems – let’s hope that Tina and Bette can hold it in the road while they get through all these challenges.

      Post more when you can…. I want to see how they get to a somewhat normal life.

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      Oh, first – i love jealous Bette :). And i think she has her reason to do it – to be suspicion about this Margo.
      Second – i think it’s right thing what Bette did – texting Natalie father and let him know where his daughter.
      And third – i think Tina also right what she said about Natalie and her father’s fight. They need to listen his story (if he wants to tell it) and then judge him.

    3. Bette is jealous of Margot and upset that Tina appears to respond. At least they talked. Tina has to set boundaries with Margot and I feel this will help Bette.

      Poor Natalie. At least Bette contacted her father.

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