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    Chapter 3 – The Crash..and The Beach House

    The women were leaving the lot, with Tasha and Bette having spoken briefly about what to expect over the coming days. Tina was planning on heading out to the desert to take in the last few hours of filming before they lost the daylight.


    Tasha said she would take Alice back to her car at the FBI offices and reassured Tina that as soon as she had any information that she would contact her.


    Bette and Shane were going to head back to the beach house to work for a little while before they headed to Kit’s club. Bette’s half-sister Kit Porter had a small club in LA, it was mostly jazz, but she had other live artists perform as well, and Bette had promised she would come and see her when she was back in the city. It had been a while.


    Bette and Shane mounted their bikes and were at the back of the procession as they exited the main gate, Tina in the lead.


    Just as Tina made her turn onto the main road a black SUV came barreling at her, T-boning into the side of her car. Bette watched in horror as the Mercedes tipped up onto its side, almost went over and then crashed back down onto the pavement. It happened in slow motion. Bette was frozen, she couldn’t move.


    The SUV slammed into reverse, tires screeching, smoke billowing out of the wheel wells. It spun around, peeling out in the other direction and racing down the street. The front end had a heavy grill cage and appeared virtually undamaged in the crash.


    “Shane!!!” Bette screamed, now pulled back to reality.


    Shane gunned her bike ahead throwing something over her shoulder which Bette didn’t quite see because she had pulled back hard on the throttle, rocketing her own bike towards the Mercedes.


    She got there in an instant, slamming on her brakes causing the bike to pitch forward, the back wheel lifting off the ground momentarily before coming to a quick rest.


    She smashed down the kick stand and launched off the bike, wrenching open the driver’s side door.


    She stopped then, panting hard, and looked into the wreck. Tina Kennard was staring at her, eyes wide. Her face was pale as a ghost.

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    1. Wow… first kiss and Tina is drawn like metal to a magnet. I was beginning to wonder if they were going to make it to Kit’s club. I would be surprised if Bette allowed her to go back to her apartment for several days yet. If she wants to keep her safe, she needs to keep her close by.

      An attempt on your life is an emotional experience. The murder of your best friend is an emotional experience. Meeting Bette Porter has to be an emotional experience of a different kind. Tina is vulnerable right now… Bette needs to be respectful of that. If this is something more than a potential causal affair, Bette needs to be protective but not intimate until Tina is a whole lot less vulnerable. That might be a few days, but if there is something long term, then that is no time at all. Be the gallant knight that you are Bette – be careful with your damsel in distress.

      Exciting chapter. Can’t wait for more.

      • Oh Martha, I can’t tell you how much I love your comment. I have so much of this story already written, so it’s hard not to tell you where I’m at with their development as characters.

        I wish I could give you the Bette that you want, but she’s not quite there yet. And Bette is not the only one on a potentially self destructive path. Tina is, too.

        Please forgive me for the next chapter. It’s a bit salacious. But, just trust me that it will all lead to something. And that something will be a greater understanding between each woman.

        I’m specifically having them keep a lot to themselves, as evidenced by not a lot of dialogue between them yet.

        Just bear with me. These two are destined to be together, but it’s going to take a little bit to get them to a healthy place.

        Thanks so much for your intelligent insights. I love it.


    2. Risky, what an exciting development. The story’s theme with art and crime is right up my alley. With the Venus of Milo you made an exceptional sculptur the leading lady of your story. Such a beauty.

      Didn’t expect that Tina’s tail in the SUV would attack. I suspected simple surveillance as someone thought Tina knew something about the secret of the Venus.
      Interesting what you did with Bette professionally. Some Bette Porter, Lara Croft and a little Wonder Woman maybe ;-) I like it! Can’t wait to read more about her and sidekick Shane, these two cool women work so well together.

      Looking forward to a night of fun and dance and distraction from the day’s worrisome events. After that more light on the next piece of the puzzle.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • Thanks Kiwipit!

        Bette sure is going to take Tina for a ride, and speaking of Lara Croft, I think you’re going to have a good laugh with Alice at that one.

        Yes, more revealed about the Venus in the next chapter, but we’ve got a long way to go. I think you’re going to like it.

        As for the attempt on Tina, it does seem to come out of nowhere, doesn’t it? Hmmmm.

        Thanks for sticking with it and for your great comments!


    3. Fantastic and exciting chapter!

      A good mix between drama, art, mystery and love!

      The chemistry between Bette and Tina is off the charge! Despite the frightening attack on her, Tina is deeply impressed by Bette and not only with her appearance.

      I think Tina is still a bit in shock and the attack on her life has not really sunk in yet. But she is now with Bette and she will be there for Tina in any form. Maybe a little dancing is just what she needs.

      Bette and Shane, I have always admired their friendship, they know each other through and through and will always be there for each other. They need few words and understand each other through facial expressions and body language.

      It’s great that they are also true friends in your story through thick and thin and together they fight the bad guys.

      Alice and Tasha seems to be interested in each other although Tasha founds her annoying sometimes, but that is Alice.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

      • Thanks Bibi,

        Yes, Tina is definitely in a bit of shock. And drawn to Bette like a moth to a flame. Pair that with the surreal quality of being picked up into someone else’s lifestyle and add a little bit of alcohol. Tina is not quite living in the real world.

        And in the next chapter, don’t be too disappointed with Bette. She’s in a bit of shock, too. This is all new for her and she doesn’t have any past experience to compare it to. She’s pretty self serving as is, but she truly doesn’t know what Tina needs right now. She’s just trying to keep her smiling. Thanks for your comments! I’m glad you’re on this ride.


    4. I’ve been excited since ch 1 such an intelligent read which I love the art the intrigue the suspense the smoldering flames of desire! You’ve got me on your string puppet master play on…..

    5. Risky
      That collective sigh you hear in the air? That would be all your readers in response to Tina on a bike with Bette. So good. I bet they have a steamier bike adventure later. So glad Bette was there to literally swoop in and rescue Tina then take her to the amazing beach house. Skimpy bikinis and a hot tub and gin, oh my, Be still, my heart.
      Only please let’s make sure Tina doesn’t have any injuries, any car accident can make the following days uncomfortable with sore limbs and necks and backs and all that stuff. She might need Bette’s protection for the upcoming days if what Shane said about her apartment is true. LOVE this story, keep it coming. THANKS

      • Thanks Sharon!

        Tons of desire right now. But desire is a flash in a pan. A true Tibette love story will need a little bit of confusion, a few missteps and a little bit of heartache along with the thrill of the chase that they’re on. Thanks for letting me take you on this journey!


      • Hey BK,
        So I did good with the bike, huh? Yes, it was just fun to write it, I can imagine the swoon from the reader’s take on it. And don’t worry, we’ll get them back on there soon enough. And it will be thrilling, that’s for sure.

        I understand the concern for Tina. She’s ok, yes she’ll be a little sore, but she’s in great physical shape. Bette will show her concern as we expect her to. But she got very lucky. Without a doubt.

        The next chapter is kind of a lot, just sayin’. But we’ll get some growth from all this eventually.

        Thank you!

    6. This story makes me smile. I love Shane. Listened to the Pants podcast and KM is so ultra cool. I can so picture her on the motorcycle chasing the bad guys. The attraction between Bette and Tina is smoldering already. Can’t imagine what secret is in the statue and look forward to learning what is so important that Dana was murdered and an attempt in made on Tina’s life. She should share about Eric. But she seems distracted with going out with Bette and Shane. Focus people. Bad guys are out there!!! Watch your backs.

      • I listened to the Pants podcast too, and loved it!. It was so good to hear them talk about their first meeting and what it was like to film in Vancouver. I love Leisha and Kate’s friendship. And then I went on YouTube and binged some Uh Huh Her videos. So good! So glad you liked the chapter. The next one is going to be a little steamy. ;)

    7. So amazing how you put so much intensity along with a lightness. I think it’s in the way you reveal the thoughts as the saga flies along.

      Hmmmm wonder what’s gonna happen with they go dancing?!

      • Thanks for the wonderful compliment. :) There’s gotta be a lightness to Bette and Tina, otherwise their intensity would just burn everything up. So glad you’re enjoying the story. Can’t wait for you to read the next chapter.

    8. Hey Just read your story and oh my god … I love it !! It’s so nice to see new Tibette writers.

      The duo Bette-Shane is perfect and I wish I had a house like Bette ;)

      It’s seems that that douche Eric is once again the vilain of the story and I can’t wait to know more about all of that but first thing first, their night out and the meeting with Kit …

      • Thanks Alicia! I’m thinking about posting the next chapter tonight or tomorrow. I just needed time to read and reread all of the other great stories on here, like BK’s, Largo’s, SuperK’s Proteonomics, MTS etc. I know I’m forgetting a few but…gosh! There are some really powerful stories in here right now!

    9. My biggest complaint is that good writers like yourself and other excellent writers on LesFan were not chosen to be on the reboot writing staff.. Marja, as show runner, had the responsibility to pick her writing staff and she did a terrible job. She obviously does not visit this site. Anyway keep up the great work and hope to see next chapter very soon. Thank you.

      • Oh Jane, I could go on and on about the disappointment I feel with GenQ’s writing. They are really trying to break our little Tibette loving hearts! I hope they do read our writings. And I hope it inspires them to do right by us next season. Until then, I’ll try and do my part so that we all can sleep at night. Haha.

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