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    Chapter 20 – Bringing Angie Home

    Angie:  They are gorgeous. Their bodies are so alive and yet their faces…. you cannot tell who they are. They are both so beautiful.

    Suzanne: They are lovely.

    Angie’s face was beginning to tear up a bit.  Bette went over and could see Angie getting emotional. She pulled Angie into a comforting side hug.

    Bette:  Your mom is very talented, don’t you think?

    Angie:  Yes. yes, she is. I had no idea. They are just beautiful.

    Tina:  Well, tomorrow you need to visit the dining room.  We have hung about eight paintings in that room which show the other subjects I have been painting. You will have to let me know how you feel about those.

    Angie left Bette and went to her mother and hugged her. She didn’t really know why she had this need to hold her mother close, but she did. Maybe with the viewing of these paintings she was seeing a part of her mother that she did not know existed. And it was this “not knowing” that frighten her a bit and needed the reassurance that she was the same mom she had known all her life. She had been away for three months. Things had changed yet a lot was still the same. And this was Angie’s first experience where she was not present to see the changes occur. She was in a new home. Her parents had adopted new professions. There were new members of the household. Everything seemed normal and natural and nothing was a surprise, but she felt like she was somewhat like a stranger experiencing all this newness for the first time.

    Angie: I think that jet lag is beginning to catch up with me. I think I need to go get some sleep. Your room is beautiful and I love those paintings. Thanks for the food. It really hit the spot.

    Bette: Angie there is some water and soft drinks in the fridge in the recreation room. There may be some beer if you want one. Just help yourself. Is there anything we can get for you guys before we retire for the night?

    Angie:  No. We’ll get some water. Thanks. Are you ready to retire for the night Suzanne?

    Suzanne: You really have a lovely home Ms. Bette and Ms. Tina. And this is a lovely bedroom. I don’t think that I have ever seen anything so inviting and peaceful.

    Tina: Thankyou Suzanne. We are enjoying this home and we hope to be here for a very long time.

    Bette:  Oh Angie? You need to get with Mary and work out the car situation. If you guys have any conflict, let us know. We will make sure you have a vehicle whenever you want one, okay?

    Angie:  My car? I forgot all about that. I’ll visit it tomorrow. Thanks Mom. Goodnight. See you in the morning.

    Angie then went and kiss both her moms on the cheeks and left the room with Suzanne.

    Bette then walked over and shut the door behind the couple and then walked over to Tina and pulled her into a firm hug and started to rock her a little in a slow manner.

    Bette: She loves your paintings, Tina. Did you see that?

    Tina:  Yes, I saw she got emotional just like you did. Maybe not as intense. I wonder why?

    Bette:  They spoke to her Tina. There was an emotional connection to them. Art does that to people sometimes. Not often, but sometimes.

    Tina: Well, she is the third person to have that response. Paris, then you and now Angie.

    Bette: Tina, that is amazing. I have had that response to about four pieces in my life. And three of them were painted by you. The other was photo which Peggy Peabody owned. It was what basically sealed my friendship with her for life. You have some extraordinary talent, Tina.

    Tina: Well, I think that the jury is still out on that. Paris, you and Angie have a familial relationship with me. And that may have something to do with your response. Let’s see how strangers respond before we start bestowing the accolades on my talent.

    Bette:  You want to take a shower with me and then maybe do a little cuddling?

    Tina:  Yes, I’m feeling a little grimy and would love to have a shower and some cuddling.

    They kissed and then headed to the closet to unpack and then to the start their nighttime routines.  They then settle into their bed and it was a little after midnight.

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