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    Chapter 23 – Saturday – Bette and Angie’s Time Together

    Angie was crying on her mother’s shoulder. She was inconsolable. This had been a very heart-warming loving speech her mom had just given her. There were words from her heart and her soul. This was her Mama B, the woman who had read her stories, and had taught her the joys of spring in Central Park, who had introduced her to swimming and art and architecture. This was her mom who had held her when she was sick and made sure she went to bed at a decent hour. This was her mom who loved her Mama so much that she made sure that they all spent time together doing family things and yet had their alone time as well.  This was her mom who was ready to listen and to give a guiding hand whenever it was needed. This was her mom who choose to be the best parent she knew how to be – to love her Mama, to love her brother, and to love her and to be her other mother.

    Bette was crying some too.  She was crying for the fact that her baby was not a baby any longer. She was a beautiful young lady who was about to leave her home and become the woman she was going to be. She knew that Angie was intelligent and had a reasonable temperament. She would do well in her studies and she would be a loyal friend, and be kind to most and someday make some lucky person a wonderful spouse. She knew that at this point, she and Tina would be relegated to the bleachers to watch and wait and see who this beautiful child they raised was going to be. They would always be available to advise, to support and to love this beautiful young woman. She would be home from time to time. Maybe they could actually have some time in the summer to enjoy each other’s company again.  This time was truly the start of a new phase in all of their lives.

    Bette:  Sweetie, are you okay?

    Angie:  Yes, Mama, I’m fine.  There is nothing wrong…. I am just so grateful to have you in my life – you and Mama T and Daniel. I just love all of you so much.

    Bette:  Well, we are all going to go through a period of adjustment during September. But this is the next phase of our lives that we all knew was coming. It doesn’t make it any easier for any of us. But we will adjust and we are all going to go forward with our lives. We will see you when we can and we want to hear from you often.  You will always have a home with us. But you need to make your own life and your own choices. You need to do what is right for you. Be happy Angie… go forth and create your life. Just remember we love you and we will always love you.

    Angie:  Oh Mama, I love you too. I’m going to do the best I can and create a life which you and Mama T will be proud of.  And I will always be your daughter no matter how old I get.

    Bette:  So, are you ready to get a little sleep?

    Angie:  Yes, I believe I am. Are you ready?

    Bette:  Yes, my sweetie.  I’m ready.

    Bette pulled her close and kissed the top of head and then released her to get up.  They then went and made sure the coffee pot was off and turned out most of the lights and went and preformed their normal nightly routines. They then joined each other in the bed and spooned together and fell asleep.


    1. I didn’t watch season 1 or 2 of Gen Q. Or even had any interest – being a faithful Tibette addict – until your version came out. That being said, I love your work and agree with most of the comments above. Having stooped to watch a few Gen Q episodes, your story can go on from your strong base with the original set of characters! No matter whether there is a season 4 or not. Your material is better by far!

      I do have 1 comment on a missed opportunity to “tie” Gen Q back to the original. Both you and the show missed the “copy” or “repeat” of Bette and Tina trapped in a small space with no escape – freezer at the wedding-Gen Q vs elevator when going to therapy session with Foxworthy-in original.


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