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    Chapter 3 – Lets Make a Deal

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

     Chapter 3 – Lets Make a Deal

    Tina woke up at 5:45 am.  She jostled Bette to wake her rather than her gentle wake up routine.

    Tina:  Bette! Bette! Sweetie! Time to get up! Come on get up! We are going for a run right now! Get up and get dressed and let’s get going!

    Bette:  Noooo… I don’t want to get up. Can’t we do that later?

    Tina:  We have things to do today.  It’s going to be a busy day.  We need to get insurance in place and we are going to look at those cars. Let’s go.  We haven’t done any exercise in three days.  We need to do a run.

    Tina had gotten out of bed and found a sweat suit, a sports bra, some socks and shoes and was proceeding to get Bette’s clothes out for her.

    Tina:  Bette you need to get out of that bed in 10 seconds or I am going to throw some water on you!

    Bette:  You wouldn’t do that to me?

    Tina got dressed and walked to the bathroom and got a glass and turned the water on so Bette could hear it.

    Tina:  I always do what I say I’m going to do Bette Porter.  Are you up yet?

    Bette:  Oh my god, you really are going to throw water on me!

    Bette bounced out of bed when she heard Tina’s footsteps approaching the bed with a glass of water in hand. She looked at her now dressed wife and shivered naked as a jaybird.

    Tina:  Here are your clothes. Put them on and let’s go.  I’ll make you a big breakfast when you get back.

    Bette went to the bathroom and peed and then returned and started to put on her underwear and sweat suit.  Tina was gathering dirty clothes and towels to carry down stairs with her.

    Tina:  While I’m preparing breakfast, you need to give laundry lessons to Angie.  While she is here today, she can get all the laundry caught up. That should not be a big deal.

    Bette:  Okay, I can do that.

    Tina went over and kissed Bette.

    Tina:  Oh, honey, I know you wanted to sleep. But we have a lot to do and we need to keep up our exercise routine or your wife will start to put on weight.

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    1. Collins,
      Isn’t that the way life is? Lots of things going on which requires multi-tasking? My Bette and Tina are on the same page… they have been working at it for more than 20 years. They know what irritates and what soothes the other. They know they have responsibilities for their children. And most of all, they love their choices they have made in life – each other as partners, their professions, and their role as parents. This is a summer of change for these two. New professions, new home and a some what different family structure. The transition from their New York life to a life in California is full and getting Angie ready for Yale is thrown into the mix. Time is limited and what needs to be accomplished is much. And these two women will get it done…

      Thank you for reading.

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