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    Chapter 18 – TIME MARCHES ON

    Author’s Comment –

    Hello to all.

    We are moving forward with the story and that fateful present meeting between Tina & Bette is about to happen very, very soon.

    In this chapter and the next we’ll get a chronological recap of the Tibette relationship over the years they were a couple. Little bits & pieces of them. The main crux of the update will evolve around how they got to this point as individuals and as a couple. It’s a bit of a catch up to prepare for their meeting in NYC.

    As always – thanks for reading & please enjoy.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 17 . . .

    When they had teased each other enough, laughed and giggled like the two young lovers they were. Fingers eventually went from tinkling to caressing, brushing softly over cooling skin. Bette ran her fingertip along the fine line of the blonde’s lips. She locked eyes with Tina and spoke from her heart.

    “T, no one had ever reached in and touched my heart and soul like you have.”

    “I love you Bette.” Tina smile faded as a she too grew more serious. The truth in her own heart raising to the surface. “I think I have since you offered me that damn umbrella.”

    “Yeah.” A sweet grin spread across Bette’s handsome face, lighting her soul inside with Tina’s admission of love. “Me too. You were so cute with that bloody broken umbrella of yours.”

    “I didn’t feel cute.”

    “But you were.” Bette confessed. “I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”

    “I gotta tell you that every minute I spend with you I feel so alive.” Tina confessed, bunching her hand in Bette’s massive hair. “Like the air is different around me somehow, clear and charged.”

    “I’ve never loved anyone like this before.” Bette traced her fingertip over Tina’s collar bone and watched her pulse beat at the base of her neck.


    “No.” Bette reached for Tina’s hand to thread their fingers together. “I . . . I’ve ever been in love before. Not like this.”

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    1. Hey Collins, my friend,

      When you told me you were going to post a new chapter i honestly thought it would be when i was already at sleep but you surprised me! I got the notification and started to read it immediately!

      We are keeping closer to why Bette and Tina’s relationship ended all those years ago. They were so madly in love, surprising each other after Tina went home, seeing each other as much as possible but the first cracks showed especially on that Valentine dinner, Bette who got disturbed by her brother three times and Bette taking the calls, and Tina who understandable got pissed of.

      I imagine that there is a big load on Bette’s shoulder, taking care of her brother, his kids and her father, all of them needing her in different ways. And i think that’s one or maybe the biggest reason their relationship failed, besides her own study and workload and taking care of family issues, it is and was a lot to deal with.

      I am so looking forward to read what happened that they lost all contact for so many years but Bette still trying to take care of Tina and her family in her own way. And they will meet again but Tina is worried if Bette want to meet and talk to her. That makes me wonder if Tina was the one responsible for their breakup, did she cheat, was Robert somehow involved in Tina’s decision to break up with Bette? Somehow i don’t think it was Bette’s decision to break up with Tina.

      Still so many questions and wondering, trying to read in between lines, i admit that’s not one of my qualities.

      Hope you are doing well! Take care my friend and please try to update more often!

      • Hay Lady,

        Glad you liked my surprise!

        I too thought TK had every right to be upset about all the interrupts – especially since Bette’s brother has a long habit of doing it. But they made up & all is well – for now.

        You’re right, Bette’s pretty maxed out on responsibilities & commitments from all angles.
        Will it take a toll on her relationship with TK?
        Will Robert break the young couple up?
        Will TK break them up?
        Will one of them cheat??
        We’ll see.

        Reading between the lines – okay, so there are hints being made & left in this chapter & the next two to come. See if you can detect which way it will go!!

        Thanks for your loyalty & friendship – both mean the world to me!!!

        Stay safe in this crazy world.

    2. Great chapter… things are moving along so that we see the relationship lasted more than a semester in England. So the three phone calls were one from work, one from Robert and one from Jeremy? I can see Tina getting a little irritated but her reaction was somewhat over the top. If the phone calls were going to be a problem, Tina should have suggested that she turn her phone off after the first one. I know time together is precious at this point in their relationship but getting upset at simple things such as this does not bode well for the couple… particularly when the answer is really simple… turn the phone off. I’m sure she informed everyone appropriate that she would be in America for a few days and if anything should need her attention, at best she would be 8 hours away from giving any personal assistance. I guess we live in the age in which we are just tethered to our phones and we cannot seem to make judgements as to when to put it away and enjoy the company and surroundings.

      Thanks for posting… hope to see another chapter soon.

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks for reading this chapter & keeping up with it.

        So, during the entire restaurant scene, we learn that the brother, Jeremy, is a frequent caller that has actually interrupted them twice during dinner & won’t stop & does it ALL the time. TK’s had her fill, she just wants to spend some quality time on this special holiday with her girlfriend & shut out the outside world.
        Should Bette have turned off her phone? Probably – but there’s no drama in that.
        Should they have had a convo about phone usage before dinner? Could have – but again, no drama.

        These little issues are actually clues, hints as to what is to come and the groundwork for how their relationship is progressing. Thing will add up with the next few chapters and lead to what happened.

        Thank you for your thought and your time in reading.

        Keep me on my toes!!

        Until next time.

    3. Can’t wait to find out what happened between them that ended it. Also looking forward to the meeting. I can picture it in my mind. Jennifer and Laurel would have knocked it out of the park with the smoldering look in their eyes.

      • Hi Cathy,

        You are NOT alone in that quest!

        I’m actually working on that reunion chapter as we speak.

        Smoldering looks – yes, they would have KILLED it!!

        Just look what we got in GQ – TK was beside herself with the image of BP when she drove up in that car on campus. She instantly fell in love with Bette all over again.

        And BP, she wanted to devour TK at that auction. Those looks – she was mesmerized by TK.

        Jenluh played it superbly – they were awesome.

        Anyway, thanks for continuing to follow & next update by the end of the month.

    4. Awesome chapter.

      Enjoyed the little details and how they are developing their relationship from afar. It probably isn’t easy and they’re under a lot of stress to make it last and endure.

      Glad we got a snapshot of Tina in NYC – now we know that they will indeed meet up and reconnect – or not!

      Will we get fireworks when they do?

      And them both being naughty with each other and the pictures to tease each other with! Great idea.

      I don’t think Tina over reacted. You mentioned that it happens all the time and how would Tina know that this time is different? Sure, Bette should have tuned the phone off or sent calls directly to voice mail. But she does have those kids to consider too and she loves them and wants them to be safe.

      Okay, ready for more!

      Thanks for the update.

      • Hey Kira,

        Hope work was ok & you survived!!

        You are so right, it isn’t easy – no relationship is & it’s more complicated for them since they are so far apart physically.

        Their reunion time is fast approaching & I’ll do my very best to make it epic & worth the wait.

        Naughty – nah, they’re young & in love. All things are possible. I’ve got a bit more of that coming in the next chapters – so check it out when posted,

        Thanks for your support.

        More to come – by the end of the month.

        Take care.

    5. Hey Collins,

      Great chapter, I’m glad you’re headed to the present, because I can’t wait to see how Bette reacts to seeing Tina again (and I didn’t forget that Bette’s old girlfriend will probably be there too!).

      When going through a story, I like to read between the lines (like everyone else I assume) so my guess is that Jeremy will try to kill himself after Bette doesn’t answer his phone and so Bette will blame Tina ! (???)

      So ready for drama…

      • Hey Izzie,

        I know this story seems to have drug on forever, but the backstory is almost over & we’ll get to the present & stay there.

        Nice try with the Jeremy idea, but no, not THIS time! He’s got an important role to play, but a bit later on. Bette will only blame herself for what happens. And she’ll wear that armor around her heart for a very long time.

        Drama on the menu!!!

        Take care & enjoy the spring!

    6. Shane is too funny about Tina and that lady cougar! That was amusing.

      Very good chapter and thanks for the update.

      You are dragging us with you into the present and I’m glad.

      Can’t wait for them to meet again and find out what happens.

      I’m sure they’ll have other issues too being that they live on two different continents. That’s NOT easy.

      Keep it coming Collins.

      I’m in for the whole ride.

      • Shane’s Tina’s foil & does come in handy.

        I know, seems like forever to get back to present day – but it’s coming quickly.

        Even when people love each other as fiercely as Bette & Tina do, other issues are always at play & can be a death toll for them.

        We’ll see how they weather the storm.

        Thanks for reading.

    7. We are getting closer – oh yes.

      You’ve got to admire Bette for her efforts with her brother and trying to help him with his addiction. And those poor kids, Bette probably loves them and acts as their surrogate mother.

      Sweet chapter for Tibette.

      I know the drama is coming, but this sweetness is nice too.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Anxious for more.

      • Hey Watson,

        There’s so much ‘reality’ & drama in some stories – it’s difficult to follow or believe.

        So, a little tenderness & lots love for these two here.

        Thanks as always for checking in.

        Til next time!

    8. Hey Collins,

      Another great chapter. One of my favorite things in this story is Shane and Tina’s relationship, and seeing Shane so happily domesticated with her girls.

      Like so many here I wonder what will break up Bette & Tina? Long distance relationships aren’t easy, but what will come between them?? Bette’s family somehow??

      I have to mention the photo of Bette . “For Your Eyes Only”, indeed. And then Tina – looking “ready to cum at any moment”. Both so so hot

      My favorite part was Helena thinking Tina was good for Bette, and “soothed her soul” And how Tina “saw through Bette’s tough exterior and found the fragile spirit underneath that she cherished”

      Great chapter, my friend. As always, can’t wait for the next one.

      • Hey pal,

        When I started writing this novel, I was pleased about the dynamics of the Shane/Tina relationship as colleagues, then friend, then partners. But GQ Shane has left a very bad taste in my mouth & I have to exert more effort to make this pairing work now. Glad to hear that their relationship on paper hasn’t suffered because of my personal view.

        Bette’s family will play a role in the Tibette breakup. The question remains – how much??

        I was a bit smutty with the ‘picture’ scenes – just wanted a little fun for our gals.

        So, in this novel, Helena knows Bette so well & now she realizes that TK does too.

        IMO, we have to marvel at how well JB/LuH portrayed Bette & Tina as the opposite of their own personalities. We hear so often of how JB wished for an icon love story to act in & then she got it with Tibette.
        I think LuH is equally as grateful for this couple & her partnership with JB/BP.
        Yes, she left the acting world. But she’s still a storyteller. Her artwork is a gift to the viewer & tells its own story – just visually.
        Have to give them both credit for their untouchable iconic couple that we love as much as they do.

        Should have the next chapter by the end of this month.

        Take care & be safe.

      • Hey, appreciative for you continuing with this. No matter how many times I say to myself to keep the chapters short & to the point, I seem to always end up giving more details & backstory!!

        So, I’m glad you are enjoying the trip!!


    9. Sorry, I’ve been a little late in posting, but this was a great chapter.

      Like lots of others, I’m interested in why they broke up. Wonder how the reunion will go and who will say I’ve missed you first. ???
      But I love the history too. We missed so much of that in OG and let’s not even bring up that other ridiculous show masquerading as TLW reboot. So, thanks for filling in the little details along the way. I love that I can just sink my teeth per say into your story and rely on the building blocks you’ve carefully constructed for us. Great storytelling.

      And I saw in some of the other comments about Tina’s reaction to Jeremy’s constant interrupts. She was justified. in her reaction, especially since she has to deal with it quite often. But I’m sure Tina got her reward for patience once they got back to the hotel.

      I know we’ve getting close to their meeting up again.

      So, looking forward to that.

      Thanks – love it!

      • Hey Leigh,

        Thanks for reaching out. So pleased to know you enjoyed the update.

        Their breakup, reunion and explanations will be coming very soon. NYC just like TLWNY is on the near horizon!!

        Hope to get another update out tomorrow or Sunday.

        Stay tuned!!

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