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    Chapter 21 (Final Chapter)

    Six months later

    Saturday night, Los Angeles Queer Film Festival. Alice, Shane, Dana and Helena all enter a large auditorium and glance around the crowded space.

    (Shane) Wow, it’s packed

    They all continue to take in the room.

    (Dana) Were they expecting this many people?

    Alice raises her eyebrows.

    (Alice) I don’t know, but I’m not really surprised. I mean how much queer representation has Tina been responsible for these last ten years? This festival honouring her was always going to draw a crowd

    (Helena) Also every queer filmmaker wants to work with her

    (Shane) Yeah, and actor

    Alice raises her eyebrows.

    (Alice) And writer and cinematographer and production designer…

    Helena raises her eyebrows and nods, again glancing around the room.

    (Helena) And apparently they’re all here tonight

    Alice sighs.

    (Alice) Well I’m proud of her and all, but we’re never going to find a fucking seat

    Shane nods towards the back of the room.

    (Shane) People are standing at the back

    Alice follows Shane’s gaze and sighs.

    (Alice) Yeah OK

    As they move towards the back of the room Tina calls out to them from over their shoulders.

    (Tina) Hey, hold up

    They turn and smile as Tina makes her way through the crowd to reach them, and they all hug hello once she arrives.

    (Tina smiles) Thank you for coming. I’m glad I spotted you, the cell reception in here is terrible

    She waves to her assistant further down the aisle and gets their attention.

    (Tina) I organised some seats for you towards the front. Casey will take care of you

    (Dana smiles) You’re amazing, thank you

    Helena turns to Tina and smiles.

    (Helena) I want it noted that I was willing to stand at the back, and I wouldn’t do that for many people

    Tina smiles and touches her forearm.

    (Tina) It’s been noted, thanks Helena

    Casey arrives and hands Tina a clipboard, and Tina focuses her attention on it. Casey then gestures for the others to follow, and Alice turns to Tina as they start to move away.

    (Alice) Is Bette sitting with you for the screening, or should we look out for her?

    Tina answers distractedly as she remains focused on the clipboard.

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