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    Chapter 20 – The love of your life

    Tina arrived in Los Angeles 3 days ago with the good news that she wouldn’t have to leave again. All issues at the Canadian studio are settled, all things are transported and she is finally fully back in her city, to her family and her life.

    She met Margot for lunch to talk and give her the maquettes that she had needed so much a few days ago. Margot was as casual and friendly as ever, immediately noticing that Tina looked stunningly radiant. In the past, Tina would probably have taken it as a normal compliment and not hung up on it, but now, after talking to Bette, some thoughts, and Margot’s antic a few days ago, words of this kind were not quite comfortable. They talked a little about the trip to Canada, Tina’s first day in the Warner Bros. office, and how they would work together. Then Tina smoothly moved on to the conversation for which, in fact, they met today.


    ”Bette told me about what happened on Saturday… What’s the matter? Do you have a problem with my wife?”

    Tina’s voice was not harsh, she spoke quite seriously, but politely and calmly, sipping cranberry juice through a straw. Margo clearly didn’t expect Tina to bring it up now or even talk about it, so she was a little surprised, but she didn’t show it too clearly.

    ”I think it’s her problem with me, not the other way around. I mean, you know I’m great with Bette and I don’t understand her attacks. This is absolutely groundlessly”

    Margo gave a quick shrug. She tried to show as much ease as possible.


    Knowing Margot, Tina had expected this answer, so she immediately continued.

    ”Well, your appearance really was a surprise. I don’t think that was quite…” Tina wanted to say ”polite” but stopped herself because she didn’t want to fight with Margot or be arrogant, ”…correct”


    ”Not correct? Tina, I wasn’t going to ask for a family dinner or stay at your house for long. I just needed to pick up my maquettes,”  Margot realized that her voice was a little higher and more anxious than it should be, so she paused for a few seconds, then continued in a more measured tone.

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    1. Hi Ada,
      Wow, such a powerful chapter. From Tina’s conversation with Margot – I loved Tina telling her not to disrespect her wife. So glad they put up pictures of Oli; the scene with them going through her box was so well-written and moving. I felt like crying with them. When Bette gave the ring back to Tina – I was just blown away. Just a beautiful moment.

    2. The sadness of going through Oli’s things and watching the home movies of Oli. Then hanging the pictures of Oli in the house. The acknowledgement that she was a part of their lives and loved is very emotional. Committing as a family that she will never be forgotten is a true step forward in the healing process. The hurt from her loss will never go away, but grieving and acknowledge her and the joy she brought to their lives while with them, helps the soul to adjust.

      The returning of the ring to Tina is significant of Bette trust that Tina is truly back. Tina’s suggestion of an exchange of vows also helps to diminish Bette’s fears.

      So they are going to allow a 16-year old to plan and organize their twenty-fifth anniversary celebration? Wow…. that is a leap of faith. “Just let me know what you and I’ll arrange it.”

      Thanks for the chapter….

    3. Ada,
      I wont quote this whole chapter back to ya, but it really was a very fulfilling meal.
      Like that Tina met quickly with Margot after returning to LA for good having finished tasks in Canada. Liked that Tina confronted Margot asking her flat out “What’s the matter? Do you have a problem with my wife?” She was respectful knowing that she & Margot were going to be working on future projects, but there was NO mistaken that she was going to side with Bette first if there was a misunderstanding or conflict.

      Bette continuing to confide honestly with Selma wanting to understand why jealousy continued to arise in her psyche when thinking about Carrie & Margo. And they seemed to work through that nicely. It’s a scary thing to wonder if your beloved might be having thoughts that there may be something or someone better than yourself.

      You were masterful in writing about the coming together of this family to deal with the “memories” of a lost baby was exceptional. How they opened that sacred box of physical memories and all three of them let the tears flow freely on what the items meant, and the emotions that were attached. Quietly they removed all the items and to their great surprise, the weight of the sorrow of that even lifted from each one of them.

      Now they would be able to still have joyful memories that NO longer had the sting of death in them. They were going to decorate their home with the art that was Ollie. Reaching this point in momentous in life.

      And then, Bette taking the chance to bring forth the commitment ring that Tina had left behind when she left never asking about its whereabouts. Twenty-five years together could now be celebrated with renewal of vows in the presence of family & friends. How cool is going to be that Angie is “in charge” of that upcoming celebration!

      Bravo to Angie!! Now if she can just keep Bette out of the middle of it, it will be good-to-go!!!

    4. Hi Ada,

      I am mostly a silent reader, but want to tell you that i love this story!!!

      Did i read it correct it’s almost finished? Sad to read.

      It’s all coming together, they have made a major progress, dealing with their own issues and together and feel confident, Bette, that their relationship will last this time.

      I love your therapist Salma, she is great and knows what she is doing, and Bette the anti therapy lady likes her as person and has made so much progress.

      Glad that Tina spoke with Margot and set bounderies between them. If Tina made one little hint she wanted more then friendship, Margot wouldn’t wait for a second and jump her. But Tina is madly in love with Bette and has no interest at all.

      About Oli, i agree with DumplinT comment, i don’t know what i could add, well said!

      And the return of the ring and what it means, beautiful, the circle is round again!

      Thank you so much for this incredible story!

      • That’s very kind of you! Yes, the story is coming to an end and it is so strange for me, as if during this time it has become for me some kind of native or something :)
        Thank you, Bibi!

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