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    Chapter 21 – The end and the beginning

    7 p.m. Bette and Tina were sitting in the bedroom, both wearing glasses and pajamas, both busy with their work. Tina was reading reports from a new Warner Bros. project, and Bette was texting with one of the art dealers she knew. In fact, her mind wasn’t on work at all, but on tomorrow’s event, which Angie had taken full charge of with a little help from Alice and Shauna, who was preparing the events at Bel-Air. It was exciting. Bette usually handled the organization herself – she liked to know everything for sure, keep track of details, and avoid unexpected surprises during important evenings. Of course, she was very pleased with such attention from their daughter, but she certainly felt uncomfortable especially now, when before the event they had very little time, and she and Tina knew only the guest list that they gave Angie, and a place to host the party. No details.


    ”I’m worried, Tee. I’m sorry, but I’ll call and make sure everything’s okay”

    Bette put down her laptop, picked up her phone, and started looking for Shauna in her contact list.


    Tina rolled her eyes and removed her laptop off her lap as well, turning to Bette and taking the phone from her.

    ”Babe, stop it”


    ”I’ll call and…”


    ”No, Bette. Angie wrote that she would tell us all about tomorrow night when she was home. Relax, don’t think about it”


    ”I just want it to go smoothly”


    ”And she wants to. Let her prove herself, don’t interfere. I’m sure there won’t be any problems, she’s not the only one doing this”




    Bette looked thoughtfully and a little incredulously at Tina, who smiled and quickly kissed the brunette on the lips, then pulled away a little, but was still a couple of centimeters from Bette’s face. Her voice was quieter than before, and her eyes radiated tenderness.

    ”Yeah. What about a relaxing bath? If I add lavender oil, epsom salt, bring you a glass of wine.. mm?”


    Bette smiled at the corners of her mouth, looking first into Tina’s eyes, then at her lips, and then back into her eyes. Her voice also became calmer and lower.

    ”That sounds good. If you’ll join me”

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    1. Very nice ending to the story…. a twenty-fifth anniversary party…. a honeymoon suite and a trip to Switzerland on Monday…. wow… very nice….

      Looks like things are going well for the family…. they have a good foundation on going forward…. Angie is over the troublemaker and attracted to Jordi….. just hope this does not disrupt her plans for college and a future career.

      Love at a young age is sincere and passionate but not always the best judgement. Angie will make her own decisions, but if you she puts going to the best school which fulfills her goals on the line as a result, both Tina and Bette will not be happy. I wish them all the best. It appears that many of their problems can be diminished with good ole fashion conversation.

      Thank you for your lovely story…. Happy New Year….

      • I agree with Martha. You tackled a tough subject matter and brought them out the other side in a healthy way. Angie planned a lovely party for her parents, Glad Eddie is yesterday’s news. Good job!

    2. Hi Ada,

      First, Happy New Year!

      This was a great story to read and i am very happy with the end. I didn’t always comment but read every chapter. It was quite the journey but they got through it to the other end and ended it with a lovely party organized by Angie.

      And the finish touch a second honeymoon to Switserland, a cabin in the mountains.

      The eyes speak volumes, especially Bette’s eyes, windows into her soul, i quote these lines because i truly love it:

      “Admiration, adoration, reverence, tenderness, care, awe, trust, infinite gratitude and something else that cannot be expressed in words, that can only be seen in the eyes of a person who unconditionally and endlessly loves you.

      They continued to look at each other, silently expressing all the feelings that fill them now. It was such a powerful eye contact, such an emotional outburst, a declaration of love that was felt in every cell of the body. A conversation of two hearts, when any words are superfluous.”


      Hope you will be back with another story! I wish you joy, health, inspiration and love for this New Year! Stay save!

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