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    Chapter 3 – Gallery

    Chapter 3  


    Bette was woken up by a phone ringing, but it couldn’t be hers because she didn’t immediately recognise the sound. Soon she realized it was the sound of a live performance of Springsteens’ The River, one of the blonde’s favorite songs. 

    ‘T. Your phone’ Bette said half asleep half annoyed someone woke her up. Tina moved her arm from Bette, which let out an annoyed grown out of the Brunette, who was suddenly wide awake hoping her friend didn’t just hear her annoyance. 

    ‘Hey Baby’ Tina said, all happy. 

    Bette turned towards the blonde, looking at how the blonde smiled when she talked to her boyfriend. 

    ‘O.. Well, you left with the car, and I knew you’d be drunk so I stayed at Bette’s. …. No, baby, I know you only drink when you’re out with friends…. No, don’t worry, I still love you.’ Tina looked at Bette smiling, shaking her head trying to say ‘hear this guy’. Bette raised her eyebrows nodding her head, but trying to stop herself from vomiting. 

    ‘OH No baby, I’m staying with Bette today, she needs me for something…’ Bette looked at her friend with a questioning look.  ‘It’s nothing’ Tina said quietly. 

    ‘Yes baby, I will…. Baby, Bette’s sitting right next to me I can’t say that’ she giggled. ‘Okay, well I’ve got to go now. Okay… Love you’

    ‘God he’s so strange sometimes’ Tina said to Bette. 

    Bette got up and walked to the bathroom. She turned the shower on and undressed. Tina walked in and grabbed Bette’s toothbrush and started to brush her teeth. 

    ‘T, I have a spare in the cupboard,’ Bette said, trying to hide after the condensation on her shower glass. 

    ‘O grow up B, I’ve used your toothbrush ever since college’

    ‘You did what?’ Bette said, poking her head out of the shower. 

    Tina turned around with a big grin on her face. 

    ‘Come on it doesn’t matter’ 

    ‘Yes T, it’s nasty’ Bette replied 

    Tina walked towards Bette, ‘come on, it’s just as if we’d kiss. Your gay-ass would love to kiss me’ she said, winking at the brunette, who still had her head poking out of the shower. 

    ‘Well hurry up, stinky, I’m in the mood to go out.’ The blonde said, turning around and heading out the door. 

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    1. Tina??? OMG… is she that self-centered??? She does not know that she is purposely making sexual moves with only the intent of keeping Bette for herself… but as a close personal friend??? She’s too much… I’m surprised that someone hasn’t brought this to her attention long ago… Age 29 and she completed college at 22? And even high school age is more considerate than this….

      What a chapter…. Thanks…

      • Crazy right, but Tina is ‘getting. receiving’ her wake up call in the next (couple of) chapter(s). She needed to be waken up a bit and let go of her naive being.
        Thank you so much for commenting, it really means a lot to me

    2. Oh oh Tina,

      You don’t want to lose Bette but playing with her that way and thinking it’s something innocent and that Bette was getting used to her touches because Tina is such an affectionated person.
      Keep on dreaming.
      Is she really that clueless?
      And please kick that asshole Henry out of your life.

      Jodi seems a nice woman, still i have never liked her in the OG. Will never warm up to her.

      • Hey Bibi28
        I’m so happy seeing your name pop up every time, it really makes me so happy!
        Tina will be getting a (much-needed) wake-up call, Henry won’t be in the picture for much longer, or will he?
        I didn’t like Jodie that much either in the OG, so I changed her a bit to a more loving woman. I felt like in the OG, she wanted Bette to change too much, I think they had much more potential.

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