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    Chapter 19 – The Wilkins and the Prestons

    Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

    Chapter 19 – The Wilkins and the Prestons

    The next morning, Bette and Tina woke up around 7:00 am. They showered and dressed for the day and hurried downstairs and began breakfast for the family. Tina wanted omelets with an assortment of vegetables, cheese and sausage bits. She served peaches as the fruit and some southern style biscuits. She also served sausage patties for additional protein. With coffee, juice and milk.  Bette had cooked the sausage while Tina put together the biscuits.

    Jeanette and Paris came to breakfast all smiles. Bette winked at Tina when she saw the two. It was obvious that the two had had a romantic evening.

    Mary and Margaret came to breakfast together laughing and seeming like they had been up for hours. Both were dressed for the day and had on their going out make up.

    Tina: Looks like you two have plans for the day.

    Margaret:  Yes, Mary and I are going to tour the area. Mary wants to see Rodeo Drive and some of the other land marks.  I thought I would go by my house and see how it was progressing and then who knows. We will probably get lunch out and we will try to be here about 3 so that we can meet and greet the Wilkins.

    Bette: Sounds good. There is a lot of things to see. I’m sure you two will have a lot fun.

    Mary: Oh, I think we have both ordered a bunch of winter clothes. I think we are going to be well outfitted for our trips to Yellowstone and to Scotland.

    Margaret:  I’m anxious to tryout those hiking boots. We bought two pair each.

    Bette: Well, I hope you two got some sleep last night.

    Mary (grinning): We slept very well.

    Tina: Okay, let’s sit down and eat. Bette, help me with these plates.

    Daniel and John David came running down the stairs as if they had missed breakfast.  Tina sent them to the table and started to carry the plates to the table. Mary was pouring coffee. Margaret was pouring the juice and the milk and Jeanette was pouring the water. Paris was rounding up the butter, jellies, jams and honey for the biscuits.

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